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SEARCHING (English / 2018) - As parents we just assume that we know everything about our young teenage kids, but actually we don’t. (Movies To See Before You Die- Suspense)

28 May, 2019 | Movie Reviews / 2018 Releases / Movies To See Before You Die / Suspense

Aptly named as SEARCHING this is a unique as well as a game changer kind of investigative drama/thriller that actually deserves to be seen as a must for its outstanding, experimental shot taking and execution, much more than its suspense or the finale revealing the hidden mystery. 
The film takes you into the world of a lonely widowed father, searching for his missing young daughter, also helping in the investigations conducted by a specially assigned lady police officer for the case. It begins as a family drama but soon turns into a highly engrossing mystery thriller offering a must-watch, novel experience presented in a distinctive manner.
The USP of the film is that for most of its time, the story actually progresses through the full screen coverage/representations of a computer being used for searching, history of smart phones used by the characters, their chat-boxes, posts at their social networking sites and CCTVs footage being checked by the father trying to know what his daughter was doing or hiding in the days before the night she went missing.
Explaining it further, as an unusual but realistic feature, what you get to see on the screen is the working of all the electronic gadgets and famous internet platforms as we witness in our daily life with the cursors and typing taking you further building the story progression. In other words, the father does his own investigation searching through the phone and personal accounts of his daughter at all kinds of social media sites and then discovers the truth that turns out to be both unpredictable as well as underwhelming to a concerning extent. 
Deserving a big appreciation, the camerawork along with the visual effects and the editing is exceptional in SEARCHING directed by Aneesh Chaganty (of Indian origin), which in no time pulls you in and the same can be said about the background score too intelligently using the typical sounds of the gadgets and websites making it highly real. No doubt the team must have spent much more time on the post production of the film than the actual shooting of the scenes with the actors involved.
Secondly and more importantly, SEARCHING alarms us about a scary myth, we all have in our minds regarding our young teenage kids. As parents, we all proudly like to assume that we know everything about our young ones and they are neither interested nor capable of doing anything drastically wrong in their teen years. Unfortunately that isn’t true, as in these few specific years of life, say between 12 and 18, they actually hide a lot and we don’t exactly know what they are really up to in their hours away from home or in fact what they have been doing in their individual rooms too? Moreover, there always remains a dialogue missing between the kids and their parents in this particular time span of their growth that eventually forms the foundation of much wider gaps later between the family members.
SEARCHING reminds us about this actual situation, demanding immediate attention and rectifications, which is also the major reason the film gets included into the Movies To See Before You Die list at BTC apart from its technical excellence. Otherwise, along with being a brilliantly conceived suspense thriller, the film does have an underwhelming climax too with a shocking but not so impressive culmination that cannot be disclosed in the write-up keeping the interest alive.
Having said that, SEARCHING unarguably remains a not to be missed venture for its intense and believable performances, innovative execution, novel treatment, attention to the details and an important relatable subject giving us a timely alarm or indication to begin the dialogue at home. 
So, do watch it as a must and give it a thought too at the earliest.

Rating : 4 / 5 

[Note : The film can now be seen at Amazon Prime for a subscription] 

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28 May 2019 / Comments ( 10 )
Gobindpreet Singh Gupta

Hello Bobby, great review and analysis done by you of this fantastic movie.

Could you also review a series called 'Cobra Kai' which is actually a sequel to the movie Karate Kid and narrates the story of the two leads. I have watched half the series and found it to be awesome, would love to read your review.

Bobby Sing

Hi Gobindpreet,
Thanks for the kind appreciation and I will surely try to watch the series recommended.
Honestly now with the online portals coming with full force, there is so much to watch that at times it really kills the spirit and I prefere reading a book or moving out for a while. But will surely try.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.

Tarun Preet Singh

Dear Veerey 

After reading your review i will definitely watch this movie although i may have otherwise missed it.

Thanks dear 

Bobby Sing

Do watch it Tarunpreet and with the young ones if possible as its that important giving you a clear hint.


Excellent movie. I was fortunate to watch this in theatre on its release with my teenage daughter. It is so so relevant and it is actually a short, crisp and taut movie. The suspense is also unimaginable.

Sad the movie didn't even last a week in the theatres.

Bobby Sing

Thats right.
But its good that now people can watch it on these online portals along with their young ones at home, teaching them a valuable lesson of life.


Hello Sir,

An eye opener experience with lots to take away...how the technology has become a part of our personality...we debate about the use of technology but at the same time if used consiencly it can be a support system. The love of the father and the innocence of teenage girl and the mother's pain to protect her son has been beautifully shown...one feels angst as what the investigating police officer did to save her son...and on the other hand the tiny hope of the father inspires you...that no matter how hopeless the situation could be there's always hope.... loved the concept and out of box visuals of the film. 

Thanks a lot and Stay blessed

Bobby Sing

Hello Nazia,
The pleasure is really mine sharing such gems and you are very right about the dillemma we are facing regarding the use of the new technology and tracing gadgets we are using regularly..

Keep Visiting and Writing in.

Manpreet chadha

Just wanted to ask that is it appropriate to watch this movie with my son who is 15. He loves watching movies with me and my husband. We are always looking for appropriate movies which we can watch with him. We all love thriller and suspense movies.

Bobby Sing

Dear Manpreet,
As mentioned in the review, this film actually needs to be seen with the 15+ sons and daughters, considering them as friends, taking them into confidence.
Watch it as a must together with everyone in the family as 15+ is grown up enough in the present times, almost equivalent to an adult.

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