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RADUAA (Punjabi) - Redefines the term TACKY, messing with Time-Travel (Review by Bobby Sing)
13 May, 2018 | Movie Reviews / 2018 Releases

Beginning with the praises, its really heartening to see Punjabi filmmakers exploring new genres and subjects in order to bring in the much required breakthrough in Punjabi Cinema. But at the same time it’s disappointing to see the writing and the writers not being given their due importance in the process, assuming it to be something that can easily be tackled on the floor or covered through known artists on screen having their own fan following.
Interestingly both the above mentioned points are the feature of the latest Punjabi release RADUAA which happens to be the first science-fiction drama in Punjabi Cinema revolving around time travel and also a too simply or poorly written film executed in an unexpectedly tacky manner.
Surprisingly RADUAA turns out to be the exact opposite of what it promised to be in its trailer and does not do any kind of justice or rather brutally messes with the otherwise wisely as well as courageously chosen theme of Time-Travel. In fact, the film makes no exciting use of this potential plot, for which the writing has to be given the entire blame, much more than the amateurish execution on screen including the performances of all the known names.
A major part of the first half gets ruined in all bizarre sequences (before it gets to the time travel) and then the second half fails to create any kind of excitement going back to the year 1955. Besides, it again comes up with a weirdly conceived sequence dealing with the Pakistan soldiers towards the end and then signs off on an open note as if the makers are already willing to go for a sequel moving ahead to the future too.
The film is a debut directorial project of dancer-model turned actor Nav Bajwa and features Gurpreet Ghuggi, BN Sharma, Satinder Satti and Bajwa himself in the lead roles. Both Ghuggi and Sharma perform their given task as just another professional assignment and Satti completely looks like a misfit doing simply nothing. Bajwa tries his level best to look cool and calm, but it’s the script which never allows anyone among the cast to leave a positive impact.
A science fiction film essentially needs to take care of its graphical representations as a must. Sadly RADUAA falls flat in this important department too with all below standard graphics. Further it also suffers due to a strictly routine cinematography, uninspiring background score and all forcibly added songs in its uninteresting narration. In other words, the well-chosen subject remains the only merit of RADUAA and the makers unfortunately miss a good opportunity to deliver a likable, entertaining film.
Keeping in mind this brave but unprepared attempt, would humbly like to end the review with a clear message for the young actors, film makers and producers willing to make a name in this particular field......conveying that,
“If you have got the money to invest, then you got to invest in the WRITING and the WRITERS first……. before anything else”
And this specifically refers to the writers, who have something fresh to say moving ahead of just rehashing a few old Hindi or English films
Rating : 1 / 5 (including praises for the courage and spirit of its makers going for an unusual and risky theme)

(Note: The article was first published on UC-News Mobile App in May 2018) 

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