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Rajesh Khanna as Phantom (Vaitaal) in a Shammi Kapoor directed film BUNDAL BAAZ (1976) - (Did You Know - 44)

27 Feb, 2013 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / B / Did You Know!

The world of comics is indeed a fascinating world for kids and teenagers even in the present net age of technology and computers. Though, the passion may not be that intense as it used to be in the last century in absence of all the currently available alternative mediums of entertainment. But still Comics do have their own share of die-hard fans and enthusiastic lovers who continue to enjoy the colourful pictorial strips & their favourite enjoyable characters in them even today.
Rajesh Khanna as PhantomIn fact there is a big energetic circle of many like-minded friends in almost every city of India (and may be abroad too) who are crazy enough for all those old comics which used to be there in the decades of 70s, 80s and 90s. Here although few of those famous series are still being released in the market in a new format & style. But most of them have admittedly gone into the zone of being called Rare and Exclusive which are now being sold at very high prices by their few dealers in various cities.
Now such was the craze of these hugely famous comics in those days that even Superstars like Rajesh Khanna was made to enact like Phantom (Vaitaal in Hindi) in a movie called “Bundal Baaz” released in the year 1976. The film was directed by the legendary Shammi Kapoor himself and was actually inspired from the world renowned Arabian tale of “Alladin and His Magical Lamp” from the book “One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights)”. However as its seems there must have been a double used for Rajesh Khanna posing as Phantom on the screen with that tight body hugging outfit in blue, but the role of Giant Ginnie (Jin) was played by Shammi Kapoor himself quite joyfully.
Rajesh Khann and Phantom ComicInterestingly, following the passionate impact of Comics in that era, the film straight away starts with the sequence of Rajesh Khanna as Phantom catching the criminals running after looting a bank. The credits show his dog informing him in his skull like den and then Phantom running on the roads of Bombay riding his white horse following the culprits.
Further in the end of this sequence, there is also a scene where Rajesh Khanna is even holding the English addition of Indrajal Comics titled, “The Secret Cave of Kings” with Phantom riding his horse on its cover.

Frankly, I really enjoyed watching this great amalgamation of passion for films and comics together on the screen and I am sure many friends here, loving the world of comics would surely enjoy this informative post too.
With Cheers to both the World of Comics and Films!
(For friends interested in watching it too you can see the complete film officially available at the following link.)

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V. Manohar

Super Star Rajesh Khanna\'s Bundalbaaz of 1976 is one of the classic and evergreen movie of indian cinema.

Bobby Sing

Thanks V. Manohar for your views shared and Keep Visiting.

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