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QUICK GUN MURUGUN - Movie Review : An avoidable flavorless Dosa. (Review By Bobby Sing)

30 Aug, 2009 | Movie Reviews / 2009 Releases

Buying the ticket for this unusual kind of attempt, I had two thoughts in my mind. One that it may be a complete entertainer served with a different South Indian humor and two, it may turn out to be a sincerely attempted unsuccessful experiment by its makers. Unfortunately, it fitted well into the second category of my thoughts and was a big disappointment.

Moving around the revenge saga of a South Indian Cowboy called “Quick Gun Murugun”, the movie is full of animated action sequences with bullets being shot in slow motion. The supreme hero never gets hurt seriously, as seen in the cinema of 70s and keeps on fighting with a miraculous touch. He can see the bullet coming towards him clearly, can hold it in his bare fist and can even catch it with his teeth. Senseless shots like these keep on repeating throughout the movie with characters speaking in heavy South Indian accent which also becomes unbearable after a while. Symbolically, there is a fight between the Vegetarian Hero and the Non Vegetarian villain who has plans to introduce his own Non-Veg Dosa. And another angle reveals how “Murugun” has also been to “Swarg” and even struck a deal with “Chitragupt” managing the life-accounts there.
The movie is quite strange and bizarre in its unreal treatment with no storyline heading towards any particular direction. It seems like the director just had the idea of this “South Indian Cowboy Character” and then he simply started shooting sequences of his fight with the villain and the project was ready. It makes you feel like watching a children comic strip running on the screen full of childish action sequences. It is even hard to believe that how the director not only managed to find big producers for this project but also successfully released it in the theaters with a fine promotional campaign. That was indeed a Great Job done!
There is nothing much to write about the different technical departments of the project as I really found everything done lavishly but without any specific direction. Right from the sincere acting of Dr. Rajendra Prasad (QGM) to the stylishly done graphics, the efforts are barely visible due to the uninteresting and lifeless narration. Surprisingly the movie is just around 90 minutes of duration which serves as a boon for its viewers. May be they were not able to squeeze in more actions scenes towards its climax as it was already overdone.
In short, I can only describe this movie as purely made out of director Shashank Ghosh’s passion and love towards the character “Quick Gun Murugun”. The idea was pretty good and the project could have been the platform for another cult character of our movies. But sadly it could not materialize perfectly and the end result was just like an avoidable flavorless Dosa.

Rating : 1 / 5

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