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Pancham Unmixed - R. D. Burman (2008) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Biographical / Documentary)

05 Jan, 2010 | Movies To See Before You Die / Documentary

Human species especially the kind residing in our part of the world, have a long tradition of recognizing the talent and capabilities of a master, only after he has left this beautiful world. A perfect example of this old ritual is the life of great R. D. Burman who ironically became hugely famous and got his due recognition for all his innovative and path-breaking works, only after his untimely demise on 4th January, 1994.

Interestingly, all the praises, euphoria and the aura, now existing around the name of the legendary R. D. Burman was nowhere in sight in the late eighties and early nineties. In fact the whole filmy world was not even interested in giving RDB any more opportunities to prove himself once again. But there was only one person, who still believed in the genius and gave him his golden chance of making a grand comeback. And he was Vidhu Vinod Chopra who gave RDB, “1942 – A Love Story” which sadly became the last memorable masterpiece from the maestro. With his classic compositions in the movie, Pancham Da once again showed to the world, the mettle he was made with and then left the world in peace after proving the musical genes he had inherited from his gifted father S. D. Burman.
The above part of his life may not be known to many, but unfortunately, it is a bitter truth which Pancham Da was forced to experience in his last days on the planet. But now, the world rightly remembers him as the most versatile, inventive and original music composers of Bollywood, whose creative compositions are still considered miles ahead of the work done by the current generation of tech-savvy music composers.
If you loved reading the above references about the untold life of the master musician, then you will immensely enjoy a brilliant documentary made by Brahmanand S. Singh on the life of great R. D. Burman titled, “Pancham Unmixed”. It is a well directed account of the happening life lived by the maestro, which also enlightens the viewer about both his happy and sad days with great sensitivity and concern. The movie has many unique moments to share about RDB’s music, his style of working and his caring relationships with his fellow musicians. Along with the excerpts from his classic repertoire of immortal musical gems, the documentary is a highly emotional journey for all RDB fans still hooked on to his music even today.
It has exclusive footage of RDB speaking about himself and many other stalwarts of the Hindi Film Industry sharing several rare anecdotes about their days spent with the incomparable musical soul. Besides this, It also showcases many hidden aspects of RDB’s immensely talented identity, which makes it a real divine experience for every die-hard fan of the genius.
Personally I simply loved watching Shammi Kapoor talking about the maestro in his own lovable style with some adorable emotional expressions. And Vidhu Vinod Chopra, who was the only person (in the nineties) to believe in RDB’s inner talent and who also provided him the opportunity of making his immortal swan song for the uncaring world around.
Lastly, I would like to thank the makers and the entire team, for coming up with this much needed documentary which will make the world repent on the way it treated the master in his last few years. In short, it’s highly recommended for every music lover, who adores Indian Film Music and still remembers the timeless classics from the great R. D. Burman.
(The Documentary has been released by Shemaroo Entertainment in an exclusive Collector’s Pack which also has a Coffee Table Book on the life of the master, along with a DVD of his most famous songs.)
Directed by Brahmanand S. Singh
Starring : R. D. Burman himself and most of the Indian Film Industry stalwarts.

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05 Jan 2010 / Comments ( 16 )
Shilaj Chakravorty

Thanks Bobby for sharing this. We grew up listening to all kinds of slighting remarks from elders whenever we said we are RDB\'s fans. The industry will never have another genius like him - so versatile, so appropriate, always. We never had a song where on the screen it\'s picturised in a bar with guitars and drums etc and you hear dholaks and tablas.
He even broke off to somewhat non-melodious tunes if the movie situation demanded so - remember \'Dhanno ki aankhon mein\', \'Kal kya hoga\'. In addition to songs, he was known as one of the three best background music composers (the other two being Vanraj Bhatia and Salil Chowdhury) - does anyone remember the scene in \'Benaam\' where Amitabh tries to kill a person with cyanide coated needle - it was just a bongo that created the terrific tension in the shot. How much he was respected by his faithful musicians is seen in the passion with which that group, which includes masters like Manohari Singh and Ramesh Iyer, still performs full length concerts of Pancham\'s creations.

Bobby Sing

Yeah Shilaj,

RDB was and remain one of those true musical genius, who will always be there for every music lover for ages to come..........

Thanks for writing in and Keep Visiting.......Cheers!

debangshu sen

Bobby thanks, befitting review. True u are mentioning that we do not prize we have. RD was God\'s gift to us. Great that this docu has come up so the "Munni badnam" generation gets a view what music making really is.
any docu on Salil Choudhury?? any DVD of Kishore live?
We had treasure trove but gems are gone. ALAS

Bobby Sing

Thanks Debanshu for you kind comment.

Yes we really had so many GOD Gifted personalities in India but sadly the technology came a bit late and we couldnt film them and their work in the much required way. But ironically this makes them even more precious and immortal. Keep Visiting Cheers!.

(And do search for the KISHORE KUMAR Documentary released by MOSER BAER too. If you can get it then its another not to be missed great stuff)

Shivan Padayachi

please let me know where can i get a copy of this dvd. i live in auckland, New Zealand. Your help will be highly appreciated.

With Kind Regards

Bobby Sing

Hi Shivan,

Thanks for visiting my site and writing in. I would be glad to help you in this. As the DVD is being marketed by SHEMAROO it is available at the following links :



However the Induna Link is more popular and I also have a banner of them at my site and i would also appreciate it you can give them the reference of my site while purchasing from them. 

With a hope that you get the Exclusive Pack soon.

Thanks once again and Keep Visiting.......Cheers!


I\'ve always been a great fan of RD. He may have left this world, but his music will be here for ever. Credit goes also to all his team, who did a marvelous job. I\'ve seen Pancham Unmixed, it\'s very touching and for sure we have a lot to learn from the music of RD. I strongly recommend music lovers to watch this documentary. Regards

Anand from Mauritius

Bobby Sing

Thanks Anand for being here and sharing your views at the site.

Keep Visiting..........Cheers!

I was lucky to view this documentary at National Film Archive before it was released. I was eagerly waiting for this documentary to release after waiting for 8+ months finally it got release. I purchased this DVD and book set. It\'s worth every penny. I have seen this documentary at least 20-25 times and I still feel I should see it again!
There are so many songs we listen and sing unknowingly who is the creator! Watch this Documentary to salute R.D.
Bobby Sing

Thanks Tushar for visiting and writing in your valuable comment.
It is indeed a worth watching Docu again and again.


Woudl like to watch again & again!

Bobby Sing

Thanks Subhra for visiting and writing in.
Keep Coming Back.



This PANCHAM UNMIXED DVD+book is extremely good and super thing to own. After it arrived it at my home, I read the coffee table book start to finish in one sitting and saw the DVD at least 8 times in 3 weeks! The way the director B-Siingh has connected the documentary keeps you tied in and the content from the great-artists is mind blowing.

Warning: It seems like just a documentary but if you are an RD-super-fan and grew up with his music (not just songs), this DVD could be soul-touching and mesmerizing-almost...surreal.

Bobby Sing

Undoubtedly Vikram, this indeed is a mesmerising must watch docu film made on the life of the MASTER.
Thanks a lot for your comment and Do Keep Visiting.

R.D.BURMAN The Great Music Director of india and Great Scientist of Music.
Great experiments done by R.D.Burman in Hindi Film Music.
His Music has been teach us a lot things thus he is a great Music GURU.
I salute him for his great efforts in Hindi Cinema.
We never forget his devotion towards Music.
- Kumar Bharat. G. Gohil( Ahmedabad )
Bobby Sing

Very rightly put Kumar Bharat, as RDB was infact a Great Musical Scientist of INDIA and the nation would always remember him till eternity.

Thanks for writing in and Keep Visiting.

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