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ROWDY RATHORE : Watch it for its second half like a Manmohan Desai masala film made in South. (Review By Bobby Sing)

01 Jun, 2012 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / R / Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases

A regular filmgoer can recall several films from the recent past with a great first half and a not so happening second. And in most of the cases such films fail to make any major impact on the viewers as well as on the box office. But if a film goes the other way round then it has the most favourable chances to win over the audience as then they all are bound to come out of the theater with the entertaining memories of the second half only.

Luckily Prabhudeva’s second directorial venture in Bollywood, produced by UTV and Sanjay Leela Bhansali comes in the latter category of movies with a fairly good second half as compared to its first. Following the sole motive of entertaining the viewers (keeping aside the logics), the director is mostly successful in its aim due to many engaging sequences post intermission full of action. And that is what actually saves ROWDY RATHORE from going on to a negative path.
An almost exact remake of Telugu Hit VIKRAMARKUDU (2006), which was also remade in many other languages, RR strictly follows the path of its original without any new or major alterations made by Prabhudeva. He remains focused on the entertainment factor throughout but in the process makes an uneven film before and after the interval which drops at several places when it comes to emotional drama in the script.

To explain the experience of watching it in its two halves, just imagine sipping an above average soup before going for the main meal at your dinner table. So, the first half of RR is like an ok starter with three fine toppings of a fresh & ravishing Sonakshi Sinha, few comic sequences of Akshay and 3 enjoyable well choreographed songs which don’t let you write off the film right away. It starts off with a calm first hour stressing more upon the romance and less on the basic plot. But then Prabhudeva comes up with an energetic 15 minutes just before the interval which pull everyone back into the film forcing them to expect something much better in its next hour.
Post intermission RR suddenly becomes an enjoyable ride with some well directed action sequences reminding you of the good old cinema of 70s which followed entertainment without any logic. In fact this better part of the film can easily be compared to a Manmohan Desai kind of attempt made in the South with fast paced sequences coming one after the other without giving you any time to think. For instance, the conman replaces the Inspector (Akshay in double role) without any hassles or questioning, the heroine follows him to the same small remote area as her parental town, the child simply accepts the second Akshay as her father without raising any doubts, there is no information given about her mother and the villains are easily beaten badly by a single man with his amazing power. But despite of all these glitches, the narration keeps you entertained with its funny one liners and well edited action scenes, not giving you anything to complain particularly in its second half. So if you love watching escapist kind of cinema, just for entertainment as earlier seen in Rohit Shetty’s SINGHAM, then you would love Akshay returning to his action mood. Yet ROWDY RATHORE is not another WANTED delivered by Prabhudeva with a weaker first half.
Therefore as a director, I cannot comment upon Prabhudeva’s ability since he has only made “Strict Remakes” in Bollywood till now. The dancing maestro very well knows how to keep the viewers engaged and entertained in his movies. But how he would handle the same entertainment quotient in his own original project remains doubtful. Nevertheless in RR he takes ample support from both the fine cinematography and an energetic background score to generate a universally likable impact till the end. Also the action showcased in the film further helps him in generating a positive final result in a big way.
Musically Sajid-Wajid have done a nice job but again they cannot take the whole credit here as the main track of the film “Chinta Ta Chita Chita” remains a true adaptation of its original Telugu song from VIKRAMARKUDU (2006). However both singer Mika and the Choreographers (Saroj Khan, Prabhudev & Bosco Martis) really deserves a special mention here, since the songs become hugely watchable just because of their great dancing steps complimenting the beats.
Akshay returning to his favourite action genre entertains the masses both as a conmen and a police officer. But undoubtedly, he makes a much better impact post interval in all those action and confrontations scenes. Still, RR may not be able to generate the same response for him as WANTED did for Salman (which was appreciated by both critics as well as masses). The pleasant package of the film is Sonakshi Sinha who looks ravishingly fresh & beautiful on the screen, more than her pictures circulating in the print media. She definitely has a strong screen presence but only requires a good author backed role to prove her acting talent. Nassar once again excels in his role of the main villain with a superb portrayal of the Bad Man. Mushtaq Khan provides few lighter moments in the second half and Yashpal Sharma impresses in his helpless character. Both Paresh Ganatra as Akshay’s friend and Gurdeep Kohli as the lady inspector are fine but Gurdeep surely becomes a victim of step treatment given by the writers.
In all ROWDY RATHORE satisfies you mid-way with only a great & entertaining second half wherein Akshay performs in his full form as the action hero. But with less romance and more action thrown in the first half it could have been another WANTED for the director without any doubts. So for now, it may get a mixed response with a particular section of viewers (who love watching Manmohan Desai kind of cinema) appreciating it a lot and another slamming it down for its logics taken for a ride.
Rating : 2.5 / 5

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01 Jun 2012 / Comments ( 10 )
Yaa Bobby Agree with your Review..!!!!
They could have done away with 2 songs to make the film more crispier..
good comedy in the first half..
the portion before the interval is great..!!!
2nd half action packed..!!
overall good entertainment..!!!
Bobby Sing

Thanks Vighnesh for your comment and yes it is really being loved by Akshay fans a lot.
So Cheers for another successful film of 2012.

Dear Bobby,
Agree the movie was commercial and also fun to watch.I only have an issue with a song in the movie-aare pritam pyaare.I mean the kind of lyrics the song has used brings us back to the choli ke peeche kya hai age.Just to get enough exposure the makers have resort to the wildest means.The song is very vulgar and by no means can be watchable with Family.I know that most lyrics this age has double meaning associated with it,but this is not even double meaning it is simply conveying a point.
Bobby Sing

Yes Jithin, the song is especially added for generating the same kind of impact as of all the famous "Item numbers" so its no doubt vulgar and double meaning as per the trend......
But as I said earlier, film-making today in India is more like a departmental store and they will keep only those goods in their show rooms which sell. So till these songs continue to become chartbusters due to energetic response from the viewers themselves, the producers will keep on adding them keeping aside their ethics to fulfil the public demand.


Aditya Savnal

Hi Bobby, I watched this film on the day of the release on Friday night itself. And left the hall with a headache.
I have seen \'Vikramarkudu\' dubbed in Hindi as Pratighaat (which keeps playing on Filmy & Colors often). Believe me , even with the bad dubbing , the dubbed version of that film is better than this atrocious remake. Vikramarkudu is nothing but a Sholay meets Don & Kalicharan. But still it was well executed

Firstly it has become really painful to see Akshay kumar\'s style of comedy which has become absolutely monotonous over the years. Moreover there was no difference in his portrayal of both the characters. If you have seen Vikramarkudu,the lead actor Ravi Teja\'s portrayal of the cop and the connmen was different. And one was able to distinguish between both the characters. I dont understand what was the need for Prabhudeva to make an already OTT movie even worse. Sonakshi is also annoying. She looks horrendous with those dance steps in the last song of the movie (Chikni Kamar pe).I Have seen quite a few parts of the Kannada and Tamil versions of Vikramarkudu and can easily say this was the worst. Akshay Kumar\'s antics are no match to that of Ravi Teja\'s antics though Akki tried very hard to imitate Teja.

Actually Rowdy Rathore is full of WTF scenes. However the one thing that Prabhudeva did good was to rid the film of the some unnecessary comedy scenes present in the original which were quite tasteless.

Prabhudeva had done a much better job in Wanted . Salman is anyday preferable to Akki\'s current Ham avtaar.

Bobby Sing

Hi Aditya,
I respect your opinion as I said in my review that it is certainly going to be rejected by a section of viewers, particularly those who have watched the original....including the dubbed one.
In fact when a TV channel showed this movie on Saturday itself after the release of RR then I got several calls syaing that they loved the dubbed movie and its hero more than RR and Akshay. So that should say it all.

And no doubt this is nothing as compared to WANTED thought it comes from the same director Prabhudeva.


Aditya Savnal

Hi Bobby.

Thanks for replying to the comment. You have aptly summarised the opinions of a lot of people like me. And thanks for taking out time to visit our site. Really sorry for being so very lazy in replying to your comment and feedback on our site.



Bobby Sing

The pleasure is all mine Aditya......Keep Visiting!


This MovIe Is Wonder Full. It Is Best Film Of Akshay Kumar The Best actor . He Is best.Good entertainer.Doesn\'t matter what people think about this hindi movies.But one thing is clear after watching this movie.Akshay Kumar is really a great actor.....

Bobby Sing

Thanks Harman for your comment and do keep visiting/writing in.

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