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SHARAFAT GAYI TEL LENE - Has a fresh con-plot to offer but not with the required energy & excitement. (Review By Bobby Sing)

20 Jan, 2015 | Movie Reviews / 2015 Releases

Its really great to see a comparatively small film exploring a novel idea trying to give you something fresh moving ahead than the usual. Hence SHARAFAT GAYI TEL LENE surely earns few brownie points for this much desired brave move taking the risk, but I wish the team had shown the same inventive vision in its writing and execution too saving it from becoming a drag post the initial interesting moments in the first half.
Sharing the outline of its exciting plot, just imagine what if the ATM balance receipt one gets out of the money machine surprisingly shows an amount of Rs.100 crores recently credited in the account. And next, the person still struggling to accept the truth receives a ‘private number’ call from none other than the notorious Dawood, who has actually depositing that money in order to have a new middle man in the town delivering his ‘Havala’ payments. Based on this energetic con-plot with a wide scope of many shocking twist and turns, SGTL sadly begins with the same long intros and a song before coming to its core theme. And then instead of becoming a fun-ride, soon loses the grip and goes on overstretching the proceedings missing that expected excitement or energy. 
Supporting the film to the best of their ability, everyone in the cast (Anupam Kher, Zayed Khan, Tena Desae & Rannvijay Singh) play their respective roles well but director Gurmmeet Singh fails to exploit the efforts made, delivering a completely lifeless film (with a poor climax) that could have been a fine, fast paced, thrilling entertainer instead. Moreover when you see the names of multiple music directors roped in for the average music to be incorporated in a con-thriller accompanied by an unexciting background score & cinematography, then you realize that probably the film was being conceived in the wrong manner right from the first stage itself missing the required focus.
To conclude, the fresh interesting plot of a con-game being played between just a few characters (with reference of the over-famous Dawood), gets under-utilized in SHARAFT GAYI TEL LENE released without any publicity campaign. But it still can be seen (just for its enjoyable premise) if you are able to catch it next on a channel or post its release in the home video market in the coming weeks.
Rating : 2 / 5

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