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RAKTCHARITRA II - Movie Review : Nothing special or exceptional as a second part movie. (Review By Bobby Sing)

08 Dec, 2010 | Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases

Releasing a project in two parts within a span of 2 months is an innovation tried for the first time in Indian Cinema by the veteran Ram Gopal Verma. The idea may have been borrowed from Quentin Tarantino but RGV did try to give his own cruel and novel touch to his two part project with a more moralistic kind of storyline involving crime, politics and revenge. But truly speaking unlike it first part, I really didn’t enjoy RAKHT CHARITRA II since it had nothing new both in terms of storyline and characters. Moreover, this time, I had too many disagreements with its presentation and also couldn’t appreciate the content RGV had to offer in the second part of his so called great EPIC.

The biggest question I had in mind while watching Raktcharitra II was that why on earth RGV decided to show the complete RECAP of his PART I in the starting of this film. More surprisingly, he gives almost 30 minutes to this RECAP in the start which in my opinion was a complete waste of time and a big mistake. Simply speaking, if you are clearly writing and conveying in the posters that its RAKTCHARITRA Part II then you are obviously assuming that people would come to watch it as a sequel movie, already knowing the story depicted in the first part. Then what’s the use of using 30 long minutes to show everything he already knows.
Secondly if the director is really so much concerned about the viewers who haven’t watched his first part and want them to know the story behind it then it’s a simple indication that the director is not confident enough that everyone in the theater had actually seen his first part few months back. Frankly speaking this was the first time I witnessed this kind of lack of confidence from RGV in his movie. The point I want to make here is that if it’s RAKTCHARITRA II then you straight away have to start it as a sequel from the point where Part I had ended and that’s it. Showing such a along recap is nothing more than underestimating your own product yourself and degrading it further.
Leaving the recap section apart, RAKTCHARITRA II has nothing new in its content and execution. The film offers not a single fresh scene which we haven’t seen before in numerous movies made on politics and revenge. A person’s family ruined by a planted bomb, his attempt of taking revenge by planting a similar bomb in his opponent’s car, the scenes in the jail, putting forward a female candidate (wife) in the general elections, a courtyard murder, coming out of the jail, killing the rival and then returning to his cell with the help of the officials and the last minute moral lesson…………what is there in the above lines which we haven’t seen before or not familiar with? In short, what was the intention of RGV coming up with such a lackluster part II is really out of my understanding? In clear words, apart from his competitive shot taking and excellent frame structures he never shows any other novelty in rest of the departments of the film, which really disappoints big time.
Other than the Superstar of the South, Suriya in the role of Vivek Oberoi’s opponent, there is nothing in RAKTCHARITRA II which can be praised whole heartedly. In fact Surya and his powerful performance is the only saving grace of this unexpectedly weak film from the house of RGV. Vivek Oberoi is fine but not exceptional as he was in Part I.Shatrughan Sinha is hardly there in the movie and you miss him a lot. Sudeep gets more scope this time and makes the best use of the opportunity given. All the female characters in the film are just there for the sake of it and have nothing much to do.
Hence as I see it RAKTCHARITRA II is nothing in comparison to its First part, which was more exciting, gruesome, chilling and bloody. Truly speaking I didn’t find anything special to try this project as a two part venture either. If only RGV had released it as a single film with a longer length it surely could have been another bright chapter of his much talked about repertoire. So you can only try it if you are more interested in watching Suriya or RGV’s out of the routine camera and interesting frameworks. Otherwise just take it as a one part movie alone and forget about its Part II.

Rating : 1.5 / 5

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