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RAAZ REBOOT - Yet another similar and poorly made project to fool us in the name of horror. (Review By Bobby Sing)

21 Sep, 2016 | Movie Reviews / 2016 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / R

In one of its scene, a laptop is found with blood strains and just when the lady picks it up, more blood starts dropping from the machine as if someone is badly bleeding in it. Probably that was the scene which inspired its makers to call the film as RAAZ REBOOT dedicating it to the poor computer. Otherwise in reality its the writer-director Vikram Bhatt, who seriously needs to go for a quick REBOOT, rethinking and re-evaluating the way he is coming up with one BAD project after another disappointing the ‘horror-genre’ fans.
Anyway the reason for calling the film as another similar looking project made to fool the audience lies in its basic story structure which amazingly is quite identical with the recently released 1920 LONDON which was also written by the one and only Vikram Bhatt.
In a film majorly publicized focusing on Emraan Hashmi, the hero surprisingly enters after a good 40 minutes and then keeps coming back at intervals enacting in a pretty casual way without any fresh, serious or convincing feel as always. Honestly I found Hashmi to be somehow different in only one film till date and that is Dibaker Banerjee’s SHANGHAI released in 2012. Making her debut Kriti Kharbanda is just there thanking her stars for getting a major break whereas Gaurav Arora keeps trying to be at least decent as a husband hiding a dark secret.
Like all previous films in the RAAZ series, this one too has a forced sexual angle and a magical ‘Mangalsutra’ too reminding you of the typical Ramsay films. The scares are just routine and so is the music of the film yet again offering all similar sounding, deliberately added songs along with the usual background score. The visuals do have some freshness taking you to Transylvania (Romania), but the direction never rises above the eye-catching visuals following the same done-to-death execution presented with clichéd gimmicks and graphics unable to either entertain or frighten the viewers from any angle.
However the most amazing feature of RAAZ REBOOT remains the extensive use of English in its key sequences and dialogues forcing you to question that for whom The Bhatts were actually making this film, very well knowing the exact market of ‘horror genre’ in our Hindi cinema and its territories. May be Vikram Bhatt is thinking of making his next horror film in English to torture the westerns too.
In short one might be able to appreciate the film and its unexpected twist in the storyline if he or she hasn’t seen the recently released 1920 LONDON with much better scenes. But for the ones who have already seen that, this doesn’t even qualify to be considered.
Rating : 1 / 5

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