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RIGHT YA WRONG - Movie Review : Surprisingly good but again not an original. (Review By Bobby Sing)

14 Mar, 2010 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / R / Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases

To start with, the promotion was pathetic and the promos were bad. The title was never heard of and the lead hero was out of the lime-light. So, it was all dark before “Right Ya Wrong” finally got released this Friday after being in the making for two long years. But, perhaps it was all for the good, as the movie surprisingly proves to be a lot better than what was being expected by the viewers.

With a mild first half and an explosive second hour, the movie has everything ranging from a well planned murder to an absorbing court room drama. At first, it moves quite similar to many seen before routine cop flicks, but soon goes on to unfold new mysteries, plans and high tension drama which keeps you glued to the screen post intermission. So, in short the movie is a well worked upon crime thriller coming out of Bollywood after a long time.

But WAIT! There is a twist here in the proceedings…..But let me first introduce you to a few lines about the main plot of the movie:

“A Cop is paralysed in a shooting and is unable to walk. His misfortune brings him sympathy which he uses to devise a plan to rid himself of his unfaithful wife and her lover.”

“But another officer starts suspecting that this well-respected former policeman, paralyzed after a shootout, is planning an untimely demise for his unfaithful wife.”

Now what’s the twist here? The twist is that the movie which successfully manages to impress with its engrossing second half and well written sequences towards the climax is not based on an Original Storyline. It is completely inspired from a western flick and the above few lines about its main plot prove it all.

Actually, the lines mentioned above are not about the basic storyline of  “Right Ya Wrong” but they are in reality taken from the IMDB page of the movie called “ABOVE SUSPICION” (1995) starring Christopher Reeve in the lead.

Chek out at : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0109034/

The moment I came to know about this acute similarity between the story-plots of these two movies, I felt sad and cheated as I really wanted to praise “Right Ya Wrong” as an Original Work. But Bollywood seems to be still caught in the web of its decades old bad habit of copying and may be that was the reason the movie was given such a low profile and effortless release from its production house.

Frankly speaking, writing a detailed review of a movie which is nothing but a copy of someone else’s hard work is quite a complicated job for me. In fact, how can one comment on the script and sequences of a movie, which are entirely borrowed from another crime drama of the past and have no original contributions coming from its writer & director. As a matter of fact, one can only write about the technical achievements of such projects since rest all (the script, the scenes and the story) is nothing but copied in the first place.

So technically, “Right Ya Wrong” is a fine crime thriller which captivates the viewer, especially post intermission. It has a well directed climax in the form of an enthralling court room drama with many exciting moments to enjoy. Though the movie is not perfect and has its own flaws at certain places, but still it’s surely much better than many recent crime thrillers presented before us.

Performance wise, Irrfan Khan is at his best as the honest cop and scores above all in the cast. He simply sets the screen on fire with his unique style of dialogue delivery and facial expressions. Sunny Deol is cool & calm in his role of a crime master and looks fresh on screen after a long gap. Both Konkona and Eesha excel in their limited scenes. Arav Chowdhary as Sunny’s brother plays his part with confidence and the child playing Sunny’s son leaves an impact. Deepal Shaw has nothing much to do in her cameo. Thankfully the movie has only one song in its narration and that’s too a routine one. But Background score and Camerawork keep giving you the feeling of an outdated project at regular intervals.

In short, Director Neerraj Pathak, delivers a sharp crime thriller with a wisely chosen cast. His skillful direction shines on the screen post intermission and in the climax. But unfortunately, instead of working on an original idea, he chose the easy but unethical way of copying a western flick, which works against all the merits of his otherwise thoughtfully titled movie “Right Ya Wrong”. Hope he comes up with an original piece of work next time?

(Watch it if you like gripping crime dramas and simply don’t care whether it’s copied stuff or not!)

Rating : 2.5 / 5 (as routine ratings) and NONE / 5 (as it’s all copied)

(Note : Interestingly another Hindi film was also made on a similar plot titled QATL (1986) which was also in fact an unofficial adaptation of an English TV film)

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14 Mar 2010 / Comments ( 5 )

hi even i am so sad.......before watching i was happy to read super positive reviews but was really sad when heard when i cameto know this is a shamelessly copied product but yet well made but really bad bad i am sad wish bolly creates original scripts and leave this bad habitsss

Bobby Sing

You are right Mohsin, it was really sad.

Hope Bollywood starts coming up with its own original scripts soon.

Thanks for your comment and Keep Visiting......Cheers!


i sms the director of this film he is writer also but not for me he says even above suspicion writters are inspired from french film and original idea is of sir alfred hitchcock\'s well is this true 

if true also they are just inspired and inspiration is not that atleast the most imp screenplay the great screenplay is their work and what right ya wrong director has done copy pasted .....

Bobby Sing

Hi Mohsin,
As reported, I coudnt find any French Movie's name from which the Idea was taken really and neither I remember any Alfred Hitchcock's movie similar to the theme. I am a big fan of A. H. and  have seen all Hitchcock's movies right from the Silent era. May be I am not able to remember one similar to this but actually i think there is none.


you right even he could not answer that
well the main point is we bollywood have to create our original work and take our films to world level and in this "Right Ya Wrong" way we can never make it. We have to create our identity with our own original work
tc catch u soon bobby

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