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Raaton Ka Andhera (My Poetic Expressions -3)

12 Nov, 2011 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

The sad thought in these honest lines represent a difficult but true situation faced by two loving neighbors of real life. It talks about the time when one of the neighbors had its first marriage of the house planned for a certain date, but just a few days before the event, there happened to be a sudden heartbreaking tragedy in the other neighbor’s home making everyone around simply thoughtless for many days.

But as the “Show Must Go On” and “Life Keeps Moving”, the celebrations were made as they were planned ignoring the Hard Truth of Life and these lines were written on that very night of the event (many years back).
  Raaton Ka Andhera - Bobby Talks Cinema.com
Would love to read your comments on my true to life poetic expression…!


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12 Nov 2011 / Comment ( 2 )
Ayush Gupta


Nice work bobby, all those words which you have written has a real and genuine feel to it but as this poem is based on your own experiences (which i guess), i think you missed out on many things as it begins with a really nice note reminding you of the diversity of mood in the intervals of a day but when it gathers pace and starts moving it suddenly ends.. I think you should spend more lines on this and express it thoroughly... then it would be AWESOME.


Bobby Sing

Thanks Ayush for apprciating the thought in this short Nazm of mine.
But since it indeed came out of a personal expereience so may be I couldnt elaborate on it as you felt.
So I would definetly keep that in mind for sure for my future writings.

Thanks once again for your kind comment and Keep Visitng.

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