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ROCKSTAR - Movie Review : It rises above the level of entertainment and is like a smashing mirror on our face making us realize our own filthy self. (Review by Bobby Sing) (Movies To See Before You Die - Love Theme)

11 Nov, 2011 | Movie Reviews / 2011 Releases / Movies To See Before You Die / Love Theme

Rockstar - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

(SPOILER Note : This review reveals the climax and calls for a mature reading too.)

It’s a great feeling when a film majorly delivers what was being expected from it by the audience. But ROCKSTAR even goes a step ahead and delivers the unexpected too in the form of an enlightening film, touching a sensitive issue for the first time in Indian Cinema.

Frankly after Socha Na Tha (2005), Jab We Met (2007) and Love Aaj Kal (2009), I wasn’t really expecting such an intense movie from its director Imtiaz Ali. Because as I feel, all his past movies were just fine entertainers, made with many commercially viable elements incorporated in them for their commercial success with few memorable performances.

But with ROCKSTAR Imtiaz shows the other hidden & sensitive side of his persona and makes a film which clarifies many famous misconceptions about creative people, their creativity and their professional life which is not known to the common man. Besides, the film had another pleasant surprise for me in the form of Nargis Fakhri, who not only looks stunning but also contributes a lot in her onscreen chemistry with Ranbir. So, I have a lot to share about the film and its subject with all my friends here and would like to start with the film itself.

ROCKSTAR is a winner all the way in the first half and the viewers are sure going to enjoy all the proceedings in its first hour with an intelligent direction, entertaining performances, perfect cinematography, realistic dialogues, believable characters and soothingly supporting soundtrack. Narrated mostly in flashback mode, the film is about the journey of a Rockstar who is basically suffering the consequences of his own indecisive character. Taking an inspiration from the real-life story of the famous & charismatic Rock-music Icon Jim Morrison, the script takes you inside the complex character of a popular STAR who majorly gets famous for the wrong reasons. The Ranbir-Nargis pairing looks ravishing on the screen with the traces of “Geet” from JAB WE MET in the characterization of Nargis. The writers beautifully explain the need of “Some kind of Pain or Heartbreak” in order to become an artist in a lighter mode, which later on takes a realistic shape in Janardan’s life. The transformation sequences of Janardan becoming the famous Jordon are a treat to watch, especially the qawaali at Nizammudin Dargah and all in-studio scenes of Ranbir along with Piyush Mishra and the great Shammi Kapoor. So till the interval point, ROCKSTAR is totally an entertaining venture with something thrown in for all kind of audiences both in the major and the smaller centers (like the adult movie sequence).

But all the commercial problems start post intermission where the film takes a drastic turn towards becoming a more enlightening experience than an entertaining one. And that’s where most of the viewers are going to find it difficult to grasp as that is nothing compared to anything ordinary or easily understandable. In its second half, ROCKSTAR mostly talks about the inner conflicts of a big star and her beloved who are not ONE at the moment due to their own lack of will of taking the right decisions at the right time.

Moreover, the last 30 minutes of the film and its purely enlightening climax, might be equal to the phrase of “Upar Se Nikal Gayi” for many viewers particularly in the smaller centers. Because this very part of the movie takes it to another spiritual level where one gets to see the bitterness in the words “SEX” and “GUILT” clearly before his eyes, quite shamelessly. And in all probabilities of the world, where people don’t like to get serious or listen to something about their own real life in a film, this abrupt and open ending of ROCKSTAR will not be taken sportingly by majority of the audience as well as critiques who value the commercial prospects of a film more than its intrinsic value.

Musically, the track “Saada Haq, Aithey Rakh” explains the inner clash & tension of a true artist perfectly. It is well supported by a brilliant camerawork equivalent to the International Standards, a superlative musical arrangement by the maestro (including the singing part by Mohit Chauhan) and some truly great lyrics by Irshad Kamil, which pump up the blood flowing in your body and you feel like standing and saying “Saaaaaada Haq, Aitheeeeey Rakh”.

However, as a true die-hard fan of A.R. Rahman I would humbly like to say that I was really expecting a lot more from this soundtrack of ROCKSTAR. No doubt, it has got the few gems in the kitty but when it’s the musical score by Rahman, of a film called ROCKSTAR, made by Imtiaz Ali, then its unarguably logical to expect something extra-ordinary in its each track. The songs other than “Saada Haq” and “Kun Faaya” need repeated listening to become likable and one can only relate with most of them after watching the film.

In the performance department, this has a flawless, award winning act from Ranbir Kapoor going far beyond whatever glimpses you may have seen in the promos. Therefore this has to be the movie which Ranbir should feel proud of and only one man would be the happiest person to see this from his heavenly abode……..his grandfather, the Legendary Showman Sh. Raj Kapoor. And I am sure that if he was alive today, then without thinking about the box office result of the film, he would have announced a big party calling every single person of the Industry to share this fabulous achievement of Ranbir.

Nargis Fakhri as Heer gave me much more than my expectations. Therefore even though many friends may have some different things to say about her but I hugely cherished her performance undoubtedly and also must say that Imtiaz does have a special eye for beauties having a foreign link. So I am all game for seeing more of Nargis Fakhri very soon. Further, I simply loved watching one of my dearest legends Shammi Kapoor coming alive once again on the screen in a truly adorable cameo with his enigmatic presence. Piyush Mishra as the Music Company owner is as usual, fantastic along with another great supporting performance by the actor playing Ranbir’s friend-manager. Aditi Rao Hydari becomes the victim of a wrong kind of suggestive characterization but Shernaz Patel does well in her short role. Technically ROCKSTAR excels in its Cinematography by Anil Mehta with perfect capturing of all On & Off stage sequences. The same can also be said about its styling and the dialogues, especially in the first half of the film, which straight away remind you of your own college days.

So with ROCKSTAR, Imtiaz takes you onto the journey into the mind of a Creative Musician depicting his inner pain, love and hate in a splendid way. And in the process he insightfully reveals the truth that Yes, its a blessing to be a Creative as blessed by the Almighty. But at the same time, its also very painful to be there where you are given a different eye to look through everyone like a mirror and can feel the pain like nobody else.  

So in all, commercially the movie is bound to have some mixed reaction from the audiences all over, mainly due to its artistically thoughtful second half and the sudden, open climax which leaves you thinking. But if you are an artist yourself or can easily relate to the inner trauma of a Creative Mind then you are going to love this remarkable piece of art from Imtiaz and Ranbir together…………a lot.

Rating : 4 / 5

(Given below is more on the film and its related important aspects, for all the friends who wish to continue reading about ROCKSTAR)

The reasons why I would like to include this in my “Movies To See Before You Die” list:

Firstly ROCKSTAR remains one of the those few movies which are impressively able to explain “The Inner Pain”, “The Discomfort” and “The Conflicting Mindset” of a famous creative personality in a very true to life manner. These kind of tendencies are really found to be on their RED LEVEL when we talk about ROCK MUSIC and their World Icons such as Jim Morrison. Plus, majorly all movies made around Rockstars and their revolting life in World Cinema, essentially talk about their heavy life-taking indulgence in Drugs and their addiction. But here, director Imtiaz Ali, indeed needs to be applauded since he successfully brings on the same madness of Rockstars on the screen without going into the controversial arena of Drugs. He very cleverly manages to depict the same trauma with only a few scenes of boozing and keeps the major cause of JORDAN’s pain, to be his True Love which he is not able to get due to his own weaknesses of not saying the three words at the right time.

Secondly, many of the viewers may find it difficult to understand JORDAN’s erratic behavior in the film with his impulsive mood swings, hasty decisions, angry stage shows and sudden outbreaks. OR there may be many who would not mind watching his anger & pain but at the same time would never love to be a creative person like him in their real life. In this context I would strongly like to comment that today actually we all can easily feel that way because in reality we don’t have such kind of “Uncontrolled Creative Expressions” around us any more, in this new ‘individualistic-materialistic’ world of the twenty first century.

In clear words, today we are all surrounded by a very “Controlled Creativity” from every direction where books are written, films are made, plays are staged, painting is done and poetry is penned keeping in mind the commercial and political results coming out of it, instead of caring to say the real thing screaming in our mind or heart. Today we are more worried about pleasing the BIG people and the authorities with our “So Called Creative Expressions” and are just not concerned about portraying what we actually feel from inside.
So if in these kind of ‘Decorative Living Standards’, a JORDAN comes on the screen showing the middle finger to the crowd, shouting, screaming and singing his heart out with his inner anger and outburst, we don’t feel related to him since we have forgotten and haven’t seen that kind of “Creative Explosion” in our real life. Also we really don’t have any such kind of living idols around us to teach us that REAL CREATIVITY anymore, free of any “Commercial or Pleasing Tactics”. And that really reminds me of Creative Eccentric Genius Artists such as Kishore Kumar, R.D.Burman, Safdar Hashmi & M.F. Hussain lovingly. Certainly its not easy to be Creative as all these men and may be that was the reason why the great master OSHO once said that, ‘BLESSED ARE THE IGNORANT”

Now coming to the most important part of the write up, concerning the last 30 minutes of the film revolving around the Intercourse between Jordan and Heer in a dangerously alarming medical state.

The scene forced me to think that whether we accept this or not but SEX remains the center or the weakest point of our thought process forever. We shamelessly can think or even go for it even after knowing the drastic consequences of indulging in it for our partner.

Besides just think for a moment that, “Who is actually on the receiving end of an intercourse unconditionally?” It has to be the woman, who in real terms is forced to face the consequences of the event in the end and the man can simply walk away just like that. The concluding moment of the film redefines the words “LUST”, “SEX” and “GUILT” in a highly meditative way. In fact the final physical scene between JORDAN and HEER shamelessly announces the disgusting side of the male counterpart loudly. HEER suffering from Bone Marrow deficiency who has only few more days left to live, gets pregnant due to JORDAN agreeing to her Sex request made with love.

The scene just asks one simple question that “Can men ever say NO?” – The film gives us the answer in the GUILT shown in JORDAN’s eyes in the final shot. And then it ends on an open note asking the viewers a silent question about the relationship between the two words………..Love and Sex.

So for me the second half of the film and its final 30 minutes remain the basic reason, Why I consider ROCKSTAR as an important venture by Imitaz Ali all together. The director who is known for giving entertaining films in the past, could have easily gone the easy way of giving the same usual kind of a second half where everything ends on a happy note with a peppy song. But instead, the fact that he goes for such an off-beat insightful climax forces me to give him all the respect by including the film in my “Movies To See Before Your Die” List. Also would like to end this review with these immortal lines of RUMI from where ROCKSTAR begins :

“Pata Hain Yahan Se Bahot Door,
Ghalat Aur Sahi Ke Paar………………..Ek Maidaan Hai,
....... Main Wahan Milunga Tujhe”




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11 Nov 2011 / Comments ( 37 )

Dear Bobby,
I was so curious to read this before seeing the film this time! I am simply touched by your beautiful review ---a true Oshoite! (Kindly excuse me for this naming of your understanding in "ism",I do not know the word to praise the sensitiveness of your understanding)...
The review reminds me of a classic tamil novel, "Moga Mul" of Thi Jaa (Thi-Janakiraman). The same theory of uncontrolled passion and his confusion between love and lust!
Anyway first i have to see the movie and get back to you as i am a die hard fan of Imitiaz Ali!

Bobby Sing

Thanks once again Bavani to support my strong viewpoint and please dont feel that way cause I really love being called A True Oshoite taking it as an honest compliment.

And regarding ROCKSTAR, no doubt its a film where both Imtiaz and Ranbir have broken their own shell of stardom coming out right under the burning sun with their newly found creativity.

So Cheers to them and your support with HIS BLESSINGS

manish bhardwaj

I won\'t be able to see the movie before 23 November because of exams but will definitely go for it. 
I can undoubtedly say that this is one of the best reviews of yours. No professional would write a review like this. 

I am sure that this is your passion. I am feeling touched or easily related to the emotions of the film. Not that i am creative but what i observe around me, I cannot explain that to the people because of their narrow minds...

Great review. and great words like...blessed are the ignorant..and uncontrolled creative expressions....

Bobby Sing

Thanks for reaching the right spirit of the review Manish.
But regarding Creativity, every person who can see and think in the right way is a Creative Person, so its not always an art or something. So since you are blessed with the power of thinking therefore you are not Ignorant at all and thus are CREATIVE.

Now Do watch it as you get over with the exams and then let me know your views then too.
And accept my best wishes for your exams.



After reading your review , want to watch the movie as soon as i finish reading unfortunately it\'s not coming to theaters in GHANA , will wait for his original print ,otherwise no option left i have to watch it on the net ...


Bobby Sing

Do watch it and Bunny and then post your comments too here..


Dear Bobby,

Your reviews carry dilemma of your heart and senses. On one side it wants to flow without any dams restricting it into word-expressions and on other side it wishes to convey that you are flowing. I am also sailing same voyage too. No idea how to express what I have been going through, I am hereby positing few quotes of Osho and then few Shair which came to me after I saw the movie and also after reading your reviews.

Two Important things we learn through Rockstar, as per Osho
1. Love ordinarily is not love, it is lust. And lust is bound to feel hurt, because to desire somebody as an object is to offend. It is an insult, it is violent. When you move with lust towards somebody, how long can you pretend it is love? Something which is superficial will look like love, but scratch a little bit and hidden behind it is sheer lust. Lust is animalistic. To look at anybody with lust is to insult, humiliate, is to reduce the other person to a thing, to a commodity. No person ever likes to be used; that’s the most ugly thing you can do to anybody. No person is a commodity, no person is a means towards any end.

2. Man is unconscious. You go on doing things, not knowing why. You go on doing things you could not do if you were even a little conscious. What we are doing with our life is just sleeping through it. Consciousness has to be evolved. The more consciousness you have, the more energy starts flowing upwards on its own accord. Consciousness is the clue, the key, the master key. Lust becomes love through consciousness, so love cannot be an unconscious thing.

!! Rock-star - Heart Storms !!

bade hosh me tha fakhta hone se pehle !
bs tujh me hi tha, fansla hone se pehle !
tere hounsle ne sikha diya junoon me jina,
muhabbat hi to tha, mamla hone se pehle !

dard shiddat ka, shiddat ka ehsas-e-jurm,
bacha khucha main, be-inthai junoon ho gya !
yun thoos di fakiri ys usi ne fankar me,
ki tha jo lifafa, wahi majmoon ho gya !

mujh kathputli ki jaan me jaan daal de !
e muhabbat ke karn, mujh me daan daal de !
satyagrah lekar zindgi se lda jata nahin,
machan-morcha me muqammal saman daal de !

masoom ko na do rasta, chal padega !
masoom ko n do vasta, jal padega !
masoom ke liye jo mila wahi maseha,
masoom se n ho vabasta, machal padega !

chuta jo teri deh se, main wahi ho gya !
juda jo teri deh se, main wahi ho gya !
main utni hi rooh, main utni hi raakh,
rutha jo teri deh se, main wahi ho gya !

Vinay Ved

Bobby Sing

There is nothing more left to say Vinay, and would like to confess here that its a blessing for sure to reach the stage of Real Love and to encounter our own consciousness insight-fully............

but its painful too...... painful................very blissfully painful to live with it...............

I know you can understand.
True dear, nothing left to say but to feel it more and more.

Here are more to add with them,


behad khfa hai khud se, wo shahar jalayega !
diljla hai, dil ke tukde hi khilayega !
mila hai zindgi me jo be-zindgi jaisa,
sunayega, stayega, ji bhr bhr rulayega !


hai toon noor-e-khuda, to mujh me bhi halla bol de !
hai toon dwa se badi dua, to nabz meri bhi tatol de !
agarche bs me nahin tere, ummeend ke daman sambhalna,
to bacchon ki muththiyan, kokh me ma ke hi khol de !

Vinay Ved
Bobby Sing

Thanks Vinay for this beautiful contribution of yours in making my write-up more meaninful and poetic with these great verses..
Cheers to your thoughts with HIS BLESSINGS

Ajay Jayaraj
Awesome movie...loved each and every bit of it...Rockstar Roxx....gr8 message..

and as usual heart touching review by Bobbyji...

Ajay Jayaraj
Bobby Sing

Thanks Ajay for your kind words and I am really glad that you loved it too reaching its actual depth and feel.

Gagan Chawla

well hi bobby ji....
just came bak after watching rockstar....i have to say that wen the movie concluded....i was speechless....it was beyond fabulous....the best part is that it stays with u...it touches your soul....very few movies these days leave an impact like this....ranbir was top notch...ar rehman is a genius....mohit chauhan was magical....i doubt why many people are not to happy with the climax...and are baffled by it....as far as my insight goes...it just means the perfect world wich they wre craving for...that can only be found after nargis passed away....the thing that touched me the most was that despite being an icon....followed by millions...he was a loner with a shattered hrt....it was love wich turned him into a rockstar and the same love wich destroyed him....

ur review was by far the most thought provoking....i feel the unanswered questions left for the audience to ponder over act as a strongest point of the movie....no movie has made an impact like this...loved it..from music to acting...big thumbs up...

Bobby Sing

Hi Gagan,
Thanks for supporting my viewpoint in the review and more glad that you loved the movie so much.


Ayush Gupta

Hi bobby,

Just came back after watching ROCKSTAR. Didnt comment before as there was a spoiler alert in your review so read it just now.
Now this is something very remarkable from Imtiaz Ali . after watching the promos i also thought that it would be more about drugs n arrogance but what he showcased was an utter bliss to watch.

The second half was really the ultimate as in the first half the movie passes a little predictably with all the ingredients needed for a fast paced entertainer and then comes the second half which shows the complicated yet very simple love between the two characters on the screen .

Nargis has done a great job n she has showed that talent cant be confined within a country or a particular language.
JORDAN takes you to a whole new level of Indian Cinema and this movie is simply the first of its kind.

I would like to mention a fact that despite of showing such negativity in the character of Jordan, the director is still able to show that its his (jordan\'s) inner self which is acting violently irrespective of the fame he is getting.
In a scene when he is called by his old college friends n he just walks out by noticing the reaction of his friends shows that he is not about arrogance. A normal celebrity would have loved to click pictures with his friends and relatives but Jordan just simply walked out as he didnt expect such kind of behaviour from his friends.

A new era of hindi cinema has begun.

As you have mentioned OSHO , I would like to quote that "Rebellion is the starting point of a religion."


Bobby Sing

Indeed this is the start of a new phase in Indian Cinema Ayush.
But as I mentioned in my review, I really feel pity for my own audience of the country who are still more interested in appreciating movies such as RA.ONE and BODYGUARD instead of watching life teaching gems such as BOL and ROCKSTAR.
And thats the reason that we always take two steps backwards with one step ahead in our journey of Cinema in India.
Yet the hope is all not lost.

Keep Visiting and writing in more often.




The character heer kaul is haunting me.

Bobby Sing

She was indeed transformed into her character by the director Suchith.

beautifully written review!!! i agree 100% wonderful movie!!!
Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Smriti for praising both the review and the movie.
Glad that you loved it.


Tabish Nadeem

Such a great review....just watched bol and Rockstar.....and i am really touched.. exhilarating experience!!!....hope Indian audience appreciates these gems instead of the trash.!

Bobby Sing

Thanks Tabish for your kind comments and yes both these movies are indeed gems which need to be apprecited by all to support good cinema.
Keep writing in!

Vikas Saitya

Hi Bobby
This is the first time I totally disagree with you except that lust & sex angle.
The premise of the movie is flawed that pain is necessary for great artist to perform at next level. Example Lata Mangeshar, Asha Bhosle Mohd. Rafi etc.
The concept of rock culture in India ????? U better know where it exsits. So a person is mobbed just being a Rockstar is serious no-no. 
In India this type of crowd frenzy mainly associated with Film stars & Cricketers.
Now lets talk about sex angle, The Jungle Jawani scene where two people (young college students) of opposite sex watching a porn movie in given scenario.
Bobby do you think at that point they remain platonic ?
My answer is big NO.


Vikas Saitya

Dear Bobby

Waiting for your response,
One thing I want to add in first scence where RK is beaten
& in end it does not comes out what the purpose of that particular scene.

Take Care

Bobby Sing

Hi Vikas,

Sorry for the late reply, but I would love to explain my views on your points as below:

1. The premise of the movie is flawed that pain is necessary for great artist to perform at next level. Example Lata Mangeshar, Asha Bhosle Mohd. Rafi etc.

BTC - Sorry but that is 95% truth. However the fact remains unexplainable in words and can only be understood if you are in touch of any such person personally or yourself enjoy the gifted pain. And if a person can come out with any such height of creativity just out of nothing then I would like to salute him for this impossible effort. 

As far as the names you have taken, I would only like to say that you are just looking at a coin with Heads on both its sides......so the picture remains incomplete and I would not like to reveal anything else on this as there does exist a lot of sad and untold truth in that.

2. The concept of rock culture in India ????? U better know where it exists. So a person is mobbed just being a Rockstar is serious no-no. In India this type of crowd frenzy mainly associated with Film stars & Cricketers.

BTC - This is a film Vikas, a creative product and while making such product you not only explore the concepts present in our country but also the concepts not present in our country to show a novel thing on the screen. Secondly these kind of liberties have regularly being taken by film-makers.......
     For eg.....Probably one of the 10 best films directed and acted (though it was a copy) in India remains "Ek Ruka Hua Faisla" which revolved around the Jury of 12 persons giving verdict in a court. However the fact is that in India there doesnt exists any Jury system at all in courts. So thats how new tales and settings can be used by films even if they dont exist in a country....In fact its very risky to use such concepts because the people would not able to relate it and only few directors dare to do it.

3. Now lets talk about sex angle, The Jungle Jawani scene where two people (young college students) of opposite sex watching a porn movie in given scenario. Bobby do you think at that point they remain platonic ?
My answer is big NO. 

BTC -  My answer is it can be YES as well as NO. And it all depends on many things including the conditions you have been living in, the literature you have ben reading at that time and the kind of persona you have in your youth. Though 90% of the people would not like to control themselves in that condition but there are always the rest 10 who will........... and those are mainly people who are poets at hearts and actually use to exist a few decades back when there was still Shayri and Love in the air in absence of all this mechanical world.....
May be I am a person of that era too.......


Amit Joshi
yesterday I watched this movie. After watching this I again felt that some of the new upcoming directors of Indian cinema handling Love and achievement so carelessly. here are my points.

1. After Love Aaj Kal, again Imtiaz shows that women are confused before and after marriage.........in both movies girls feels that they love the boy but doesn\'t marry and after marrying with the (very) innocent husband they goes with their past lover. Now it seems to me like a joke on Indian society where you don\'t explain the audience:-
(a) was it husband\'s fault (b) was it weakness of women character (c) was it weakness of boy\'s charcter (d) these kind of situations filled in the movie just to make audience confuse & further the cinematic liberty allows director not to show the pain of husband (her wife ditches him and because he is not cruel he forget the pain of sleeping his wife with her boyfriend)

The character of Nargis also reminds me of Rani Mukherjee of Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna where audience couldn\'t understand why she is not happy with her innocent husband ? I know the Society is changing a lot but I don\'t think director should show it like now a days people (of India) are becoming confusing in their relationship like western country (where most of people don\'t believe in marriage but go for it even the age of 50 or makes 4-5 marriage in entire life)

Now comes to Jordan Life
(a) I am surprised that without family or financial support how one can achieve something very easily in life in a such young age. you might have seen an advertisement (union bank of India) now a days where it is written \" when sachin tendulkar dreamt of becoming the best batsmen in the world his brother ajit tendulkar dreamt the same. and it is 200% true. you need backup my friend otherwise surviving at Nizzamuddin Dargah is not practical everytime. Yeah Javed Akhtar saheb survied in such situations but it was exceptional and we have world full of talent without experiencing exceptional circumstances.

My problem with the character is

(a) why director don\'t show the family attachment with these kind of charcter why don\'t they show any responsibility on the shoulder on the character. Imagine if he was the only earning member or the only son in his family then was it possible for him to run away from home to become what he wanted in his life ?...you don\'t show family bonding you don\'t show mother and father and yet expect people to believe that one fulfilled his goals (just because his heart broke) so quickly & found the right people at right time (shammi kapoor and piyush mishra) who were waiting for him & gave him big opportunity.

Becoming something in life is not a cakewalk..You are not born in an educated & rich family where they support & encourage your talent................ You run away from home forgetting your responsibility............ your parents doesn\'t bother where their children have gone...................you don\'t have enough cash to meet your expenses.................... You don\'t have any Guru in your life ...........you are inborn talent which doesn\'t need polishing........you never went to music class............you never learnt abc of music...........you never did Riaz...........you think classical music is boring.............you never in touch with creative people around you.......................BUT WHEN YOU GO ON STAGE YOU ROCKS........strange...........I don\'t relate with this kinds of New Hindi Cinema charismatic AVATARS.

bollywood can go ahead but it has to be practical in its approach otherwise creative non liner mode of story telling (flash back mode and sudden move of characters from once place to another) won\'t prove you a great filmmaker.........I still believe that Mr. Hirani is far ahead than other Indian filmmakers in thinking and execution both. Filmmakers should work hard on their script rather than creative angles and cinematography.
Bobby Sing

Dear Amit Joshi,
You are entitled to have your own views and internet todays gives equal opportunity to all do so too.
So you are welcome with your points but here instead of giving any justfication to them from my side I would only like to say that :

Without taking any sides of any director of both films - If you consider "making fun of poverty in a family with an ailing father and getting a child born out of a mother with the help of a vaccum cleaner (putting life of both in danger) is a better creative thinking and execution in your opinion then it might be but I have been living in a different creative world then, brother."


amit joshi

Yes everybody making fun..........some makes fun of relations (very next day of marriage wife says she doesn\'t love her husband anymore and goes to her ex boyfriend and people claps in the theater (because they are not shown husband\'s character and feelings)..........thats also called creativity.......

And I need not to mention that Hirani is the only director who brings tears, laugh & smile in every scene of his movie.....My all non creative and middle class friends felt the same (I must mention here that they are not fan of Salman khan & Shahrukh Khan :)

Arguments never ends..............

Will come back.

Amit Joshi

Bobby Sing

 Welcome always!

manish bhardwaj

mr. bobby that is only one example of hirani\'s film... i have seen rockstar once and it is neither art nor reality...imtiaz here seems to be very confused...hundreds of questions unanswered....i could not get anythin out of the movie...what you mentioned in the review is not there in the movie... as i told you earlier i can watch only one movie in a week...n i\'ll have to watch rockstar again to really mention somethin here...after watchin it once ...my review is that the story is messed up...completely messed up ...n audience is taken for granted once again...for the time i agree with the people against rockstar...another thing is that i really loved the music of the movie ...but can you please tell me that what these songs are doing in the movie...not even one track related to the story or characters....either i am too dumb or imtiaz is ahead of the time by 200 hundred years... i agree with amit joshi...

Bobby Sing

In answer to Manish I would like to say that I had already mentioned in my review that many would find the movie absurd and un-understandable particularly post intermission and many would also like to say "Upar Se Nikal Gayi" too for ROCKSTAR.

And the comments here clearly prove my words true.

But thats fine as there is not one outlook to look upon things in this world.......For some it might have nothing at all and for some it may have some hidden message. So its all in the perspective chosen to see things....as per your own understanding..

Rest I have all explained in the thread at FACEBOOK page.


Amit Joshi

I just want to say after watching 3 idiot how many viewers felt:

(1) Balatkar is fine because Chatur repeated it loudly so many times in his speech.
(2) I will do surgery with vacuum cleaner of my wife
(3) By now I will make fun of poor family.

They came out with only one thing:
Don\'t chase success, chase excellence & all iz well.

It all upon you what you grab from entire package of movie.

Bobby Sing

Dear Amit Joshi,

For any discussion, it has to be seen that the views have to be focussed on a single issue otherwise,
the disucssion tends to go in various directions due this lack of vision.

As per your comment  I would like to suggest that do read my review of 3 Idiots once more as it seems you havent read that. (and the comments below it too)

And further, keep watching movies as a child loving his toy immensely. 
Movies are a medium, the closest medium to human expressions which have to tendendcy to transform.
If one watches them with a open mind then they can work great.

And try to watch them in theater, as they release, cause the first cry of the new born child is a thing which never repeats ever again naturally.



Vikas Saitya

Hi Bobby
By the look of comment recd from your regular reader,
I must say the movie is quite ordinary & it has nothing to offer, infact it will give you -ve return on your investment of time & money.

I think all of us feel cheated, bcos we have very high expectation from your review .
Bobby dear pls don\'t mention this line "Upar Se Nikal Gayi"
as there is just nothing in it to justify that particular line.

Take Care,

Bobby Sing

Dear Vikas and all friends who didnt like ROCKSTAR,

As I feel any Creative Expression like movie or painting or poem if generats a unanimous impact, then is fine...its very encouraging and great.

But if any  Creative Expression is able to generate diversified reactions where one loves it immensely and other finds nothing in it or calls it useless then that Creative Expression actually needs to be studied more importantly and calls for a study that what was in it which influenced one section which went for seeing it 3-4 times and others who didnt appreciate at all.

So this is the infact the spice of The Game.

However, ROCKSTAR and the comments on it gave me many insights on Cinema which I have shared in my FACEBOOK page.
In fact ROCKSTAR started a new thing in me called BTC Quotes which I really enjoyed reading a lot.



Well hello there bobby ji....

simply came bak in the wake of viewing rockstar....i need to say that wen the film concluded....i was speechless....it was past fabulous....the best part is that it stays with u...it touches your soul....very few films nowadays leave an effect like this....ranbir was top notch...ar rehman is a genius....mohit chauhan was magical....i question why numerous individuals are not to content with the climax...and are bewildered by it....as far as my knowledge goes...it simply implies the ideal world wich they wre needing for...that must be found after nargis passed away....the thing that touched me the most was that notwithstanding being an icon....followed by millions...he was a recluse with a smashed hrt....it was adoration wich transformed him into a rockstar and the same affection wich wrecked him....

Bobby Sing

Hi Vinod,
Thanks a lot for heartfelt expressions about the movie and I really loved reading that.
Keep Visiting and writing in.

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