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Prince (2010) and its similarities with Hardwired (2009)

27 May, 2010 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / P

“Prince” released in early 2010 was a sci-fi thriller which remained in the making for a considerable period of time. Though the project got started a few years back, still surprisingly it has very acute similarities with “Hardwired” which came in 2009, directed by Ernie Barbarash, featuring Cuba Gooding Jr. in the lead.

On the same lines of PRINCE, HARDWIRED also revolves around a character who after meeting an accident wakes up with a zero memory of the past. Actually his memory has been erased by a Corporate Group for testing one of their latest inventions. The doctors, on the instructions of the Group secretly erase all the previous memories of the person and implant a unique chip in his mind, converting him to a different identity altogether.

Straight from the hospital, the victim is taken by a girl to a house which is introduced to be his own. But suspecting the surroundings, he runs out of it on the road and suddenly starts feeling a severe pain in his brain which automatically stops after few seconds. This pain is felt by him repeatedly at regular intervals, which in reality is being controlled by the Corporate Group itself. PRINCE also starts exactly in the same manner where Vivek Oberoi is the person, waking up without any memory of the past. He too suffers similar pains in his brain due to a micro-chip installed by the villians. Moreover, both HARDWIRED and PRINCE are full of MATRIX kind of graphics and colour tones showcasing the futuristic set-ups used by the evil forces.

Though no doubt, PRINCE moves on to a completely different path in its later reels with references to a valuable coin and much more. But quite evidently most of its initial sequences of the first half sure seem to be inspired from HARDWIRED.

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27 May 2010 / Comment ( 1 )
atif alsam

I must agree with you bobby,the film must be coiped from hardwried, thats maybe why?

But i dont agree with you saying that atif did not do well, becuase the soundtrack is good atif has sung his songss well.

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