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RAB NE BANA DI JODI - An Ok feel good movie but entertaining only in parts. (Movie Review by Bobby Sing)

13 Dec, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

A Shahrukh movie along with Aditya Chopra having a unique look had great expectations. And fans all over were just ready to fall in love with the movie in any case. But the final outcome may not be upto the standards expected. In a short review RNBDJ is an OK sweet movie having good performances by the lead pair, has all predictable content, a bit lengthy and entertains only in few parts. No doubt Shahrukh’s fan following is capable of making it a Hit, but the movie leaves the viewer somehow less satisfied.
The best part of the movie is the starting 20 minutes where all the characters are being introduced impressively and you easily start liking the narration. Using the Punjabi feel, the current favorite of Bollywood, Aditya captures The Golden Temple beautifully and sets the mood showing the streets of Punjab. Everything is fine till the main plot of a dance competition is disclosed. From there onwards the movie starts entertaining in gaps. The plot moves around how a Husband (Shahrukh) tries to win his wife’s (Anushka) love by playing a double role of a shy husband at home and of a happening and chill out dance partner in a dance competition.
After the transformation of Shahrukh as a fun loving dance partner, the movie is completely open to the viewers as if they have already read the script. Every sequence from then onwards is all predictable and you also know how the movie is going to end too. Still as a loyal fan you keep waiting for more entertaining sequences but they are not too many to come. The movie never surpasses the mood set in first 20 minutes, so you start feeling lazy at times too. Whole movie relies on the two main lead characters and they both carry their part with perfection. But as the storyline has no exciting twists and turns to offer so it remains a sweet movie, nothing extraordinary, far below the expectations.
Among the merits of the movie are the top rate performances of Shahrukh and Anushka. Shahrukh plays the role realistically without falling in the trap of over-reacting. He surely deserves appreciation for the simplicity he adds to the role of a common man and his visible support to the newcomer. Anushka surprises with such a professional debut very close to just perfect. Her dialogue delivery and confidence doesn’t reveal that it is her first movie. She may not have the looks to kill but has got the talent to sustain. Vinay Pathak is purely lovable in his act and provides a good support to Shahrukh. These are the only three characters around which the movie revolves and that works as a drawback to the movie because you miss some more catchy characters in the plot. Apart from good performances there is nothing extra special about the movie to write on. It really does not look like a Aditya Chopra and Yash Chopra movie.
Among the weak points, first comes the thin and all predictable storyline. The moment viewer comes to know the plot he starts losing interest in it. Secondly the comic sequences in the movie, like the motorcycle run by Anushka, Gol-Gappa eating scene, both watching films in the theater and Shahrukh’s fight with Sumo wrestler are not convincing or entertaining at all. There are not many great moments to share in the direction. Thirdly the whole dance completion thing is played too simply and in minute details. There are no major judges to the completion and there are no major competitors to watch too. There are no lavish dance performances in the competition and Shahukh-Anushka pair simply wins the contest as they were the only couple competing there. Their final performance at the stage is completely uninteresting and unimpressive. The whole dancing couple contest and Stage sets were not as expected from an Aditya – Yash Chopra movie. The glossy and stylish look of a Yash Chopra movie is totally missing. In fact it seems to be a film from a not so established production house. Fourthly, the length of the movie pinches you at times and you feel some scenes to get over fast giving way to more good ones. And lastly there is a major flaw in the direction. If a garage owner (Manmeet Singh - from whom Shahrukh buys his new car), can recognize Shahrukh in his new avatar, then how his own wife is not able to recognize him.
Musically the movie is weak too with only one song to remember that is “Haule Haule”. Interestingly this only good song is also an inspired version of a Adnan Sami number. The other added attraction is a song featuring Kajol, Lara Dutta, Rani Mukherjee, Priety Zinta and more. But this song is not able to impress too as it was not even one tenth entertaining as the song in “Om Shanti Om”. Songs have been a merit of all Shahrukh-Yash Raj movies, but this one stands far out of that impressive list.
In few words, Rab Ne Ban Di Jodi, fulfills the expectations only to some extent. Everyone was expecting an entertaining movie with sequences of laughter, fun, youthfulness and excitement. But there are very few such moments in the movie. Aditya is not able to create the same magic as he did in DDLJ. It’s not a bad movie, but it is not a highly entertaining movie too. You will surely feel restless at few places and also bound to hear some noises in the cinema hall.
In the end, I would like to mention that after the first 20-25 minutes of the movie, the most entertaining part of RNBDJ is the Voice Over of Shahrukh along with the end credit rolls sharing the experiences of their successful Honeymoon in Japan. A Well executed ending makes you feel good while you leave the theater.
Rating : 2.5 / 5

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