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Ringu (1998) & The Ring (2002) (Movies To See Before You Die - Horror)

30 Sep, 2010 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / Hollywood Gets Inspired / Movies To See Before You Die / Horror

A film which simply transformed the way Horror movies were conceived remains one of the most influential works done in this particular genre in the recent times. A film, which forced every movie lover to take the Horror genre more seriously as a craft to be enjoyed and admired. With never seen before kind of stylish shots and an intelligent interpretation of a dark secret, this surely can be rated as one of the best Horror movies made all over the world till date.

Though the English version titled THE RING may have become more famous among the movie lovers due to its universal appeal. But the truth is that its original source which happens to be a Japanese movie called RINGU (released in 1998), has its own merits and strong points which has often lead to a decent comparison between the two among the movie critiques. However even the Japanese Original is reportedly based on a novel “Ringu” written by Koji Suzuki which was published in 1991.
Revolving around the story of a cursed video tape, which results in mysterious deaths of all the people who watch it, the movie is a must watch for all, as it open new undisclosed windows of horror in front of the viewer in a mesmerizing style. If you still haven’t watched it and opt for it now then you would surprisingly find most of its scary scenes as already seen before in several films. And that’s because THE RING series (also continued as THE RING TWO) has been an inspiration for almost every horror film director since its first release in 1998. In other words, the movie has unarguably achieved a cult status in the world of cinema in the last decade and therefore becomes an essential watch for every movie freak without any exception.
Directed By Hideo Nakata (Japanese) & Gore Verbinski (English)

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30 Sep 2010 / Comments ( 3 )

Thanks Bobby for the reply. I am sorry I did not check out the other genre while posting before. Seems like most of my favorite movies are part of your lists :) But there are definitely some that I would like to check out.

Recently I have watched \'let the right one in\' (original one). Appreciate your opinion on that. I felt the subject matter was very touching and fresh but the cinematic execution of the story was not.

Surprised to see ju-on, dark water, the eye, [rec], shutter, audition missing. As far as Hindi movies are concerned, I enjoyed Kaun too, not sure what would be my opinion if I see it again after so many years.
Bobby Sing

Hi Chandrabhan,

Thanks for your commend but frankly speaking I didnt find 'Dark Water", "The Eye" worth including and found "Audition" too weird.
However would love to see "Grudge" once again as you remind it and also "[rec]".
But "Shutter" is already there in the list if you by chance missed it and so is "Kaun".

Thanks for writing in and Keep Visting!


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