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RANGREZZ - Though not perfect, but an important film with some relevant lessons on Love, Sex, Marriage & Selfless Friendship for the youngsters. (Review by Bobby Sing)

23 Mar, 2013 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / R / Movie Reviews / 2013 Releases


Not very often we get to see a film which has something immensely important to convey through its thoughtful story idea but doesn’t get the ample support from its executors to bring forward the exact message of its plot in the desired manner. And whenever such a film is there, it in fact becomes the duty of the reviewers to take an initiative and make that precious message reach its right audience through their individual articles on the film ignoring its other visible glitches.
So writing with the same motive, RANGREZZ is surely one of the above mentioned films which can easily be included in the better (if not best) works of the veteran director Priyadarshan, coming back after a string of many forgettable ventures in the recent years. It may not be a perfect film, if looked upon with a cinematic angle. But still it has a bold, relevant theme with some brilliantly conceived scenes by the director & his team, which force you to contemplate upon Friendship, Love & Sex, the three important aspects of every youth’s happening life unarguably.

Admittedly, the film starts off without making any kind of impact in its initial 20 minutes with the same typical scenes introducing its various characters along with 2 forced-in songs, as usual. But once the abduction angle comes into the script, the narration picks up fast giving you one of the finest & shocking chase sequences (in a crowded temple and market) before the interval, supported by an energetic song running in the background, wherein Sukhwinder is chanting, “Shambhu Shiv Shambhu” in a fast tempo and full spirits.
The energy generated by this well shot 15 minutes of the film, somehow gets merged into the various subplots coming in post intermission. But it all gets back on the track soon once its major unexpected & thought provoking twist is revealed in the final 40 minutes of the film forcing you to forget its lackluster start and avoidable songs right away. And this is what moved me the most in RANGREZZ depicting a very important issue of Love Marriage and its sustaining power among the youth, living quite dangerously in the present net-age majorly lead by all monetary interests.
The film strongly throws in the missing emotional connect in these stunning concluding moments and you just keep watching the proceeding on the screen with some mixed emotions of disgust and anger with your head down. The fiery tragedy in this so called love saga puts you on a thinking mode and its main theme certainly needs to be discussed by the youngsters quite boldly & urgently in their individual groups. Without revealing the surprise element of the film, I would like to add that RANGREZZ redefines friendship in an applaudable manner with Jackky Bhagnani, Amitosh Nagpal, Vijay Verma, Rajpal Yadav & few others in the supporting cast, playing their well written characters very impressively. Though I wished to see more of Priya Anand after her lovable act in ENGLISH VINGLISH, yet she does full justice to her small role as required. Pankaj Tripathi and Lushin Dubtey add a lot through their impactful portrayal of two cunning politicians and so does Santosh Sivan conveying silently with his camera behind the screen.
To be precise, RANGREZZ is not a film revolving around a routine blessed hero & his heroine, but its a collective effort putting forward a shocking, sensible plot which deserves to be seen by the youngsters in particular. Both Vashu Bhagnani and Priyadarshan deserve all the praises to bring in this thoughtful project for the Hindi viewers who normally are not served with such realistic or introspective kind of stuff more often. Musically it has 2 upbeat tracks “Shambhu Shiv Shambhu” & “Govinda Aala Re” along with the world famous “Gangnam Style” being played in the end credits. Yet I felt a few songs in the beginning were not required actually and its background score could have been more concerning, to give you the touch of all that agony felt by its innocent characters on the screen.
Being a remake of the Tamil Hit NAADODIGAL (2009), the film clearly reveals another valuable fact that the Regional Cinema in India is much ahead in terms of story ideas and experimentation than the more famous & loved Bollywood. In other words, Hindi film industry still has to go a long way to come up with such original films of its own, moving ahead of its huge dependency on “The Remakes”.
So where many reviewers might have given a very low rating to the film discarding it completely, there I would like to recommend RANGREZZ to every true friend and couples in deep love, thinking or already experienced Love Marriage in their real life just recently. Because for me, films which tend to make us think and raise several relevant questions on our problematic life patterns are in fact very important to see & discuss for our own betterment of life.
Honestly, I really wished to include it in my list of 'Movies To See Before You Die' because of its considerate, realistic depiction of Friendship, Sex and Love Marriage as often seen in our own local surroundings. But unfortunately the cinematic limitations of the film restrict me to do so and therefore I would be sharing all my burning thoughts on its effective theme in a different individual article instead.
Nevertheless, till then allow me to leave you with the following gutsy dialogue of RANGREZZ which might make you see the mirror right in the front more truthfully and I will soon post the write-up taking it forward from here only.
“Bhai, Shadi To Hum Karwa Denge, Par Pehle Apne Lover Couple Se Ek Baar Puch Lo, Ke MANDAP Hi Chahiye Ya Ek KAMRA Bhi Chalega"………………A meaningfully written line with a punch to get it hard!

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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