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Rififi (1955) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Thriller)

28 Sep, 2010 | Movies To See Before You Die / Thrillers

Considered as the “Grand-daddy of all the Heist Thrillers”, RIFIFI is said to be the inspiration behind every famous heist movie made after 1955 for a long time. Reported to have influenced famous works of directors ranging from Stanley Kubrick (The Killing) to Quentin Tarantino (Reservoir Dogs), the movie is a sheer treat for all the heist movie lovers living in any part of the globe.

Frankly speaking in its initial half an hour, you might not get impressed. But once the actual robbery sequence starts, its detailed execution in the dark drags you in right away and never lets you take your eyes off the screen. Along with its brilliant direction, great performances and an entertaining climax, the film has one such UNIQUE point in its favour which till date has never been repeated by any director in his film on a similar theme.  

The USP is that out of its nearly two hours of duration, RIFIFI has an approximate 30 minutes sequence happening on the screen literally without any dialogue or additionally created background score. This is the actual heist sequence being executed in a Jewellery Shop, where the whole notorious team interacts with each other in the dim light, only through their eyes and body gestures. An undoubtedly daring innovation, successfully incorporated by the director Jules Dassin which is a must see for every lover of cinema irrespective of any language or region. But why this was not repeated by any film maker in the later years?.........That’s because it needs a great amount of confidence and guts to try such a long time on the screen without any dialogue or music. And that makes RIFIFI an important masterpiece in all respects, which is full of text book material on cinema in its totality.  

So if you are a die-hard lover of movies (especially of those made on the theme of big heists), then you have simply got no right to keep on missing RIFIFI. A must watch for every movie freak like an essential course material to be studied on the subject of film-making.  

Directed By Jules Dassin
Starring : Jean Servais, Carl Mohner, Robert Manuel and more.

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28 Sep 2010 / Comments ( 8 )

james cameron,george lucas,christopher nolan,david fincher r not there in ur favourite directors list. as a movie junkie , u should like them.

Bobby Sing

Sorry Bro, 

Its not my rule that if the whole world loves a Director then I should also love him. Secondly I am not a huge appreciator of movies which mostly rely on technical aspects and computer grafix. And lastly I watch a movie irrespective of its cast and crew and then after it finishes off, I check out who made it if i like it enough.

So for me the movie as a whole counts first and not the makers or the actors. There are several movies in my must watch list whose directors are not included in my Favourite Directors list. And thats because I simply loved there one particular movie and thats it.

I hope you get my point I wish to make....Thanks for your comment and Cheers!


chand pathak

Hi Bobby

I could\'t agree more with your comments!!

I can think of a Movie called "With Honours" starrinjg Joe Pesci. Check it out if you haven\'t already!

Bobby Sing

Hi Chand Pathak,

Thanks for visiting but I am sorry I couldnt get you here - "I could't agree more with your comments!!

Please can you specify on it if you dont mind. Is this for or against the post.
Waiting for your reply!



Chand Pathak

Hey Bobby

That was very fast!!

I was mentioning about your response Dtd 1 Oct 2010. I feel the same, I too focus on the movie rather than stars / Directors etc...:)

Chand Pathak
Hi Bobby

I was refering to your comments / response of 1 Oct 2010 on this page.
I agree and follow the same- focus on the content & the movie...

Just wanted to mention the movie Le cercle rouge (1970) contains a heist scene that lasts almost 25 minutes with no dialogues......but the source inspiration is RIFIFI...I totally agree with the point that great amount of confidence and guts is needed to execute such a thing .....

Bobby Sing

Thanks A lot Vishnu for this valuable info.
I would love to chek this out at the earliest.

Keep Visiting and Writing in with more such references.

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