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Platoon (1986) - (Movies To See Before You Die - War Movies)

15 May, 2013 | Movies To See Before You Die / War Movies

Widely appreciated as one of the most authentic portrayals of Vietnam War on the silver screen, PLATOON directed by Oliver Stone won the Best Director, Best Editing, Best Picture and Best Sound OSCAR along with four more major nominations in the year 1987. The film stands tall among those effective, path breaking and realistic projects which straight away transport the viewer right into the action happening at the battlefield, where life of a human being is no longer considered to be a precious gift. And where the opponent is either seen as a mere target or the means of satisfying your physical needs and then shot at after the use.
To be honest, post the 80s we have seen many more brutal and moving films on the theme of War made by prominent filmmakers all over the globe. But PLATOON still needs to considered as one of best ever, because it differently focuses on the mutual rivalry within a platoon and the undercurrent of politics in the minds of two groups of soldiers fighting for the same country, under the same orders. Further it also bluntly shows us the truth when a soldier can even become an opportunist to kill his own personal rival within the same troop, taking advantage of the silence and loneliness of the fields in a shameless, cunning manner.
In clear words, PLATOON makes us familiar with the crude reality that a man always remains an unpredictable kind of creature, who can unexpectedly opt for committing any level of crime if given the liberty and assurance of never getting caught. Also it brilliantly represents the fact that, a war is not just a clear visible fight with a single opponent but it also has a hidden feature of the inner conflicts and rivalry going on within the people fighting for the same side, which remains buried in the dark secrets of the battlefield forever. So from that angle, even when PLATOON talks about a war fought in the late 80s, the film is quite relevant and important enough in the present times too since it actually has something exclusive to reveal about the subject, which has been rarely featured in the other big war films made till date.
It magnificently portrays the avoidable violence involving the innocent Vietnam civilians and strongly points towards the truth that before fighting with an enemy, its our own evil which is to be fought with and won over. Probably that is the real message, the veteran director wished to convey to his audience, as he concludes the film with the lines,
“I think now looking back………We did not fight the enemy, We fought with ourselves. And the enemy was in us.”
Along with this distinctive feature, PLATOON remains a relatable venture even today since we are still quite reluctant to learn from our mistakes made in the past and still standing on the same verge of a war with our neighboring countries with no change in our political mentalities whatsoever. The aggressive yet expressive film made on the Vietnam issue, simply puts you off and one easily reaches the stage of feeling completely dejected by the sick, mean games played by all the political leaders ruling the big nations of our planet like maniacs.
Further being a perfect film in its hugely realistic and uncomfortable execution of the combat zone, PLATOON also makes you witness & realize what film-making is, in its real sense. It visibly shows you the kind of hard work, sweat, pain and discomfort goes into the making of such worthy classics. How actors truly become the part of their screenplay, simply transforming into a different person altogether, who might be in complete contrast of their original being. And how films like PLATOON, can actually influence the much needed change in our society as well as in our political leadership only interested in ruling over the other for all the materialistic reasons.
The film rightly ends on a positive note looking towards the rising sun which brings in hope of a better future every morning and that’s exactly what a war film should ideally end with. Hence if you are really interested in seeing a different war film which more talks about the ‘War Within’ than the ‘War with the Other”, then do watch PLATOON as a must and give it a thought.
Written & Directed by Oliver Stone
Starring : Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe and more.

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