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PIZZA - Gets completely lost in the translation, so better watch the original Tamil hit to enjoy the novelty. (Review By Bobby Sing)

19 Jul, 2014 | Movie Reviews / 2014 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / P

After watching this not so appreciable adaptation of the original Tamil hit with the same title PIZZA, I reached an important conclusion on why many of my friends are not interested in watching the actual South movies being regularly remade in Hindi Cinema. And logically the reason is that when the adaptation turns out to be so uninteresting and disappointing for them all then they are obviously forced to assume that the original might be a fluke hit with more avoidable similar stuff and nothing else. As a result they remain deprived of many great worth watching projects and the blame completely goes to the Hindi film-makers adapting such path breaking films so unimpressively.
Sadly this week’s ‘horror-thriller-suspense’ remake once again commits the same serious crime of disgracing the original and why I have used the phrase ‘horror-thriller-suspense’ to describe the film, would only be clear once you have watched it knowing the real secret of its ghosts as its major surprising twist.
Talking about the experience of watching PIZZA as a new release (irrespective of its remake status), the film actually doesn’t work since it takes too much time to deliver the much awaited spooky content, has much less to offer in terms of horror or 3D and fails to build up the tension as expected by any fan of this particular genre. The first half keeps trying to make an impact with only one character alone which becomes monotonous after a while and then the deliberately prolonged climax spoils the whole game (which is not there in the original). No doubt the novel revelation in the finale does provide you something to think about while walking out of the theater. But the huge damage made earlier never lets you praise the movie despite its interesting culmination to say the real truth.
Actually the fault completely lies in the re-writing and unimaginative treatment adapted by director Akshay Akkineni who forcibly tries to add something of his own to the script unnecessarily. Particularly towards the last 30 minutes of the film, which turn out to be the major drag making much lesser impact on the viewer than it could, with a quicker and smarter climax as seen in the original. Further weak handling of two main characters in the story progression, the lead actor’s spooky wife and the tantric visiting the pizza joint in the beginning, truly fail to create any kind of mysterious premise for the viewers as brilliantly conceived in the Tamil hit.
The performances range from below average to mediocre, soundtrack gives you nothing to write about and cinematography despite being decent, fails to incorporate any special angles for the 3D, going against the huge expectations made from the specific format. On the other hand, background score and sound effects do try to bring you on to the edge of your seat, but it’s the long lazy sequences in the film which don’t let them achieve their desired results on the screen.
To sum it all, PIZZA is an experimental attempt having some novelty in its theme unarguably. But watching the Hindi remake of the original is sure going to spoil the magic of its splendid suspense beautifully tackled in the Tamil Hit. The actual version is rough, raw, believable and a worth watching venture indeed for all horror genre lovers. So if you are really interested in witnessing something out of the routine then do watch the original Tamil PIZZA with subtitles and skip this lousy version of the same made ambiguously.
Rating : 1+1 / 5 (With an additional one just for the great experimental twist in the climax.)

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19 Jul 2014 / Comment ( 2 )

One movie that comes to my mind that is "Lost in translation" is Rohit Shetty\'s Sunday (2008). If you haven\'t, you must definitely watch the original "Anukokunda Oka Roju". I also recommend the same directors "Aithe"

Bobby Sing

Sure Vamsi, I would soon try to catch these movies at the earliest and thanks a lot for your recommendation.


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