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PHOONK 2 - Movie Review : It's not even 'P' of the original PHOONK. (Review By Bobby Sing)
17 Apr, 2010 | Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases

A sequel is primarily planned to take advantage of the successful connection established by the original with the audiences. Hence as a necessary ingredient a sequel should not only have the essence of its first part but should also essentially surpass its original in content and achievement. No doubt it’s really tough to do that and it needs a lot of hard work to repeat the success enjoyed by the original. But Phoonk 2 amazingly breaks all set notions of making a sequel and goes on to make a statement which is completely underworked, strange and over-confident.

As a straight remark Phoonk 2 has been made only for the sake of trying a sequel. It is vaguely based on the story of revenge being taken by the spirit of the lady who was killed in the first part. But apart from this one line idea of vengeance it has got nothing in the name of horror to offer to its viewers. Starting with the same old tried and tested formula of shifting to a new house, which obviously is the haunted one, the movie doesn’t even try to give something new to its fans. Right from the first scene itself, you feel the same type of ambience, background sounds and camera angles served in the name of the sequel, which was very unexpected from the veteran Ram Gopal Verma and his team of directors.
With an extremely slow pace, Phoonk 2 never ever starts really. It keeps testing your patience with slow camera movements introducing you to the every corner of the house, but not the spirit. A very lazy and uninteresting first half clearly gives you an idea that RGV has once again tried to play around with his one line ideas, wasting both the money and time of his die-hard fans. Moving into the second half the viewer doesn’t feel excited anymore to see what happens next as he can easily guess all the future proceedings with his eyes closed. The over lengthy and unexplainable climax comes as another torture for the viewer and one just wants to leave the theater as soon as possible to catch on to the ongoing IPL match instead coming on the Television.
In few words, the movie has nothing to offer in any of its department involved in film-making. The writers have written the sequences only around a one line idea provided to them and have added the same old doll, crow, a maid, a tantric, a new house and a spirit into the script and that’s it. The sound designer puts in the same sources exploited in the other horror films from the famous production house. The actors have performed fine as their true duty towards RGV and the director but one simply misses the strong presence of Ashwini Kalsekar in this sequel. The cameraman shoots the movie using the same manual of RGV’s previous horror movies and the director Milind Gadagkar wastes his golden opportunity to connect with the viewers.   
Interestingly, the promotional campaign uses a tagline below the title of the movie which goes as “The first was a warning”. But in reality the line should be taken as a warning before opting for the movie in the theaters spending both your valuable time and money. Still if you really want to get scared then go for a famous Asian Horror flick instead as the genre is best understood by those film-makers in the entire globe.
In the end, I would only like to say that Horror movies not necessarily have to be made revolving around the same repeated idea of a haunted house and a spirit. RGV is still making all these horror movies based on his own old formula adopted in his first attempt in the genre called “Raat” released in 1992. But now it’s high time to move on to some new unexplored ideas, at least for the sake of his uncountable fans like myself. Ironically "Raat" still remains his best masterpiece till date, so just go for it if you haven't seen it yet.

Rating : 1 / 5

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