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PATEL KI PUNJABI SHAADI - A badly conceived film featuring two veteran actors. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)
15 Sep, 2017 | Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases

It’s a known fact that the investors or producers are always more interested in playing their gamble on known faces of the industry instead of the inexperienced new talent waiting for their turn or chance to showcase their fresh, unexplored vision. 

But it’s really a shame when all those reputed names deliver a film like PATEL KI PUNJABI SHAADI that is nothing more than a hurriedly and poorly made project without anything concrete on paper as a good storyline or script. In other words, it certainly seems to be yet another film that got only made because its finance was readily available and the makers could easily rope in a few veteran actors playing the lead using their influence and reputation.

However the more dangerous outcome of such films is that they severely demoralize and hamper the fighting spirit of all budding writers and directors having much better subjects and ideas already submitted with the same production houses making such pathetic films.
The detailed review of SIMRAN by Bobby Sing can be read at the following link @UCNews app/portal.

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Rating : 0.5 / 5

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