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SAN ANDREAS (English) - A typical disaster movie with well-conceived, frightening graphics but minimum logic and emotions. (Review By Bobby Sing)

31 May, 2015 | Movie Reviews / 2015 Releases

Beginning with a superb rescue scene of a car hanging from a cliff, SAN ANDREAS impresses a lot before it moves ahead to the terrifying earthquake hitting the city with a never before magnitude of 9.6. And from here onwards the film becomes a mixed bag with some visible merits as well as many major flaws served together to the audience loving this particular genre.
To give you a better picture, if you are only interested in watching frightening graphics showcasing an entire region getting flattened by the major earthquake, brilliantly depicted by the VFX and the action director together, then SAN ANDREAS might turn out to be a fine exciting watch bringing you on to the edge of your seat repeatedly. Having a widespread destruction show to offer with excellent visuals of tremors, falling skyscrapers, blown up bridges, roads and a lot more slickly edited together, it unarguably scores much higher in this most significant (CGI) department of a disaster movie.
But in case you are expecting an engrossing, realistic watch with a great mix of courage, emotions and fear then SAN ANDREAS honestly turns out to be nothing more than a technically sound, typical disaster film made on a dumb script. And the word ‘dumb’ is being used here since we have a whole city knocked down drastically but without any sight of thousands of people dying or bodies lying all over (as a bloodless show). Moreover here we also have the lead character of a strong, professional fire-and-rescue pilot, who simply forgets about his official duty or anybody else dying around (looking from his helicopter flying over the affected area) and is only interested in saving his two family members alone caught in one of those falling buildings like an unkind, mean human.
Having said that many might not like to think about it in this logical way since the character has been really played well by the likeable Dwayne Johnson along with a decent supporting cast trying hard to portray their given role convincingly. But actually that’s not how we are supposed to see/visualize a tragic natural disaster with such a self-centered approach as per my personal opinion.
In other words, though the film gets largely saved by its lead performance, action and graphics department put together, it’s the lack of realistic/logical execution by its director Brad Peyton or the missing emotional depth in its one dimensional approach that doesn’t allow you to give SAN ANDREAS any higher rating than an average film.
Rating : 2.5 / 5

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31 May 2015 / Comment ( 2 )
I do felt that the same logic was missing throughout the movie , one more point to note is that the movie is called San Andreas but the major part of the movie is based in San Francisco where heroine of the film i.e. daughter of Dwayne Johnson has got stuck , I found that even California was much more important where that scientists was living than San Andreas , so my point is when you are not giving enough screen space to the title place of the film than don\'t call the movie San Andreas call it San Francisco . I think that the plot of the film said that the earthquake was happening because of moving of tectonic plates of San Andreas may be that\'s why movie is called San Andreas .
Bobby Sing

You are very right in that observation about the title Shubham, but as agreed it really missed playing the logic card quite clearly.
So it wasnt upto the mark despite having many great graphical representations of the unexpectedly huge earthquake.


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