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READY - Movie Review : Its neither WANTED nor DABANGG and a feeble show as expected from the director Aneez Bazmee. (Review By Bobby Sing)
03 Jun, 2011 | Movie Reviews / 2011 Releases

Before moving into the review, I would like to state that I love BOLLYWOOD MASALA MOVIES made for the masses, a lot. And in fact I used to be one of the few people in the hall who dared to shout, whistle and dance whenever their favorite hero or song came on the screen. But those were the years of the last century and the changing times have hugely changed the movie watching experience a lot (may be for the better, as they say). However from the inside, I still remain the same excited moviegoer, who readily feels the butterflies in his stomach while watching his lovable hero dancing on a HIT song being flashed on the silver screen.

For the record, I immensely enjoyed watching WANTED (gave 3.5/5) and could easily appreciate and relate with the star enigma in DABANGG (with 3/5 ratings from my side). But this time, I really was unable to either appreciate or enjoy the trash served hot in the shape of READY this Friday. While watching it I was neither able to cherish the lovable Salman Khan acting his own-self on the screen nor I could take pleasure in the two HIT songs being played loud. In short, the film is a complete washout right till the end with only a few places where you are able to laugh out loud.

It starts off with a usual and needless 2 minute credit animation sequence and then after the not so happening entry of Salman you right away get the song ‘Character Dheela”. There is simply no story development in its initial hour and before the intermission, all its characters are just moving here and there on the screen with a little pinch of love, hate, action, chase and all the usual stuff. In other words, there is nothing in the name of WRITING in its first half.

The story, (if you consider it a story at all) actually starts off post intermission and then at least you get a few scenes which make you smile and laugh with your loved hero. But then the climax as expected from the director Aneez Bazmee, is another bizarre one from him where the villains get beaten in a comic style and they even enjoy the shower of little boys pissing from the first floor. The film simply reveals the lack of vision in its Captain of the ship despite of the fact that he had the TELUGU original in front of him as a base to work upon. The director in a very silly and questionable manner keeps following the South flavor of the subject and makes no changes at all as per the likings of the Hindi Film viewers. For instance WANTED was a remake of its South Original too, yet you never felt that while seeing it. But strangely while watching READY in the first half, I had the feeling as if I was watching a dubbed South Hit film on a Cable TV Channel.

Its no-doubt a Salman film all the way, but somehow this time I even couldn’t enjoy Salman’s performance too as he doesn’t seem to be acting in the movie at all. To be straight, Salman plays his character in a very cool but careless kind of style which even looks a bit over-confident and over the top at times. For instance, just watch out the scenes where both Salman and Asin are hanging from a tree or when Salman turns over for a piss declaring the intermission. Though I did enjoy some realistic kind of dialogues and one liners by Salman in the movie but overall it surely cannot be included in the list of the actor’s better performances of his career ever.

Asin on the other hand looks both ravishing as well as tired in her various sequences. May be she should blame her stylist and make-up artist for that. Paresh Rawal tries hard but doesn’t get any meaty lines or scenes (making an entry post interval). And the entire rest of the cast do more of shouting than acting. Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgan, Arbaaz Khan, Chunky Pandey and Kangna don’t add any extra value to the film in their one scene appearance. But Zarine Khan looks hot in her item number. Musically the two HIT songs of the film give their much required support to its overall impact on the audiences especially “Dhinka Chika” and its superb choreography. Whereas its Cinematography and Background score, both just serve the purpose.

Summing up, I would like to say that in India, since star worship is the main guiding force towards film-making, therefore READY would surely be seen and loved by all Salman fans as a must. But the film certainly would not get a unanimous positive response as earlier enjoyed by WANTED or DABANGG. And for this I don’t blame SALMAN and neither I blame the producers or actors of the film. For this feeble and unexplainable kind of attempt I entirely blame its director Aneez Bazmee who constantly keeps giving us films like these and this time he even fails to encash one of the biggest craze of our nation, Salman Khan.

So if you love Salman, then do watch READY only to satisfy your star-love. But truly speaking I enjoyed watching Mahesh Manjrekar & Sudesh Lehri more in the film than anybody else along with the gorgeous Asin.

Ratings : 1.5 / 5

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03 Jun 2011 / Comments ( 10 )

Hi Bobby,

Nice review. I didnt like both telugu and tamil version of "Ready". Tamil version is a disaster flop.

I have a question for you. Is Asin gorgeous??

Bobby Sing

Hi Naresh,
Yes as I see it she does look gorgeous but you might have different opinion.
And thanks for having the same opinion on READY.


John Saggu

Hi Bobby,
I too didn't find the film at all. Niether the movie niether the acting of Asin and Salman. The songs were gud and the Dance........

Saggu John

Bobby Sing

Thanks John for your comment.
As expected the film has taken a great start and that is the reason we keep on getting these kinds of films on a regular basis.



hi bobby i ddnt agree wid u movie is likely to be 3 stars becoz i couldnt stop my laugh aftr lunc to end...

phalguni padhi

oh,come on!i usually read your review before watching a movie on wekend,but this time i went to see the film even after such a negative review.and i completely enjoyed the film.i couldnot understand the review this time....i mean the film is a complete entertainer.the present generation needs this kind of films.....it completely takes the stress out of ur mind.and it gave a nice little massage about the place of females in our family.i hv watched other films like..matrubhumi,but tell me how many people get the message.it isonly through these kind of films u can make such nice massage reach out to a wider masses.

Bobby Sing

@Manish, Phalguni,

Thanks for reading my reviews on a regular basis and its sometimes good to have a different opinion as Disagreements are bound to happen.

But if these are the movies you want to watch in the future too then I am glad for the Film Industy because then no one can stop many more blockbusters for the Bollywood Stars to come in the future and  that will be good for the producers and financiers involved in the projects.

If READY can win over the viewers then film-making is damn easy and the most profitable business ever because then you only have to get the most famous star in your film and thats it. The job is done. You can even go ahead without a director too because the rest is all taken care of if a star like SALMAN is there in the movie.

And regarding the Quality of product..........if the current generation is not bothered about it and just wants to watch more READYs then as Nasseruddin Shah said in one of his interviews -  "It will take us almost 100 years to compete with the World Cinema"

But since Viewers or the Customer is always the king......So our Bollywood Shopkeepers will keep on selling the kind of goods you all love.

(As an ending note let me share with you a comment I received from one of my readers from DUBAI at Chakpak.com)

Comment from Moiz :
@Bobby Sing: You are absolutely right. Obviously Salman Khan maintained his attitude same as of in "Wanted" and "Dabbang" but the Story & Direction was totally failed for "Ready". I love Salman Khan but "Ready" really makes me disappoint. Not only me but every person in the theater of Dubai was astonished of this third class movie by Sal Khan and in anger to not to make his hat-trick. Salman : We advise you to please at least check & review story thoroughly before signing it. We love you.




phalguni padhi

Well, ur point of view seems to be correct.....now i think that it was basically my lack of exposure to southindian films that i felt this film to be refreshing.
But now i think,it really had nothing creative.like Taare Zameen Par....I talked with one of my southindian colleague & he just laughed at this being anything new........

Bobby Sing

Dear Phalguni,
Its great to see that you very thoughtfully could see the real thing......As written in my review and said by Moiz from Dubai too, we all simply loved the masala in Wanted and Dabangg and I may be one of the few critics who went out loudly praising these two movies from heart as I loved them being a true Bollywood cinema lover.

But READY really is not anything even close to them and it really has very few things to offer to the audience in terms of entertainment other than the songs and the man himself Salman Khan, whom I love a lot too.

So, thanks for your supporting comment and Keep Visiting!


Umer Khan

Salman Khan is the best!!!

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