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Race (2008) - A Well Made Inspired Thriller.

21 Aug, 2008 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / R

Impressed by the entertaining thriller “Race”, I really wanted to believe that this time, it’s an original attempt by the director duo, Abbas Mastan. But instead, they continue to stick with their inspirational tie ups and again follow an English thriller from the other part of the world.

This time its “Goodbye Lover” released in 1998, directed by Roland Joffe. A story of two brothers, where one is an Alcoholic with a wife loving the other brother. A secretary loving her boss, brothers fighting with each other, death of one leading to further investigation by a Detective, who also finds an Insurance angle in the family, everything is quite similar to RACE.

But as usual, Abbas-Mastan again come up with a fast paced and highly entertaining inspired movie which was declared a major Hit of 2008. But I only wish it was an ORIGINAL.

Check this out :

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