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RAM SETU - It is like a hurriedly made Indian version of an Indiana Jones expedition movie, entirely relying upon its forced climax as a missed opportunity. (Review by Bobby Sing)

25 Oct, 2022 | Movie Reviews / Just In / 2022 Releases

A film revolving around the mystery of the famous and sacred Ram Setu (Lord Ram’s bridge) begins with an extended sequence talking about the Taliban, the destruction of Buddha’s statues in Afghanistan, and a Pakistani character too receiving intentional taunts from the central character of an archaeologist (Akshay Kumar).
It then strangely has the crucial first 40 minutes, focusing on all unengaging controversies with a lacklustre presentation. The interactions have their targeting quite clear in the dialogues, pointing towards the present social scenario in the country. The promised content begins post this avoidable build-up and creates some interest as an Indian version of the Indiana Jones expedition movie, searching for the truth behind Ram Setu.
Sadly, neither the writing nor the execution delivers something extraordinary or even praiseworthy post-intermission as an investigative adventure film. The incidents keep happening in a predictable manner and it all seems to be hurriedly conceived to complete and release the film in time. In fact, the only moments you feel involved get visible in the climax with a courtroom sequence and a revelation that brightens it up, bringing an effortless divine smile onto the faces (that shouldn’t be disclosed here).
Outshining its very few enjoyable moments, Ram Setu has a lot of illogical, weird, and forced elements thrown in that eventually turn it into an amateurish film just casually made on an interesting theme. For instance, it has a special sequence showcasing a professional mechanical suit, specifically prepared for Akshay to go deep into the waters, searching for the proof of the origin of Ram Setu. He goes into the sea, stays connected with the team on the ship, but then suddenly ejects himself out of the suit within the waters after a heated disagreement. The director then shows half of that special suit coming out of the water with no Akshay in it. Frankly, that kind of silly creative liberty was not expected in a film loudly talking about scientific terms and inventions. 
Moving ahead, it also has an unusual background score in which the voice sounds like a foreigner singing the chants of Om Namo Shivay in a deep tone. This surely should have been more soothing and melodious, connecting with the viewers. 
However, that is still bearable compared to an unbelievable first presented in the courtroom scene in the end, which otherwise remains the most interesting part of the film, saving it from becoming a complete dud. The case is about the existence of Ram Setu and its divine connection with Lord Ram, as mentioned in the Ramayan. The arguments end and the jury announces their eagerly awaited judgement. Now just when the judge speaks, a long two lines disclaimer gets displayed on the bottom of the screen saying that this is a fictional judgement shown in the film that has nothing to do with the ongoing case in the courts about the Ram Setu.
The judge gives his last statement in favour of the devotees and the audience appreciates the gesture of the honorable court with mild cheers. And all this for a filmy judgement that is completely fictional…… of AN ONGOING CASE in the courts dealing with strong religious beliefs and sentiments. 
In a sane real world, normally the two parties, people and even news channels avoid talking about or giving any kind of statement related to a case which is continuing in courts awaiting judgement. But here the film, fictionally solves an ongoing case on the screen by simply giving a disclaimer without any holding back. As I feel, that is certainly a bold first in the Indian as well as World Cinema to date mocking the courts, passed by the censor board.
Overall, though RAM SETU had a significant theme, strongly related to our Indian religious beliefs and emotions, it sadly doesn’t come-up with any worthy interpretations missing a potential opportunity. The writers strangely conceive the content as if nothing has been done, and no exploration has been made in all these decades before 2022. Nothing much to write about the performances too as they all remain a victim of poor writing. But here we at least have the protagonist not faking his age, proudly having a white beard.
So, this can only be seen for its novel theme as an investigative adventure movie, not expecting much in terms of the secret and mystery of RAM SETU. But then, as the multiplexes have again increased the ticket prices for this Diwali release, catching it on the OTT portal a few weeks later would surely be a better choice to be straight.

Rating : 2 + 0.5 / 5 (The additional 0.5 for that brightening twist in the end. The adorable deity always makes you smile and feel elevated with his charming mention.) 

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