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SECOND HAND HUSBAND - Watching the gorgeous Geeta Basra on screen is the only positive in this flat comedy. (Review By Bobby Sing)

04 Jul, 2015 | Movie Reviews / 2015 Releases

For a change, instead of a typical review, I would like to state a few pointers here that would give you a clear idea of the film and its flat comedy, despite having many known names and also being the debut film of actor Gippy Grewal & director Smeep Kang (from Punjabi Cinema) along with Tina Ahuja (Govinda’s daughter) as the lead heroine.
A. Punjabi cinema has its own flavor of comedy that mostly remains dependent upon its witty one liners and taunting dialogues instead of any active slapstick comedy of making faces. Whereas Hindi cinema does require a fine mix of all and cannot sustain for 2 hours just on supposedly funny lines and few messy situations alone.
B. It seems the film’s dialogues were first written in the regional language and then translated into Hindi, as at few places, Punjabi words or phrases have been used as it is. Moreover the “Tu-Tera” in the lines instead of “Tum-Tumhara” sounds pretty awkward right from the beginning.
C. There is a typical Punjabi feel throughout in the film, particularly due to the verbal expressions used in the irritating, loud background score repeatedly. Moreover the lead hero Gippy Grewal has a strong, unintentional regional tone in his dialogue delivery ruining even the potential scene or a potent dialogue at times.
D. Though the film has an interesting plot woven around divorce and alimony, its writing and visuals both lack that required finesse on the screen. For instance, a practicing lawyer herself is not clear about the case & its judgment she was fighting. Plus in a scene at police station we can see four policemen wearing dresses of four Khaki shades adding to the stale comedy.
E. Director Smeep Kang ropes in few comic actors from Punjabi cinema as Gurpreet Ghuggi, Karamjit Anmol & Rajiv Thakur along with many known names of Hindi films as Alok Nath, Mukesh Tiwari, Ravi Kissen, Rati Agnihotri, Deepshikha and more converting it into a film led by the supporting cast instead of its key stars. Yet none of them delivers anything worth mentioning except Vijay Raaz and Sanjay Mishra in their individual scenes.
F. With a routine cinematography it has a couple of good songs as “Rabb Varga” and “Channa” (that is take-off from a traditional Punjabi song “Chann Kithan Guzari”).
G. Addressing the young lead actors, Gippy Grewal should move back to the world where he is a superstar as he is now done with the dream of featuring in a Hindi film. Tina Ahuja looks confident but she should have chosen another project for her debut with a better written role having at least some chemistry on screen as a love bird. And I wonder why Geeta Basra doesn’t get some big projects since she simply looks stunning on screen (with a comic timing too) becoming the only positive feature of this dull comedy (also featuring Bhajji in a scene towards the end).
H. As a friendly advice for director Smeep Kang, he has got an already proven talent that can easily deliver an enjoyable comedy unarguably. But for a Hindi film, he needs to re-invent himself in entirety coming out of the hard Punjabi shell taking a new avatar.
I. In the end coming to one of my most loved actors Dharmendra, would only like to say that I highly respect those veterans who are blessed with the insight of when to quit keeping their respectable image intact like Dilip Kumar. And that should say it all in an indicative way about our beloved He-man’s questionable portrayal in the film.
Rating : 1.5 / 5

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