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RAAZ The Mystery Continues : The secret is fine but it's not scary as a solid Horror movie. (Review By Bobby Sing)

24 Jan, 2009 | Movie Reviews / 2009 Releases

Horror Genre in Hindi Cinema has improved and impressed in the last few years and we have now entered a new phase leaving behind the pioneer makers of horror movies in India, The Ramsay Brothers. Mohit Suri, the director of “Kalyug”, now comes up with his “Raaz - The Mystery Continues” and tries his skill in a different subject than his earlier movies. Though his direction is competent but the movie is not as convincing as his earlier ones.

First of all you cannot categorize “Raaz” as a horror movie, because it does not scare you enough. On the other hand it is a suspense thriller with a secret to unfold towards the climax. Though there are some spooky scenes with a story of a spirit taking its revenge, but you don’t feel scared or haunted while watching the movie. In fact the suspense and secret is quite entertaining but its not spine chilling which makes you sit straight with your jaws open. So it was not right on the part of its producers to promote it as a solid horror movie.

The story is about a girl (Kangna) who gets possessed by a spirit who wants to take revenge from his killers. Adhyaman is her boyfriend who does not believe in the supernatural and is also involved in the crimes done in the past. Emraan Hashmi is a painter who gets glimpses of the future sequences which are going to happen with Kangna, so he wants to help her out of it. Emraan is also related to the spirit and the revenge but is ignorant about it.

The movie starts at a very slow speed with all unwanted scenes related to the love affair between Kangna and Adhyaman. And it only catches up as Emraan and the supernatural theme is introduced. Story wise its not a novel theme but is handled well by Mohit in his first attempt in the Suspense/Horror Genre.

If you are not a fan of English & World Cinema then you may find many sequences worth watching and entertaining. But those cinema lovers who have got their dose of Asian Horror movies (Thai/Japanese) would find it all cliché and not good enough. Screenplay is tightly written towards the end but is quite weak at the start. Cinematography is fine with some good effects too.

In the acting department Kangna gets most of the marks once again after “Fashion”. She again is featured here as a ramp model but she is top rate as a scared girl. Her scene where she abuses the spiritualist/politician sitting in the first row of a fashion show is the best scene of the movie. You will be surprised to hear the language used in that scene impressively as it will shake you well on your seats. Adhyaman Suman is just ok with not so impactful with his dialogues and dances. He does a much better job towards the end as the villain.

Emraan Hashmi once again proves that he is quite capable of carrying a solo hero movie and can also bring in the crowds on the first day itself. The opening of this movie strengthens his creditability with the producers to more higher levels. He impresses throughout the movie more with his eyes and expressions. The movie is sure going to add more numbers to his fan following with his stylish new look. It was refreshing to see Jackie Shroff in a special appearance and he acted fine. Musically, “Mahi” song is already a Hit and the other tracks are also soothing to the ear while watching the movie.

One point which goes in favour of the movie is the depth with which “Mohit” uses the couplet of Kabir “Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala”. The reference to these lines beautifully explains the trauma faced by Kangna in the end scene.

But the main point which works against the movie is that it is not a solid Horror movie as publicized by the producers. It is more like a Hitchcock suspense thriller with great sound effects and shocking secrets. There are certain unanswered question too in the movie, like there is no explanation given to the scene where Kangna insults the Politician in her fashion show (Why she did that?). If the script and narration was written more towards the horror factor, and more scary scenes then this could have been a big crowd puller. But for now it is just an Ok, time pass movie, which can be watched if you have nothing else to do for a few hours.

Lastly as per the tradition of Vishesh Films, “Raaz” is also an inspired movie with inspirations coming from more than one movie. The horror scenes (bathtub scene & the Well in the end) are inspired from “The Ring”. The hidden roof floor in the house inspired from “The Grudge”. The future prediction plot inspired from “The Final Destination” Series Movies. And the main secret of the movie which is told in the climax is inspired from Julia Roberts “Erin Brockovich” where she is also investigating about the water of an area getting contaminated due to the Energy & Gas plant running nearby. Sounds Familiar….

Rating : 2 / 5

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24 Jan 2009 / Comment ( 1 )

RAAZ The Mystery Continues, quite a thrilling movie.

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