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Run Lola Run (1998) & Groundhog Day (1993)

07 Jun, 2009 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / Hollywood Gets Inspired

When I got to see, "Lola Rennt" (German) aka "Run Lola Run" (in English), I found its theme quite similar to the 1993 released film "Groundhog Day". No doubt both films are of different genre (GHD is a comedy and RLR is a thriller), but the theme of living the same sequence of life again, with a different view point is quite similar in both.

In "Groundhog Day", the main character is actually somehow living the same day again & again in a comic manner, but in "Run Lola Run", the main lead is thinking that she's doing the same thrilling sequence of a day again in a different style.

However apart from the similarity, it’s the time frame format, which I found very interesting in Run Lola Run. In short, The female lead has to arrange 100 grands in 20 min. She thinks of living those 20 min arranging the money 3 times in different styles. And that adds up to the total time of the movie too which comes to around 80 min.

I really found that quite amusing.

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07 Jun 2009 / Comment ( 1 )

Run lola run is a great movie. also its quite similar to A Chinese Odyssey( Part One: Pandora's Box) movie ending.(last 15 mins)

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