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Phoonk (2008) & its similar themes.

05 Apr, 2009 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / P

Ram Gopal Verma comes up with another dark, horror flick with a new angle of Black Magic included in it. But instead of taking inspiration from the western movies, this time he seems to be inspired from his own earlier works in the same genre.

RGV made “Raat” (1992) more than 15 years ago, then revived his passion of horror with “Bhoot” and now its “Phoonk” (2003) with the novelty of Black Magic. But technically speaking, the treatment and the basic structure of his movie, remains the same as it was there in his first two projects mentioned above.
The climax where in a “Learned Person” comes to rescue the traumatized family is same as earlier seen in “Raat” & “Bhoot”. There was Om Puri in “Raat”, Rekha in “Bhoot” and Zakhir Hussain in “Phoonk” giving the top most performance of his career as a crippled Tantrik. But for certain reasons I still feel, his “Raat” as the most authentic and enjoyable horror movie coming from the factory of Ram Gopal Verma till date.

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