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RAGINI MMS 2 - Its really sad that our film-makers still feel a horror film only needs Shocks, Sounds & Sex but not a good Script. (Review By Bobby Sing)

21 Mar, 2014 | Movie Reviews / 2014 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / R

A new horror movie having 30-40% occupancy in its first early morning show once again strengthened my strong belief that Indian filmgoers are always ready for a good spooky movie without any doubt. However on the other side, the sad fact remains that 8 out of 10 times, they mostly feel like fools walking out of the theater after watching these badly made films in the name of horror, trying to earn some quick bucks through a cunningly planned promotional campaign.
Following the same intentions, here is RAGINI MMS 2 ready to make a fool out of the viewers once again, with the western porn star Sunny Leone promising you the glimpses of something which you must have already seen in its complete form on your PCs, Laptops or mobiles in all possibilities. And when a clever production house signs a famous, gorgeous girl who has no hesitation to bare it all in front of the camera for a Hindi horror film then there is no better recipe to make such a project, especially for our ‘sex-starved’ Indian market and that too with two hit party tracks working as a perfect icing on the cake ensuring its safe run.
Hence telling you the truth, RAGINI MMS 2 is not any so called horror film or a sequel at all. Instead it’s just a specially written and designed project (with no script as such), simply aiming at giving all its male audience a kind of ‘mental sexual pleasure’ in that dark ambience of the theater & nothing else. En-cashing the buzz around their earlier hit RAGINI MMS (2011), the famous production house vaguely takes the story forward and then conceives the whole project just like ‘a soft-porn’ made in the name of horror.
The so called sequel revolves around a movie shoot happening in the same haunted house of its first part. But in reality its every single scene has been written to use or exploit the ‘all willing star’, Sunny Leone in the best possible manner on the screen and the lady has also readily done everything what she is known for, offering a variety of erotic scenes. To give you a fair idea of its story progression, after a good scary sequence right in the opening, we have the ‘Babydoll’ song and then the director straight away shows Sunny undressing in her green room, being watched by the (in-film) director openly. Next she does a detailed moaning scene as if involved in a sex act in front of the whole unit to prove her acting skills followed by a long, bold bathroom sequence where even blurring effect has been used to hide her visible assets. A lesbian act involving Sandhya Mridul is thrown in without any purpose post the interval and then Sunny takes off all her clothes deep inside a lake seducing a lusty man to jump inside. After all these deliberately inserted suggestive scenes the director returns back to his basic theme of horror in the last 15 minutes, exactly like a clean-up activity required post the dirty act. And that is all what the film has got to offer in its 2 hours of duration.
Along with the sexual content, RMMS2 also features few cheap double meaning dialogues keeping everything focusing at the sex element alone. Plus we have some foreign film references too as usual, like the two little girls reminding you of A TALE OF TWO SISTERS (2003) right away.
In the performances, Sunny Leone perfectly knows why she is being signed by these Bollywood producers eagerly and she daringly delivers what is expected from her too with a visible ease. The girl has an expressive body language and speaking eyes but her well known background doesn’t let you think of her as an actor even for a minute to put it honestly. Still it seems she is really trying hard to learn the basics of this art-form fast and may achieve what she wishes to in the near future.
The supporting cast has many over the top acts, repeatedly giving you an indication of the project being nothing but a quickly made, sexy marketing product to gain some quick profits. And it is really weird to see actors like Parveen Dabbas, Sandhya Mridul & Karan Mehra playing it so loud, forcefully in their respective roles. On the other hand, Saahil Prem at least plays it decently as required, Divya Dutta remains wasted in her short role as the ultimate savior but watching Anita Hasanandani in such a silly role was nothing short of a shock as I strongly felt. In fact this simply tells you a truth, that how a powerful production house can make or break the career of aspiring actors so cruelly as per their own wish.
For friends who wish to know about the horror element in the film, it just has the scary faces popping out from here and there, with some screechy sounds as usual and nothing beyond that. The camera remains more interested in capturing Sunny’s inviting curves throughout and does a pretty routine job in canning the creepy scenes, probably as instructed by the producer and not the director. So its only the two hit songs ‘Baby Doll’ & ‘Chaar Botal Vodka’ (used in the end credits), which give you some relief moments in this otherwise sick, sex product coming from a reputed production house, disguised as a horror film.
To sum up, looking at this film presented as a HORREX venture, I feel relieved that we have CENSOR BOARD here to stop these people to go over the board following their greedy intentions. Otherwise with a lead like Sunny Leone available to show it all, these production houses are capable of making any kind of sleazy product in the name of Cinema as it seems in order to make their quick money.
Rating : 1 / 5 (Just for the songs)

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21 Mar 2014 / Comments ( 4 )

Dear Bobby,
Same old story, a poor film (so called ) gets a good opening (about 9 crore), whereas the real FILM like Aankhon Dekhi didn\'t even get showtimes. In Delhi couldn\'t find a single theatre for aankhon dekhi but later I came to know that only 7 theatres showing the movie that\'s too 1 or 2 shows and also highly expensive. That\'s, I think, too sad.

Bobby Sing

Yes Zeeshan, that indeed is sad. But I am sure with films such as SHIP OF THESEUS, THE LUNCHBOX, SHAHID, ANKHON DEKHI and more, exhibitors would soon start giving some space to them too in expectation of an unexpected hit........So lets hope for the best in the near future.


raj vardhan

Hello Sir!
The climax scene is lifted from the last year\'s excellent horror film \'The Conjuring\'.
It is almost the same including the portion where Sunny Leone is tide to a chair and her chair suddenly goes up....and Divya is chanting mantras just like Patrick Wilson\'s character.

Bobby Sing

Hi Raj,
In horror films, this particular sequence of tying to a chair and then spirit moving out has become like a Preset Template it seems. And moreover even THE CONJURING had nothing new in its story or content section........but the execution was a winner all the way.


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