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ROY - For what kind of target audience you actually made this dear film-maker? (Review By Bobby Sing)

14 Feb, 2015 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / R / Movie Reviews / 2015 Releases

Certain films make you feel so annoyed and restless sitting in the theatre watching an all-star casting that you just wish to catch someone from the team and ask him that whether this was really made on a so called script of say 100 pages? And whether the team really knew what they were making and for what kind of target audience precisely?
Giving that exact experience to the viewer, ROY literally tests your patience in its 150 minutes of lengthy duration and is arguably one of those movies that repeatedly shakes your confidence in Hindi Cinema and its talented film-makers in comparative terms. Supposedly inspired from the romantic link between western directors Quentin Tarantino and Sofia Coppola as admitted by its debutant director Vikramjit Singh in his interviews, ROY straight away pays a tribute to the genius director in its very first sequence with a mention of a two part film. And then begins at such a lazy pace that you are amazed to see the confidence (or over-confidence) of its makers as if they are making a deep psychological thriller with many hidden multi layers with some great poetic depths…………., whereas in reality it doesn’t even have the layers of a simple sandwich.
The viewers keep waiting for it to come up with something engaging after bearing the extremely slow initial 10-15 minutes. But the film is simply not interested in leaving its boring, amateurish or ‘Pakaao’ mode and then keeps moving on a silly self-obsessed path with all worthless content which in turn makes the actors also look like fools acting in those meaningless scenes so professionally. In fact the way they all talk looks like we are listening to a few professors of psychology having a seminar kind of thing on life and its basic issues without caring about whether their words are even reaching out to the audience or not. Making a constant effort to connect or find its storyline, I honestly couldn’t do that after an hour despite few catchy tracks and thus failed to get any of its story progression, cameos or double role as projected.
In short it was Friday the 13th and the date clearly had its impact on our Hindi cinema since ROY turned out to be one of the worst films of the year 2015 without a doubt. However luckily I still managed to have a good time in the single screen theatre post intermission when I joined a group of college friends who were regularly delivering many entertaining comments over the film’s various sequences, making the best use of the dark. And here are some of those funny remarks they came up extempore that actually helped me remaining awake watching the torture called ROY.
Post almost 90 minutes into the film, Arjun expressed
"Main Jab Yahan Aaya Tha To Kahani Nahin Thi".....
A voice from the audience replied,
"Hamare Paas Abhi Bhi Nahin Hai!"
As the song "Yaara Re" began......the college group started singing along
"Yaara Re......Ab Band Kar De Yaara Re.”
Watching Ranbir Kapoor (in a lengthy cameo) walking like a lost soul continuously in the film, a student passed a remark,
“Arey Yeh Itni Der Se Ghoom Raha Hai, Isko Kuchh Karne Ko To De De Bhai!”
And when the film really offered nothing for a long time, another shouted,
“Bhaiya, Woh Kissing Scene Hi Repeat Pe Chala Do, Kuchh To Time Paas Ho!”
Later towards the end, the best of the lot came which unintentionally re-defined the actual state of our Hindi Cinema today entirely depending upon its initials and first three days collections only………and it was…
A character in the film said,
“Mubarak Ho, Saal Ki Sabse Badi Opening Lagi Hai Apni Film Ko"
And the audience reply came,
"Logon Ko Pata Nahin Tha Na Ki Isme Hai Kya!"
The young student might have said that in good fun, but the remark sadly sums up the present sad scenario of the so called ‘Crores Clubs’ just perfectly. And after reading these honest comments of the younger brigade if you still can find the courage to watch this debacle called ROY that should ideally be referred as “Jo Dekhe Woh ROYe”then all I can say is All The Best and nothing else.
Rating : 0.5 / 5 (And that too strictly for its few good songs)

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14 Feb 2015 / Comments ( 4 )

I think you should watch this movie one more time to appreciate. Here is a review from someone who got to the soul of the movie.

Bobby Sing

Sorry, one time torture was enough for me.
But since everyone has his own perspective of looking at things, so I respect the difference of opinion too.



Dear Bobby,

I loved the movie..I dont know why
Bobby Sing

Its fine Suchith that you liked the film.............as you might have found something relative in it personally.
But for almost everyone in the audience it was indeed a pretty bad attempt in all respects.....proved by the BO response too.

Keep Visiting and Writing in,


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