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SAAT UCHAKKEY - Despite a mix of deliberate & natural acts along with lots of forced abuses, its still watchable and partially enjoyable too. (Review by Bobby Sing)
16 Oct, 2016 | Movie Reviews / 2016 Releases

At one end SAAT UCHAKKEY can easily be called as the unofficial ‘desi’ sequel of DELHI BELLY due to its continuous abusive rant and the Delhi link. But on the other it can also be referred as an interesting watch that begins with the touch of Tarantino and Guy Ritchie but ends like the typical Priyadarshan movie offering a mixed bag of chaos and entertainment.
Based and filmed entirely in the old lanes of the capital (making a good use of chroma option) this is about seven guys who just want to get rich taking a short cut and with the same motive plan a heist in a local haveli, with not even one of them being expert of any such criminal activities. Sadly the ‘heist part’ comes much later in the film and till then the writer-director keeps introducing his characters with another ‘fake-murder’ plan which never turns out to be anything convincing or entertaining in the first half.
Besides, the language throughout remains crass and vulgar, which gets muted in some scenes in the beginning, but later probably the censor also couldn’t go on with its ‘muting act’ as then the film would have become a mostly silent venture affecting 70-80% of its dialogues written in the local lingo. In fact even in the performances, one feels like everyone going overboard in their initial sequences. But then you accept them as they are, offering a partially enjoyable film along a superfine camera work and noteworthy sound design retaining the relatable local flavor of Delhi-6.
No doubt in its first half, the parallel storylines remain confusing, the character defining is considerably long and it takes a good amount of time to reach the impressive part of the second half that should have been taken care of. Yet you don’t get much to complaint in its final hour as the pace entertains and many of the ‘abusive’ dialogues generate a kind of ‘guilty pleasure’ too, putting it honestly.
However, I really wish the spiritual inclusion in the end was handled more skillfully, because in the present form, though having its own insightful meaning; it largely remains disconnected, absurd and forced, coming all of a sudden without any solid reasoning or build-up.
In short, SAAT UCHAKKEY has some major issues in its language and scattered story progression too that cannot be called great or highly entertaining. But it’s not bad or crap either and has its own good moments in the latter half which can easily be rated as partially enjoyable and funny despite the excessive abuses.
Actually the characterization and the local ambience plays the real trick here providing the promised humour to the viewers. For instance sample the names as Pappi, Sona, Jaggi, Babbe, Khappe, Haggu, Phodoo, Bichy and then a Tejpal. Playing these realistic characters where Manoj Bajpai seems to be having a real good time, Kay Kay Menon as always is in his top form and Vijay Raaz once again entertains as the local lawyer Bhai. Aditi Sharma as Manoj’s lover looks beautiful as well as sensual.  Aparshakti Khurrana, Nitin Bhasin, Vipul Nag and Jatin Sharma play it fine as the friends, whereas both Annu Kapoor and Anupam Kher remain too close to hamming in their few scenes coming at long intervals.
Overall SAAT UCHAKKEY had all the elements of becoming another KHOSLA KA GHOSLA minus the tactless language. But writer-director Sanjeev Sharma couldn’t polish it well stressing more on the abuses brining in the humour instead of his situations or execution, which will also become a crucial factor affecting its satellite rights.
The film has its merits and many might like it much more than me for their various reasons. But if you miss it in the theatres then the official DVD will remain the only means of watching it in the coming months.
Rating : 3 / 5

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