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R....RAJKUMAR - A poor film made on almost nothing is certainly a 'Gandi Baat' by its director Prabhudeva & his team. (Review By Bobby Sing)

06 Dec, 2013 | Movie Reviews / 2013 Releases

A decent crowd of all youngsters coming to the theater in its first show was quite a pleasant scene unexpectedly and further a few cheers on its opening titles with the catchy music forced me to accept that may be I was wrong in underestimating another typical masala film before its wide release.
But within an hour the whole scenario changed into something entirely different. The cheers went silent, mobiles could be seen flashing and the energy suddenly vanished into the thin year as the film turned out to be a complete dud with absolutely nothing to offer even to the die-hard fans of its famous cast and director (except the music). In few words, the experience was just like watching one of those routine South dubbed films regularly coming on the channels in a repeat mode when they have nothing else to play in their timeline. With neither anything new in the story department nor something novel in its execution, performances or direction, R….RAJKUMAR simply seemed to me as a loud, over-confident and careless work of a director who has probably formed a fixed outlook towards film-making and has also assumed that the viewers are just a bunch of fools who can convert any crap into a hit if presented with the right packaging, over the top action, fast edits and catchy music.
In fact to explain it differently, I would like to call R….RAJKUMAR a very COURAGEOUS film for the following strong reasons related to its entire team.
A. It is a courageous venture since it has been made with such a lame but confident mindset as if it is to be shown to all dumb men and women sitting in the theater who have not grown their minds and thinking patterns since decades (or since the 80s). 
B. It is certainly a brave attempt by the director, who is fast moving on the path of losing his status of a LEGENDARY dancer & choreographer, with all repetitive dance direction and a pinch of vulgarity too in his ‘Tapori’ kind of steps (more noticed in the last 5-6 years of his career). Moreover, with almost nothing in the name of solid content in his recent films it seems that we are now having quite ‘less read’ directors around who really are unable or not capable of finding a good subject for their next ventures and just keep making the same kind of movies regularly taking their viewers for granted.
C. The film is a bold move by its leading male star visibly, who despite of giving continuous flops, still displays no intelligence to choose his next projects and also carries a lot of attitude and arrogance in his onscreen portrayal of drama, action and comedy altogether.
D. It is a courageous step on part of its female lead too, who has now done exactly similar roles in so many films that probably she herself would not be able to recall any particular film if few selective shots are shown to her in a random order taken from her various films. Further, her expressions and mannerisms have such acute similarities that you often get a Deja-Vu kind of feel watching her repeatedly doing the same things again and again in her latest movie.
E. The project is surely a confident ‘at your face’ kind of attempt since it feels no shame in using lyrics such as “Achhi Baatein Karli Bahot, Ab Karunga Tere Saath, Gandi Baat” and “Kaddu Phatega To Sab Mein Batega” as its item numbers. No doubt there are some good tracks too like “Saari Ke Faal Sa” but here I wish to add that it seems to be quite weird that when a song has already been composed and arranged so well, then what’s the need of getting it written in such a vulgar and silly manner, following a completely sick vision to gain some extra attention.
F. The film is also a courageous one, since the makers here show no respect, sympathy or admiration in using the veteran actor Asrani in a same routine act, shouting, laughing and babbling even at this age, wherein he even gets slapped more than once by Ashish Vidyarthi in an utterly useless or silly sequence.
Hence as mentioned in the above points, R….RAJKUMAR is surely a brave film made by a courageous team, who thinks as if they have mastered the art of fooling the audience and can make anything in the name of cinema served with few catchy songs. The film has its few moments lead by loud music but you must have the same amount of courage to sit through it till the end and would only be able to tolerate this if you a regular viewer of numerous low grade South dubbed films shown on the cable channels as their filler programs.
Rating : 1 / 5  (And that too just for its catchy composing and musical arrangement.)

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06 Dec 2013 / Comments ( 4 )
Bobby Sing

Thanks for writing in Arjun and yes as per the reports it is the official remake of this Spanish film (legally).

Keep Visiting and Writing in.

There is nothing bad in remakes (official) of good film if they made with soul.
Bobby Sing

Hi Zeeshan,
As I am not aware so please let me know, which film's remake is R... RAJKUMAR.

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