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Pyaasa (1957) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Love Theme)

20 Apr, 2009 | Movies To See Before You Die / Love Theme

Pyaasa - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

According to my understanding of films, Guru Dutt is indisputably the most sensitive & emotional film makers of our industry, who could capture the tender feelings of a human heart in the most impressive and expressive manner. Not only this, but he was also technically sound and innovative as he introduced new camera angles and techniques for shooting his well written scenes. His films which flopped at the time of their release are now unanimously treated as masterpieces of Indian Cinema. Talking about his last films which in my opinion were also his best, he portrayed his characters so realistically, as if he knew that his end was very near. And he left the world giving many immortal gems to cherish.

 “Pyaasa” is one of his most precious gifts to cinema lovers, in which a poet’s life and his poetry is depicted in the best possible way, having no comparison even in the world cinema. Guru Dutt clearly showed how the world recognizes a great legend only after his death. And as I see it, the movie was quite an autobiographical view. The immortal soundtrack with soothing melodies and lyrical diamonds are still possessed by every hindi film music lover in the world. If you can feel and sense poetry, if you love to live following your heart, then “Pyaasa” is a movie, just for you.
As the younger generation likes to move faster, the cinema of Guru Dutt might be too slow for them. But since they still have the same kind of hearts fitted in their bodies, they are bound to love his movies, if given a chance. Hats off to the legendary Guru Dutt and his love for the art and respectfully recommended to every generation.
Directed By Guru Dutt
Starring : Guru Dutt, Waheeda Rehman, Mala Sinha & Johny Walker.
Music : S. D. Burman

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20 Apr 2009 / Comments ( 6 )

Indeed Pyaasa is a masterpiece..But not many people know that Pyaasa was based on two novels of the great indian writer Saratchandra Chatterjee i.e. Devdas and mainly Srikanta..Guru dutt created this classic on the basis of these two novels, borrowing a lot from the pathbreaking novel \'Srikanta\'.. Guru Dutt himself always mentioned his inspiration and rightfully so but official credits could not be given as it was not permitted to mix two novels to make one film!!


Bobby Sing

Hi Raunak,
Thanks for this interesting information, But will it be possible for you to give any reference of a book, article or something else which talks more on this amalgamation theme. OR the reference where Guru Dutt himself has mentioned this particular inspiration of mixing two classic novels for his film.


Thanks Bobby Sir for replying. The net is itself full of references of similarities between Pyaasa and Sarat novels Srikanta and Devdas. Moreover, I heard Guru Dutt saying so in an old radio interview of his. Also you can read the translated version of Srikanta, which by the way is is regarded as one of the greatest Indian novel ever. The similarities between the two Srikanta & Pyaasa is huge.
Bobby Sing

Yes Raunak I am well familiar with both Devda and Srikant which do have the same features as in PYAASA.
But I will use that reference in one of my upcoming article on DEVDAS surely.

So Thanks for giving that valuable input and Keep Visiting.

Thanks... I will be eagerly awaiting your article on Devdas.
Bobby Sing

Sure...I will try my best to do it soon!

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