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SANKAT CITY - A pleasant surprise in a small package on the lines of EK CHALIS KI LAST LOCAL. (Review by Bobby Sing)

11 Jul, 2009 | Movie Reviews / 2009 Releases

In a week, when the big banner has failed to deliver, here comes an entertainer in a small package that actually works. SANKAT CITY directed by Pankaj Advani, is a black comedy-thriller, capable of impressing both the critics as well as the viewers who are in search of something good and out of the routine. It’s a roller coaster ride with many well-written and enjoyable sequences along with splendid performances by the entire cast.
The movie takes off slowly, creating the required ambience for its characters to establish themselves. And after the initial 15 minutes, pulls you in beginning the entertainment with its superb enthralling narration. The story moves around a few amusing characters who all have to payback huge amount of money to a big gangster of the town. And how they manage to arrange it, is the simple gist of the script, focusing on a bag full of money changing hands every few minutes creating a silly chaos.  
The first half moves on an electrifying pace in comparison to the later. The second half has a few minutes of dragging and predictable sequences, but then it also picks up the pace, progressing towards an engrossing and surprising climax. The scenes related to various characters are interconnected superbly, backed by some skillful writing and the cast ensemble has everyone giving a worth watching performance in their respective roles. 
Interestingly, the most entertaining one comes from Dilip Prabhawalkar, as the old man who is a master in re-painting the stolen cars. Kay Kay Menon as the car-thief impresses once again with his effortless act. Anupam Kher bounces back with his famous comic timing as the Gangster (reminding you of his accent in Mukul Anand’s HUM). Rimi Sen looks cool and convincing playing the con woman. Chunky Pandey (the actor), Manoj Pahwa (the producer), Yashpal Sharma (the businessman), Rahul Dev (the contract killer) and Virendera Saxena (the imposter Godman), all leave an impact in their brief roles.
Musically, it has only a few songs, used briefly along with the fast moving storyline. So, they don’t act as an obstacle in the high paced drama. Cinematography is fine, with no special gimmick or lighting used to enhance the scenes. But even then, the director keeps you glued to your seats with his unexpected twists and turns coming one after another. The film has some major flaws and absurdities in its story progression but the pace never lets you think over theml, especially because of intelligent insertions at intervals, such as remarks on fake religious figures and their sexual fantasies presented as a satire. 
In short, if you love the genre of black comedy-thrillers without any heavy action, relying more on conspiracies, plans and last minute upsets, then SANKAT CITY will not disappoint, if given a chance. It’s a worth watching take on conmen, media world and gangsters on the similar lines of EK CHALIS KI LAST LOCAL. Hence deserves to be seen in the theater supporting the surprise package of the season.
Ratings : 3.5 / 5

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11 Jul 2009 / Comments ( 5 )
I loved Sankat City. Have you seen \'Urf Professor\' by Pankaj Advani? In my opinion, it is the darkest and funniest movie in the last 40 years or so. By the way, what flaws did you find in the story line?? Care to share??
Bobby Sing

Hi Swapnila,

No, I havent seen "Urf Professor". As I couldnt find it released on Home Video. Please let me know which company has released its DVD. I would love to watch it.

Regarding the flaws in "Sankat City" storyline, there are minor ones as I found the character of Chunky Pandey taken to unwanted lengths. The baggage sequence was a kind of deliberate one. Secondly the climax where the shooter changes sides was also less convincing. 
However I loved the sequences of the "Spiritual Baba" and Anupam Kher.

Just Remembered that the acsent used by Anupam Kher was the same what he brilliantly adopted in the movie "HUM".

Its nice to share this with you and would love to do it more often.

So keep loggin and sharing........Cheers!




Urf did not get released in India as the censor board objected to the extreme use of profanity in it. But it made its round of the festivals and won awards. There aren\'t no DVD\'s available. Anyone and everyone who has seen it, remembers it with awe.

As for the minor flaws you pointed out, Chunky was a wee bit irritating. But that\'s like nit picking!!! The baggage scene in my mind was a deliberate attempt at cliches and it worked. As far as the shooter exchanging sides, it was made pretty clear in the begining that he was a hit man and that he would even knock his father off for money.

Loved the way he said \'Phillip, Gogi aur Pachisia ki request thi, phone kar ke maarna\'. Dark humour at its best!! I really don\'t like Anupam too much in comedies because he tends to act cheaply. But in SC he was brilliant. Did you notice the anklet he wore? I\'d put SC right up there in one of the best movies made in recent times.

Bobby Sing

Ya, Swapnila,

I would also rate it one of the best movies from the recent times.

Keep visiting with your valuable comments.


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