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PHAS GAYE RE OBAMA - Movie Review : A loud slap to all the glossy film makers teaching them the lesson that film-making only depends on writing, writing and writing alone. (Review By Bobby Sing)

04 Dec, 2010 | Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases / Movies To See Before You Die / Comedy

One line review of the movie – Simply add the name Subhash Kapoor to the group of new extremely talented directors who are capable of teaching new lessons of cinema to all the big names relying entirely on Big Stars and their glossy film- making styles to save their reputed names in the Industry. PHAS GAYE RE OBAMA is a loud and tight slap to all those starry directors and it clearly reminds them the first lesson of cinema which says that Film-making solely depends on writing, writing and writing alone.

A worth watching experience, not to be missed, PGRO is a big relief after the dull period of watching all those mediocre films coming from the big production houses. In short, this is one of those few movies released this year whose script should be used in all the film making institutes operating in the country to teach the art of script writing and even editing. Not dependent upon any saleable star or hit item song, PGRO is a delightful film to watch which is very intelligently neither made as a complete comedy (like Golmaal series), nor it has been especially designed as a deliberate satire (like Peepli Live).
Brilliantly and thoughtfully written around the subject of WORLD RECESSION, it’s a film which smartly touches many important issues prevalent in our country dealing with crime and politicians. Revolving around the plot of a visiting NRI in a remote area, it mainly deals with his kidnapping being planned by all the DONS operating in the region. How he manages to make fool of each one of them and successfully flies back to America with more money on his side then expected, is what the story is all about. Amusingly written around this thought of an NRI dealing with all the criminals, the writer showcases several major drawbacks of our society in a comical manner. Starting with the scene of groom-kidnapping, it talks about the still existing charm of going to America for earning dollars, the kind of English being taught in the remote areas by self proclaimed teachers, the influence of OBAMA and his slogan “Yes We Can” on the whole world, the kidnapping racket run with the aid of gangsters and politicians and the power of media to change the course of things in just a few hours.
In the next few days you are sure going to hear praises for the movie from all your friends and critiques. But regarding that I would like to state that don’t take PGRO as an out and out comedy in any case. The movie is not anything like GOLMAAL series but is more like a OYE LUCKY LUCKY OYE kind of project where you will enjoy each & every development on the screen with a big smile on your face along with few laughs at regular intervals. Here the director neither uses any silly comic sequence to make you laugh nor does he uses extensive abusive language in his dialogues to make some deliberate ripples in the theater (as done in Peepli Live). But still he manages to impress you hugely with his skilful writing and perfect characterization of his few characters in the script and literally excels in that.
Based on a purely novel thought incorporating the subject of RECESSION in the world of GANGSTERS and UNDERWORLD, it is indeed a first in the world of cinema. The lead hero of PGRO is its well written script which both starts and ends on equally shining notes and leaves a long lasting impact on the viewer. In fact this is a kind of movie which will largely satisfy the cinematic urge of ever true movie lover and student of cinema world-wide. For instance, just carefully look at the costumes, dialogues, gestures and expressions on the face of every actor on the screen, which clearly explains the contribution made by its director in adapting the taut script for the celluloid in such a splendid way.
Performance wise there are several small gems scattered throughout the film, delivered by some familiar names. With no one interfering or overlapping each other in the acting department it is a rare balanced show put up by all the actors. Rajat Kapoor as the NRI is as usual fine in his calm and cool approach. Sanjay Mishra as the disheartened gangster is excellent. Manu Rishi as the “Security” in each deal is simply wonderful. And Amol Gupte in the second half as the corrupt criminal minister is outstanding. He should really do more such films for the sake of good cinema and its hungry viewers. In the female lead, I really loved the look and feel of Lady Gabbar Singh played by Neha Dhupia magnificently. In fact I found her looking more sexy and beautiful in the get up of a lady gangster (with eyes filled with surma) than her usual glamorous looks we normally get to see. With class acts delivered by the entire star cast, PGRO, a songless film, unarguably is one of the surprise packages of the year which once again proves that Hindi Films does not only mean love, song, dance and big stars without any so called script.
In nutshell, it’s a highly recommended flick which at last provides us the much needed break from all the silly romantic projects seen in the last few months. So, do yourself a favour by watching PHAS GAYE RE OBAMA at the earliest and encourage directors like Subhash Kapoor to keep on giving us more such projects in the near future. And thanks to Warner Brothers for supporting such a non-starry product, which solely depends on its merit of exceptional writing.
Rating : 4 / 5  (The film is included in my “Movies To See Before You Die” List mainly because of its new intelligent thought incorporating the ‘Recession’ in 'Underword' and its brilliantly written script. However I only wish it had more hard-hitting and enjoyable one liners in its various sequences.)

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04 Dec 2010 / Comments ( 6 )

hi bobby,

i am absolutely agree with your review on PGRO. It is little gem of movie.
But i am surprised that you didn\'t yet turn up with RC2 review from one of your favorite director!!!!

Seems you didn\'t get time to watch it. bit busy?

Bobby Sing

 Hi Himanshu,

Yes PGRO is indeed an unexpected small gem but regrading RAKTH CHARITRA 2, I am pretty disappointed and would be positing the review tonite only.

Sorry for keeping you waiting for it.


totally agree with bobby....gem of a movie.............slap in the face for those bollywood directors who produce crap in the name of comedy...
Bobby Sing

Thanks Sunil for your comment and yes its undoubtedly a tight and loud slap for all the directors who mainly rely on their personal relations with few big starts and keep on making mediocre films with them on a regular basis.

Keep Visiting..........Cheers!

Neha Dhupia (as conveyed on Facebook)

Thanks for all the encouraging words. A very well written review and kudos for a brilliant easy-to-maneuver website. Thank you Bobby and everyone who appreciated our work.
Love to all, Neha.

Bobby Sing

Thanks A Ton Neha and its really very sweet of you to find some time and visit my website......

It is indeed encouraging for me to reach you today (through FB) and you made my day....

Many many thanks for your valuable time and be in touch always........

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