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RIVAAZ - Movie Review : A potential plot gets a childish treatment. (Review By Bobby Sing)
20 Sep, 2011 | Movie Reviews / 2011 Releases

With few reputed names associated with many meaningful movies in the past, RIVAAZ looked like something interesting talking about a new subject in Hindi Cinema. It no doubt has a bold and fresh subject to offer in terms of its story-plot, but as a film it fails completely on the execution level without making any kind of impact on the viewer.

In cinematic terms it’s a very amateurish kind of attempt made on the controversial theme of “Traditional Prostitution” being practiced in a village. And its first few sequences itself give you a precise idea about how the subject is going to be tackled by the director in its later reels. So, the film is neither able to connect with the audience, right from its first frame nor it is capable enough of giving any kind of message to the viewers about the evil tradition.
The script keeps jumping from one sequence to another ignoring its basic element called “Continuation”. The characters go through such sudden heart transformations that the viewer feels confused about film’s basic storyline. Particularly the romance between the lead couple seems to be all artificial and deliberate which brings down the whole spirit of the movie drastically. In short, there is nothing in the film which is able to support its otherwise interesting subject. The characterizations are so weak that even the veteran actors such as Deepti Naval look like fresh entrants in the field.
But there is one positive thing which I would surely like to mention here regarding its director Ashok Kumar Nanda who certainly had a potential plot in his hand which could have been exploited in a much better way. Now though the director was not able to make the best use of his well selected subject, still he never tries to take advantage of its sexual plot, anywhere in his film. It indeed speaks a lot about the moral character of the director as he never uses “Skin-Show” in his scenes to get some more audiences in the theaters. Since it is a film talking about “a Village where females are involved in flesh trade as their ages old tradition”, hence it was damn easy to convert it into a C grade sexual venture which could have easily earned more money in the interiors. But the director Ashok Kumar Nanda never falls down to that downgrade way of selling his film and makes a clean project made on subject of Prostitution, which is not an easy task in today’s commercially lead world desperately looking for a good initial weekend to earn some quick money.
However as a movie experience, RIVAAZ is not worth watching at all due to its childish treatment of a strong subject.
Rating : 1 / 5 (Only for its well thought of subject)

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