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ROAR - Its not a great film but a unique, novel & tough attempt for sure with the most extensive use of Tigers in an Indian film till date. (Review By Bobby Sing)

02 Nov, 2014 | Movie Reviews / 2014 Releases

Clearing the misconceptions first, ROAR is not a horror movie but an adventure film talking about an expedition into the Sunderbans, which happens to be the largest reserve for Bengal Tiger (as well as Mangrove forest) with its territory shared by both India and Bangladesh. So without any doubt, that remains the very first reason to see the movie and that too on the bigger screen to feel the exclusive wild region.
Quickly getting over with the film’s big shortcomings, it’s admittedly made on a very silly plot defying all logic and ignoring the laws especially made to save the endangered species. The performers fail to rise above the average (some even below it) and the script deliberately tries to stretch the film with few unrequired sequences which should have been strictly avoided. The soundtrack doesn’t come up with anything worth noticing and ROAR is not able to roar that loudly as being projected in its promotional campaign all over.
Yet, I would like to be positive about the effort, appreciating it partially due to its few but exceptionally important rare features mentioned below.
To give the makers their due it’s an evident truth that we do not try, don’t wish or avoid making films on animals from the last few decades because its arguably even more difficult than making a project with a big known star with all his or her over the top tantrums. And when that animal is none other than the endangered TIGER then the value of the attempt certainly grows further to many folds. Secondly its not easy to shoot such a film at real locations, conceiving in advance all the graphical insertions to be made later on the editing table by the experts. Plus its quite courageous to go for this kind of attempt with a difference, moving ahead than all the usual ‘fast food’ stuff offered in the name of cinema by many big reputed names to make some instant money.
Moreover despite its major shortcomings, ROAR does begin interestingly, offering few fine engaging sequences before intermission and then becomes a much better watch in the second half due to its four big aces namely the beautiful Cinematography (Michael Watson), a pulsating Background Music (John Stewart), fine action (Allan Amin) and all excellent Computer Graphics never making you feel the tricks used by the technical artists behind the screen.
Yes being a film made on our four legged fellow beings living on this planet, it doesn’t have that heart touching emotional feel as seen in films like TWO BROTHERS. But if you are an animal lover, enjoy watching adventure movies and are always interested in trying something fresh in our Hindi Cinema then do watch ROAR on the bigger screen to support the initiative taken. Especially, because the film has the most extensive use of TIGERS in any Indian film till date as its biggest USP, forcing me to give it some extra brownie marks for the rare attempt made undoubtedly.
However I really wish actor-turned director Kamal Sadanah had worked harder with his writers, editors and dialogue writers to make it a milestone film based on a never before concept. Still, one should at least give it a try, particularly taking along the kids for this unique TIGER show and simply don’t miss the end credits where they reveal how it was all done with the special effects, surprising you as hell.
Rating : 2+1 / 5 (With the additional one for its enjoyable cinematography, background score, action and super VFX.)

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02 Nov 2014 / Comment ( 2 )
anmol waliya
Loved the movieeee.... Thankgod someone has made a different movie in bollywood!
Bobby Sing

Glad to know that you liked the film Amol.
Thanks for writing in and keep visiting.


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