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Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Love Theme)

24 Mar, 2008 | Movies To See Before You Die / Love Theme

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

It can easily be said that Indian Hindi Cinema has a long history and mastery over love stories based on family rivalry and QSQT is another masterpiece based on the same theme. But its USP lies in its freshness, melodious songs and youth element with which you can relate to at once.

The opening sequence of the film in which a bridegroom gets shot, is brilliantly executed. Dilip Tahil is at his best ever in the role of Amir Khan’s father. Amir Khan and Juhi Chawla form a perfect lovely pair and their screen presence together is the main highlight of this soft and loving film. All the songs were Instant Hits at that time and are still fondly remembered but a special mention must be given to the background score as it is simply superb and well composed. Although it could have been ended with a different climax (not sad), but still the movie is undoubtedly one of the best youthful love stories ever seen on Indian screen. If you believe in love and still haven’t seen this then you are surely missing a lot.

Directed By Mansoor Khan
Starring : Amir Khan & Juhi Chawla
Music By Anand Milind

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