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RACE 2 - To some extent works in its first half but then becomes a dud post interval. (Review by Bobby Sing)
25 Jan, 2013 | Movie Reviews / 2013 Releases

A more than sixty percent presence in the theater and that too in an early morning show with mostly youngsters clearly proved the reputation associated with the title or brand RACE. No doubt the viewers wished to enjoy the same kind of excitement and entertainment provided by its 2008 prequel once again and the film’s promos also promised them the same quite smartly. So the thrill to watch another well made crime-thriller by director duo Abbas-Mastaan was right there. Plus I was also interested to know that whether they have again followed a western movie as usual or gone completely original this time for a change.

Taking up my doubt about its inspired status first, it doesn’t seem to be a copied film at all as its script has nothing great in its content to copy as far as the shocks and twists are concerned. And in case it still is inspired then after PLAYERS the director duo again have made a pretty weak inspired film in comparison with RACE (2008) which was entirely taken from GOODBYE LOVER (1998) in an intelligent manner.
Banking hugely on the success of its prequel, RACE 2 starts off in a similar manner with all style, glamour & beauty in high dosages, but gives you many illogical con sequences right in the start indicating a feeble product ahead. Still it has many well shot scenes and some enjoyable moments in its first half, which largely depend upon its sharply written dialogues and quality execution including a brilliant chase sequence and some shocking twists coming just before the intermission. So though one doesn’t feel like having served with some great entertainment in its first half, yet he doesn’t lose interest as the second half of an Abbas Mastaan film is supposed to be much better & engaging leading to a shocking climax.
But unfortunately the same is not the case this time, as RACE 2 simply falls flat like a castle of cards post interval and then ends with a pathetic kind of climax throwing all kinds of logics out of the window. In fact there are so many deliberately added sequences in its second half which doesn’t seem like a part of the script chosen by Abbas Mastaan at all, such as the silly or childishly directed heist scene, John’s fight sequence just added to show him without his shirt, the trademark Race song in which suddenly all the lead actors jump in to dance together, Anil-Amisha’s weird bedroom scene and then the highly questionable illogical plane crash shown in the climax.
In other words, RACE 2 gives us much less in comparison to what we all loved and enjoyed watching in its entertaining part one. Moreover the film simply ruins the most lovable character of the series i.e. of Anil Kapoor and his secretary (Amisha) turning them into mere pimps and sex maniacs saying double meaning dialogues all the time like two sick people working together. The duo have nothing significant to do in this part two (Anil is not a detective here) and have just been added to maintain the same look & feel of a series. As a result Anil Kapoor is not able to make any kind of solid impact on the viewers (which wasn’t expected) and truly remains wasted till the climax. Amisha Patel on the other hand (as his secretary) looks quite tired and aged in many scenes.
Among the lead heroes, both John Abraham and Saif Ali Khan act tough but Saif is a clear winner here getting a better role in the script. They both get full marks for their style, physique and charisma but sadly the unconvincing twists and turns in the script don’t let their characters impress the viewer hugely like they earlier did in the first part. Jacqueline Fernandez is just fine as the shrewd money chaser but RACE 2 largely belongs to Deepika Padukone alone since she simply sizzles on the screen as the gorgeous clever vamp breaking all barriers of her image post a bold COCKTAIL. Aditya Pancholi is again all style and nothing else but Rajesh Khattar does well before he completely vanishes off the screen leaving many questions unanswered.
Hence script wise RACE 2 has too many loop-holes in it which become more visible in absence of the much needed excitement post interval. The dialogues work as a big saving grace most of the times but music is not as per the expectations made from this sequel. Apart from the ‘Party Song’ all tracks are clearly forced into the narration hindering the pace and I really couldn’t understand that what can be the purpose of adding a song right after the intermission when the viewers have just got back from a break? As usual Cinematography (in an Abbas Mastaan venture) takes the movie to another level along with an energetic Background Score which desperately tries hard to excite the viewer in all those thrilling moments. However, the length could have been shorter with a sharply edited second half and lesser songs.    
To sum it up, RACE 2 has got all the other great elements which were widely appreciated in its prequel in 2008 except one. And that one remains the most essential factor in film-making which is an exciting and interesting SCRIPT, missing in RACE 2. So you can surely watch it if you are interested in only glamour, good locales, great dresses and elegant execution on the screen lead by some beautiful faces. But don’t expect anything more and certainly nothing equivalent to what you immensely enjoyed in RACE 1.
Rating : 2 / 5

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