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SATYAGRAHA - A vague attempt to exploit a recent national issue, which is again made in Jha's same old set pattern, with no impressive solution for the problem. (Review By Bobby Sing)

30 Aug, 2013 | Movie Reviews / 2013 Releases

If reputed directors like Prakash Jha are only interested in coming up with clever but weak products such as SATYAGRAHA repeatedly, then its really hard to find all that energy and enthusiasm to write about it in details commenting upon each and every finer aspects of the movie individually. So taking a clue from these veterans only, I am also not willing to write any descriptive note on this film and would like to go for a very lighter and different kind of review this time, more like a spoof. So here is a brief description about the film, in the form of a fictional conversation between a producer and a director.
(Note : Spoilers Ahead on the film’s basic storyline)
Producer : Hi Director Saab, These days this ‘Anna movement’ is in news majorly and influencing a lot of people all over the country as well as abroad. So lets make a film on this subject. Social Issues has always been your forte and you can easily come up with a quick film on this to en-cash the revolutionary spirit of the country.
Director : Sure, Why not…… Lets make a film fast and I have even started conceiving in my mind right away!
Pr :  Ok, Good then who would you cast as Anna?
Dr : Who else, it will be the most respected name of the Industry itself, Shri Amitabh Bachhan….and believe me he will look damn good in all those emotionally confronting scenes and then in the make-up of an old man on fast with extremely tired expressions.
Pr : Great, but what about the script?
Dr : Oh, that’s just a piece of cake. We will plan first half, following the hit pattern of RAAJNEETI, introducing every character with a powerful entertaining sequence and then would bring them all together at one platform announcing the intermission. Later in the second half we will strictly follow what happened in the Anna Movement in Delhi, involving both the ruling as well as the opposition parties and then end the film with a roaring climax with people all around conflicting with police and total chaos.
Pr : Good and what can you do about the other cast since we need to go really big with Amitabh on board?
Dr : Don’t worry about that as I will bring in my Hit ensemble of RAJNEETI again i.e. Ajay Devgan, Arjun Rampal, Manoj Bajpai and together they will make a great poster with Amitabh in center. Also would try to write another winning role for Manoj on the lines of RAJNEETI.
Pr : Fine, now what about the female cast, I don’t want to make a hard hitting realistic film and it should at least have a glamorous face, a love song, an item song and one Deshbhakti song to go with the mood of the film.
Dr : No problems, we can easily rope in Kareena Kapoor in the role of a beautiful reporter who will be always there on the screen with her make-up on and along with that we can take Amrita Rao to play it low as the victim (since her dates will be easily available). Plus as desired the three songs will surely be there, which can be placed anywhere before or after the interval looking at the story-flow.
Pr : Haan, In songs do take a soothing classical number from Aadesh as was in RAJNEETI and also put in these currently famous social networks too in some sequence like Facebook, Twitter and more. If possible make a new version of “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram” as it gels well with our national theme of the film.
Dr : Yeah, that is really a good idea and can easily be done.
Pr : Ok, Achha lets add some more fiery incidents and some fine actors too in order to make it more dramatic.
Dr : Fine, then we can add a young boy setting himself on fire in front of Anna only (Daadu in film). Many current issues like the costly Power tariffs complaints & more corruptions related ones can be shown too. Regarding adding some fine actors, we can bring in names such as Vipin Sharma and Indraneel Sengupta to play two key characters. Also Mugdha Godse can be roped in for one or two scenes to add to the glamour factor. But for the item song we do require some sizzling girl dancing in a revealing outfit.
Pr : That I can arrange when we finalise the shooting schedule but do use the song very intelligently as people are nowadays very much interested in criticizing these item songs.
Dr : Ok, then we will use it while the titles are running on the screen as then it will not be noticed by everyone so firmly.
Pr : Aur yeh aajkal Brand Promotion kaafi chal rahi hai. So I will get some Chaawal or other brands too for using in one or two scenes.
Dr : No problem that can be incorporated easily in the beginning only.                                                      
Pr : One more thing Director Saab. Please write one or two scenes wherein Amitabh is very emotional and crying silently. I am big fan of his and there is no one in the whole industry who can beat Amitabh in such emotional scenes with tears in his eyes.
Dr : That is perfectly true Sir, without any doubts. But towards the end we will also put some murder mystery kind of thing as that will add to the pace.
Pr : Ya sure, you should do that. Now lets come to the climax. With Anna movement in the second half, how are you planning to end it?
Dr : Oh! That is very simple Sirji. As we know that this system is not going to change so easily and there is no immediate solution lying with anyone of us……….! Hence obviously the system will stand still as it is........... and it has to be the character of “Dadu” only who will die in the end, shot by the police through a conspiracy. That’s it.
Pr :
Haan yeh theek hai and you can show the conspiracy being done by any individual leader on his own. So in this way we will also not disturb any political party too and have a safe path.
Dr : Right. But what are your releasing plans for this!
Pr : Ammm……We would try to release it at Independence Day in 2013, but if any big movie is around then can shift to late August. But definitely before the elections as that will give us more interested viewers in a subject like this.
Dr : Ok, but honestly Sir, I wish to give a strong message through this film to the whole country about our election system and wrong choice of candidates all over! How you feel about this message?
Pr :
Message…….What message?? Listen Director Saab, we are film-makers not social reformers. So just use this burning issue for your script and make an entertaining film with lots of conflict between Anna, Police, People and Politicians, that’s all. We are here to make money out of this project and not interested in getting only good reviews without the backing of any solid returns. However if you really wish to give any message then just throw in 7-8 minutes of that in the closing sequences and fulfill your inner desire peacefully. Ok…let’s now get moving as we have to release it before the next elections.
Dr : Got it Sir and I will surely try my best to make a commercially viable film selling this relevant social issue of our country in the name of cinema and who knows we might have another jackpot in our hands like earlier.
(With this, the conversations ends and so does the review of SATYAGRAHA, giving you all the possible hints about the movie itself.)

Ratings : 2 / 5

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30 Aug 2013 / Comments ( 10 )

bravo bobby....
main ye janta tha ki tum hi aisa review likh sakte ho...very good. rajneeti,aarakshan and chakarvyuh.....sab films mein jha ne yahi kiya hai sirf satah par hi title rakha..koi extra koshish nahin ki...feeling bad for amitabh...that ki usko aise roles karne padh rahe hai....

Bobby Sing

I am glad that I could deliver as per your expectations Sandeep and yes it was really sad seeing Amitabh trying his best to make the weak character of Daadu more impressive just through his sincere act.


This looks really interesting, and real, and now I know how the movie is !!! ;), is script per bhi movie ban sakti hai ..

Bobby Sing

Thanks for liking the conversation here Chandan.



Very well said Sir. Mr Jha loves to just play with people\'s emotion by picking up hot social issue. Trailers make people think that this film is about their issue, but it\'s just about earning money, just money.

Bobby Sing

Thanks MD and yes its all actually commercial cinema in the end.



It seems that director lost his taste in original stories, seems that has taken granted the audiences because he given us gangajal apaharan etc. He had cashed his image of good director several times and make us fool, by watching a hundred times repeated story and its end we all know by default in 1st half.

His all movies like arakshan, chakarvyuh an in many sense raajneeti too ....Seems to like cheated by online shopping sites by tall claim and dubious products when product delivered and seen by customers.

Looking sad for AB that he was desperately looking for memorable role in his present age, and current breed of directors are not able to satisfy him. People are fed up with old stories, they can even bear old stories with changes like C Express. New stories are awarded by audience as well by critics.

Bobby Sing

The film was no doubt a very weak product as per its theme PARDEEP. But surprisingly it has done reasonably well in the first week, so following the questionable trend, be ready for many more clever films like this in the near future too!


Shikhar Kumar

Great review and in a different style. Its sad to see weak movies from such a great director like Prakash Jha. Its more sad for me because I am from his high school and I want to be his ardent fan like many of my classmates but I can\'t.

In a way both political leaders and movie directors/producers are same. They both lack will to come up with good projects. All they want is money and that too quick. Both the camps have talented and capable people but all they do is fool the audience and not just once each and every time.

Unlike Hollywood, In bollywood almost no director comes out with a better movie after his first hit. Examples are there Madhur bhandarkar, Prakash Jha, Neeran Pandey, Sanjay M. Khanduri etc etc.

As of today I just have respect for two directors Sudhir Mishra and Anurag Kashyap. I would even respect RGV because atleast he experiments.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Shikhar Kumar for appreciating the different style of the review and yes its indeed sad to see such mediocre products coming from the directors like Prakash Jha.
However I was recently disappointed from the films of Sudhir Mishra too but sure that he will soon be back with a bang.

Keep Visiting & Writing in,

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