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POLTERGEIST (2015 - English) - Nothing new in this unimpressive remake reminding you of the basic plot of Ramsay's HOTEL (1985). (Review by Bobby Sing)

27 May, 2015 | Movie Reviews / 2015 Releases

A recently released English horror movie is normally expected to introduce some fresh element into the genre with the help of advanced technology capable of contributing a lot. But surprisingly as POLTERGEIST, we get to see a quiet unconvincing and underperforming remake of the 1982 original film with the same title that was also co-written and produced by Steven Spielberg.
Probably POLTERGEIST was remade since the older version is still very popular among the lovers of horror films in particular. However sadly it does no justice to its reputed legacy and turns out to be nothing more than a pointless remake bringing back the old memories without scaring you in any way in its 90 minutes of duration (shorter than the original). Moreover in these past decades, so many films have already exploited this clichéd idea of a family moving into a new house to meet some invisible power, that one doesn’t feel any kind of excitement watching it once again without any fresh elements added into the old script (except the Drone!).
Hence even though it follows the same (once) interesting sequences as it is, the excitement goes missing due to the repetitive or stale execution. And that remains applicable to both the section of viewers, one who have earlier seen the original long time back and the others who haven’t or know nothing about the famous movie and its other different sequels released in the past decades. In fact the viewers already familiar with the 1982 version might feel more disappointed watching the remake due to its poor show of emotions and unimpressive interactions between the key characters (despite their kid girl being abducted by the evil spirits) making no impact whatsoever on the end user.
For friends, who simply wish to know about the scary quotient of the film, there is nothing much to write about since it truly lacks the much expected shock value or intensity normally seen in such horror based movies. As a result, the new age POLTERGEIST simply fails to impress the audience with an outdated presentation offering nothing new and one might feel more entertained re-watching a hit Ramsay movie instead to give you a clear idea.
Interestingly the basic plot of the film, revealing the existence of an old cemetery on the same plot used by the builders, also reminds you of a Ramsay brother’s film titled HOTEL revolving around a similar theme released in1985.
Rating : 1.5 / 5

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