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ROBOT - Movie Review : With RAJNIKANT all the way, it's just like a DABANGG from the South. (Review by Bobby Sing)

04 Oct, 2010 | Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases

Writing the first sentence of my review, I can truly feel that how easy it is to write about a 150 crore movie, (the costliest Asian film till date) and how difficult it would have been making it for its entire team. So, saluting the makers for attempting this kind of gigantic and daring venture, I would readily like to accept that ROBOT undoubtedly has many FIRSTS in it, never ever tried before in our Indian Cinema. Hence it is indeed a must see for all for this particular reason alone. But other than this it has Rajnikant, Shankar and his unbelievable vision which further makes this herculean project, a mandatory watch for all lovers of cinema living anywhere in the world including Hollywood.

However, after ranking it as a must watch flick, I would also like to add that though it is a spectacular show with Rajnikant all the way, still as a movie it’s not flawless and does have its own negative points as usual. In fact for me Rajnikant’s ROBOT was just like watching Salman’s DABANGG, which despite of being a weak film, went on to become the TOP GROSSER of Hindi Cinema only due to its huge Star Magic on the screen. Exactly same is the case with ROBOT where in also, even when you know that the happenings are not perfect, the songs are not melodious and the length is too heavy, still in the end you somehow love watching it and enjoy your favourite star making all those Robotic moves on the silver screen with guts.
First, let’s state the reasons why it requires to be seen by all? The biggest factor undeniably remains RAJNIKANT and the second is the highly imaginative vision of its director SHANKAR. Both the director and his star actor deserve all the praises for planning, visualizing and executing such a huge extravaganza on the celluloid which at times, seems to be like a dream. The computer graphics sequences, especially in the climax generate a jaw dropping impact on the viewer, when there are hundreds of Rajnikant clones making mass destruction on the screen like the ancient demons. In the first half, the heroic acts of CHITTI, the Robot Rajnikant are capable of making every Rajni fan shout, clap and whistle in excitement. The action is an amalgamation of films ranging from SPIDERMAN and MATRIX to GODZILLA. In few words, if you are huge appreciator of Hollywood science fictions and action movies, then you got to see ROBOT as its par with the standards set by all those western films in the past. Hence on technical grounds ROBOT is simply perfect and takes Indian Cinema many steps ahead in the world of film-making.
But coming to its negative points, first of all it doesn’t have a convincing storyline which keeps you guessing till the end. Although in its first half, ROBOT offers pretty enjoyable sequences with a mixture of action, comedy, romance and fun. But post intermission, it all becomes easily predictable as there happens to be a villain scientist as usual who wishes to take over the ROBOT and sell it to the terrorists. And then as revealed in its promos the Robot very questionably falls in love with his creator’s fiancé and transforms into a negative personality in the end.
Secondly, ROBOT hugely disappoints in its music department, where Rahman has nothing exceptional to offer either in the form of a dance number, love ballad or a sad song. May be the songs sound better in their original language version. But in Hindi, the soundtrack is not at all impressive from any angle.
Lastly, as mentioned before, ROBOT also walks on the same thin line like DABANGG, wherein every action on the screen largely depends upon its STAR ENIGMA and STAR AURA. In both the movies, had there been any other actor performing the same act then the story surely would have been different and probably disastrous. In clear words, these are the kind of movies which are especially made keeping in the mind the MAGIC of their lead actors and are precisely designed around this sole important factor alone.
So if you are die-hard fan of RAJNI then this is a treat for your eyes as the veteran is back in his famous form in the double role of a Robot and its scientist creator. Aishwarya looks gorgeous (better than her many recent films) and enacts her role fine. Danny is ok too, but he is not able to add anything new to his usual seen before villainous acts. The rest of the cast performs satisfactorily remaining under the big shadow of its lead actor. And thankfully the dubbing in Hindi was much better this time as compared to the last few films coming from the South.   
In all, ROBOT is more a SHANKAR movie than a RAJNI film altogether considering its brilliant cinematography, imaginative sets and mind blowing execution (like the one dealing with the blood sucking mosquitos). It’s a magnificent show put up by the team backed by a weak storyline, lackluster music and a lengthy second half. In my opinion, if you are making a film with a budget of 150 crores then there should be no stone left unturned in any of its department as a must. Shankar, frankly should have worked more creatively towards the story, music and editing of the film as these remain the only burdens in this otherwise must watch experience.
Summing up, I would like to call ROBOT as the DABANGG of the South. If DABANGG had a hit musical score to its credit, then ROBOT has its unbelievable Computer Graphics as an additional attraction which works in its favour. And if DABANGG can become the Top Grosser Ever, then ROBOT surely can reach the same status too with the blessings of all RAJNI and SHANKAR fans. So you can easily make your choice.
Ratings : 3 / 5  (0.5 more only for SHANKAR’S fantastic vision & execution.)

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