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Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008) & Ponga Pandit (1975)

12 Dec, 2008 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / R


It’s a proven fact in the history of Indian Cinema that the movies where the Hero returns taking a surprising new avatar, have mostly done well. An exciting curiosity factor is involved whenever the hero transforms himself into a new person and returns to win his love interest, making a strong statement. “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” is also based on the same theme which goes in its favour along with other two aces, Shahrukh Khan & Aditya Chopra.

Similar theme earlier in “Ponga Pandit” (1975)

However, I also remember an old movie on a similar kind of theme featuring Randhir Kapoor. It was called "Ponga Pandit" released in 1975, in which, Randhir, who is a simple religious village person is married to a very modern city girl. Now to win over his girl, Randhir Kapoor gets into a new avatar of a POP STAR and returns in the life of his own wife with a new charm. Though in current times that movie would not be considered impressive but in those days it was a novel theme to come up with and was liked by all.

“Rab Ne Ban Di Jodi” is also somehow based on a similar theme, but here the makers are capable of turning the plot into entertaining and exciting stuff with their trademark hit touches.


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12 Dec 2008 / Comments ( 3 )
Will definitely check out Ponga pandit, since its \'70\'s and i absolutely love \'70\'s bollywood. i didn\'t like rab ne at all, the only good thing about it were the songs and from what you\'ve said, it seems Rab ne was inspired from this Ponga Pandit, i hope there\'s a dvd print of it somewhere
Bobby Sing

Thanks for writing in and yes do wathc "Ponga Pandit" as i also love the movies from the 70s.
They have a certain warmth and sincerity in them which i find lacking in todays technincal productions.
Hope to see more comments from you here.


Tamil blockbuster ANNIYAN has the same theme but it is shown as a Multiple Personality Disorder.
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