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SAVE WATER - SAVE FUTURE - SAFE LIFE - Sharing how it needs to be done with the RO machines installed in our homes. (Articles on Life by Bobby Sing)

05 Apr, 2016 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

Just two days of living without municipal water supply in our locality made me visualize the drastic and scary consequences in the years ahead. And the very thought forced me to share this important information with all friends that is sure to save a huge amount of water being wasted and going down the drains in our homes.
It’s related with the Reverse Osmosis or RO water purifier machines installed in more than 80% households in the urban cities (particularly the metros), and a massive wastage of water being practiced in more than 50-60% of those households (actually a lot more) with no information, acceptance or awareness of a SIN being committed on a daily basis.
As per the functioning of these RO units, a pipe is (mostly) left in our kitchen sinks as an outlet for the rejected water coming out of the machine after purifying the source, largely considered to be waste or not usable. This outlet keeps on throwing the left-over hard water in the sink at regular intervals during the day and most of us damn care about it assuming it to be just waste, making an irresponsible and serious mistake.
Now many well-read and aware friends might know the hidden fact, but for the rest I would like to inform that in actual terms these RO water purifiers work on a 75-25 ratio when it comes to purification. Meaning – that for every 1 liter bottle of pure water, the machine throws out 3 liters of water through that pipe lying in the sink into the drains, right in front of our eyes just like that. Explaining it more clearly, if we have a 1000 liter water tank on the roof-top, then 750 liters of it gets wasted and only 250 liters is left filtered by the machine for our daily consumption. And this is the same water-tank we keep on filling again and again by running the electric motor consuming more electricity as well as causing a big jump in the digits of our water meter.
So what needs to be done at the earliest is to store that rejected water coming out of that pipe and then use it for activities such as floor cleaning, dishes-clothes-car-scooter washing, watering the plants and more that doesn’t involve any direct consumption. Clearing the doubt one might be having about this hard water being unsafe, it’s unsafe only for drinking purposes. But do we need purified water for cleaning our dishes, vehicles, clothes and floor too? That should clear the doubts whatsoever.
Here the next question arises, that how to collect this waste water being thrown into the sink without doing any alterations, renovations, further drillings or some other adjustments in the kitchen?
RO Bucket - Bobby Talks Cinema.comFor this I would like to suggest a simple or rather ‘Desi’ solution that is personally adapted in my home, keeping a small size bucket in the corner of the sink (as shown in the picture) and then a big tub (for storing water) kept either in the bathroom or any other convenient space near the kitchen. The waste pipe will go on filling the small bucket several times in the day and all you have to do is to keep storing that water in the big tub exclusively kept for the purpose. Now the bucket being so small in size and weight; it’s not going to be any problem for even the ladies of the house, saving a hell lot of water beyond your imagination. In fact in all possibilities, you will be requiring additional tubs to store the excessive water that will be more than enough to do your floor-dishes-clothes and other cleaning works on the very next day.
With a motive of inspiring you further, here you are actually doing no extra fittings or physical changes in your kitchen, bathroom or related places. But only keeping a small bucket in the sink and making an extra effort of emptying it on a regular basis into the tub, saving hundreds of liters of water every week unarguably.
So JUST DO IT, if you seriously understand the crucial issue of water-shortage being faced in various parts of the country and the world over. However in case you still choose to be ignorant or don’t care at all, then remember it’s said that the next world war is not going to happen over the issue of petrol or nuclear power, it most probably will be there over the issue of scarcity of WATER........rightly conveyed in Hindi as "Jal Hai To Kal Hai".


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05 Apr 2016 / Comment ( 2 )

Bobby......I have been doing this since we installed RO.Earlier,for 2-3 days I had no idea that so much water was being wasted but then I started keeping a small tub and we use it for cleaning,watering the plants.A good initiative by you to make people aware about this

Bobby Sing

Glad to know that Daman Ji.
You are certainly one of those aware friends I mentioned in the article.
And really wish the message reaches many more who don't even know about the wastage.
Thanks for your kind support.


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