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Pooja Bhatt's JISM 2 (2012) and Alfred Hitchcock's NOTORIOUS (1946)

04 Aug, 2012 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / J

Continuing with his decades old passion of making inspired movies borrowing heavily from the famous western classics, the veteran Mahesh Bhatt writes JISM 2 for her daughter’s (Pooja Bhatt’s) directorial venture taking it all from a Hitchcock classic this time.

So besides having a similar publicity poster reportedly inspired from Goa based designer Felix Bandesh’s 2008 fashion photo-shoot, its title song sounding very close to a Turkish song by Kayahan & an Iranian song sung by Pouya Bayati, another song’s lyrics directly taken from a famous Pakistani song sung by Noor Jehan & Reshma, JISM 2 also has an all inspired script straight away reminding you of Alfred Hitchcock’s NOTORIOUS released in 1964.
The plot of hiring a beautiful girl to spy on a suspected criminal who already knows the girl from the past, the spy asking her for marriage in just a few days, the cop falling in love with the girl on the other side leading to further complications is all there in Hitchcock’s classic based on the short story “The Song of the Dragon” by American writer John Taintor Foote.
However to make JISM 2 quickly in order to cash in the Sunny Leone craze, Mahesh Bhatt deletes all the supporting characters of the original script, like the spy’s mother and his other crime associates to complete it within a short time with only 4 main characters. But what he does with the storyline in its climax is hugely unconvincing since the original actually ends in a great romantic manner where no one dies.

Moreover, as I watched NOTORIOUS again after the unpleasant experience of JISM 2, I realized that Ingrid Bergman as the spy girl in that black & white classic in fact looked more gorgeous & graceful in all her decent body covering dresses than the bright Sunny Leone in all her colourful revealing outfits in this current version. So if you really want to see what the maestro Alfred Hitchcock did with the same story along with the elegant Cary Grant & Ingrid Bergman as the loving couple then do watch NOTORIOUS at the earliest as a must.
(Thanks to Niraj Mancchanda for reminding me of this connection)

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04 Aug 2012 / Comments ( 6 )

Hello Sir,
I have watched most of Bhatt\'s films for a long time till Murder. I knew all their copying of plots and songs specially in the early 90s. I noticed their background scores turned out to be original for quite a few films like Ghulam, Dil hai ke manta nahin, etc. They actually credited the Pakistani lyricist Qateel Shifai for many films when they used his songs.(I think they are unfairly criticised for that , phir teri kahani yaad aayi was not a copied soundtrack).
I think they were good in Indianising some of their copies and even better with most of the songs.(exception being some Pakistani songs). Obviously they never credited their originals.
Their songs in the recent years I feel are the only ones which don\'t use English words (like 90% of the songs) and the lyrics barring a few copies are not bad and not cheap.(though the films are cheap like this one).
For all the bad things, there were a some good things which I liked at that time.
Were Kalyug and Jannat copies? If not , then they can certainly be creative (despite using real life incidents).

Bobby Sing

Hi Chris,
Yes there are many original credits to them too but Frankly I cant really appreciate of taking credit of anybody's else's hardwork just by taking advantage of people's ignorance. I cannot really appreciate people accepting awards and recogntiion for a work which they know does not belong to them originally.

Yes they brought Pakistani lyricist and Singers to India but you only the brighter sides of the songs which you heard in the albums but dont know about the people who were not credited for their originals. 

I love Mahesh Bhatt's original works and has his movies too in my "Must See Movies Section" at the site.... but at the same time I have to ignore whenever he blindly copies as then its like knowing two different personalities at the same time with the same name.

For instance how I love and rate his earlier works can be judged by an earlier article of mine at the following link :

MAHESH BHATT - The master of portraying human emotions on the silver screen with an amazing musical sense.


And regarding Kalyug and Jannat - Yes they were brilliantly made films but were also hugely inspired.
(For details just chek out in the "K" and "J" links of the "Inspired Movies Section" of the site in the right column.)

I hope now you would understand my feeling towards the master Mahesh Bhatt.


raj vardhan

Hello Sir!

Garajnewaale,Baraste Nahin!
The above line is for Mahesh Bhatt And Pooja Bhatt.
This father-daughter duo do nothing except for talking. Especially Pooja Bhatt.
Pooja has never made a decent/watchable movie......even for once. And inspite of that, she talks so much and says such big things...as if she is no less than Guru Dutt or Satyajit Ray.

First thing first, this duo talks about truth and consider themselves not fake like other film makers in the industry...but this duo has never accepted that they copy foreign languages films.They always say that their stories are original.Then how come NOTORIOUS and JISM 2 have similar plots??????
I remember, when Pooja made the Horrible HOLIDAY.....she said its not Dirty Dancing.
When she made her first movie PAAP..she said its an original story. But everyone knows that it was copied from Harrison Ford\'s WITNESS.

Ram Gopal Verma has also same habbit of taking pot shots at other film makers, especially Karan Johar.

It was same Karan Johar,who made Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna.....a very brilliant and mature love story with fantastic performances.And I think its one of the most under rated films of Indian cinema. He took a giant leap as a director.
These three people(Mahesh and pooja,rgv) talks about reality and truthness in their movies.I think KANK was a very realistic movie.There was no fakeness in that movie including Rani mukherji and Shahrukh\'s infedilty and unfaithfullness towards their spouses.

Agar pyaar rokne se ruk jaaye aur chahne se ho jaaye/.... toh do hi cheezein ho sakti hain duniya mein .yaa toh har chahne wale ko uska pyaar mil jaye ya phir kisi ko kisi ka pyar naa mile.shaadi k baad bhi pyaar hota hain.agar aisa naa hota toh aajkal news mein itne unfaithfullness ki wajah se itne crimes nahin aate.

Secondly there was a scope for a steamy scenes in this movie but KJO didn\'t put it except for little romantic scene between rani and shahrukh. It was enough for people to get an idea or understand or see that they have comitted adultery. KJO had full faith in his story. Karan Johar always gives their audience what they want. But these three film makers never gives their audience what they want. And thats why they r so jealous of Yash Raj\'s or Dharma\'s films.
And one more thing for pooja and mahesh bhatt..............dont make sex scenes as a instrument to atrract audiences into the theatres........try to make sex scenes part of your film\'s story.

Mahesh and Poooja..we expect some really good film from both of you ...especially especially from MR.MAHESH BHATT.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Raj Vardhan for your loving detailed comment on the sad state of our films today....
But still ray of hope is here with many new talented film-makers on the board.

Would like to invite you on my FACEBOOK Id too if you wish to discuss more about cinema frequently.
And in case you dont use it then please feel free to discuss it here always.


Jagroop Canada

I heard and read a lot about one of most hyped film JISM 2. People were divided in their view of film. So called film Pundit were giving their THIS & THAT about film. As an audience I liked a few film of Mr. Mahesh Bhatt. Romantic thriller is not my genre. On Monday I happened to watch film in theatre. As theatre was not equipped with state of art tools so its better to keep Audio part out of discussion.

Before taking decision to go and watch film I read some of critics article. One of the critics said that whole film is OK except script. Someone wrote that Sunny and Arunodya singh didnt do well. Myself as I said Romantic thriller is not my preferred choice but I still like this film including script.

When a writer writes some ideas on paper to make a flow of story, at the same time we can say that there could be some other suggestions/options to portray same thing. As everybody is unique so is the ideas. Naturally if same Mahesh Bhatt tries to rewrite same story after one year from now he might come up with some better ideas to accommodate. But in a given time and scenario someone has to hold a stand somewhere to move the project forward. Randeep Hooda did a fantastic job. Sunny and Arunodya with given experience as actors did a satisfactory job. Puja Bhatt as a director did a good job. So is music and cinematography. Only reservation about film is that very last climax looks like wrapped in hasty. It doesnt mean that drama is not there. It is there but director should have also worked on cinematic part of climax as she did in first half of film.

I think what hurt the film most was its negative publicity. Now question is about nudity and erotica. No doubt film is not meant for family but still if as Indians if we are fond of Ajanta & Elora than it is not that morally bad as it was projected in media. Better director should have cut a few body posture shots without compromising substance of film to gain U certificate from censor. Secondly, showing intimate scenes in promo and on posters also worked negatively. As a matter of fact if we watch film without being prejudice, we may find even intimacy was shown in an artistic way according to the demand of story. I think there are 2 type of group in media and in Bollywood. A few of them are liberal when it comes to bracing new ideas and people in industry. Second type of people for their own reasons are prejudice to see that how a person who was a known adult film star can change herself in to a new Avtar in main stream cinema. Rating 3 out of 5.

Bobby Sing

 Dear Jagroop,
You are entitiled to your opinion but I cannot agree with you at all because for me the film was a big let down from almost all angles other than music and that also only to some extent.
Further I would like to inform you that I neither belong to any group nor any divisions of the industry. I rate a film from my own viewpoint  unconditionally. It will not matter for me if the film is written by Mahesh Bhatt whom I am a big fan of as written in one of my articles on his genius musical sence.
But I refuse to be partial with any movie if it belongs to Mahesh Bhatt. If its BAD it is BAD even if it is made by one of my favourites.

Secondly, if you dont mind I would like you to watch NOTORIOUS the original from which they copied the concept. As that film may be able to explain you what romaticism could have been in this lacklustre attempt.


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