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SHAURYA : A Thoughtful, Polished, Inspired Thriller. (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

05 Apr, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

As suggested by the look of the movie, it is about military background, but its entirely based on a court martial case about a incident which involves a senior officer killed by his subordinate.

First of all its no doubt a polished inspired version of Rob Reiner’s 1992 movie “A Few Good Men”. Secondly its quite surprising that this is a work of the same director who directed “Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye”. Samar Khan has really worked on his mistakes and directed a much better movie this time. Though the movie has its downslides but still its worth watching specially for viewers with the thinking caps.
Script wise Rahul Bose is playing the lawyer here fighting the case for the accused who has opted to be silent. Kay Kay is the Top Official person who is the culprit responsible for the blood-shed and Minisha Lamba is the journalist investigating with Rahul.
Talking about performances, Rahul starts off as laid back person but then transforms into a serious one with a mission on hand. He just does a fine job, but the fire seems missing in his fight. Minisha looks cute and gets a good role here. But she also looks pretty mature at places (may be due to make-up). Javed Jaffery as the opponent lawyer friend is just there to say his lines and doesn’t have much to do. On the other hand Amrita Rao impresses in her small cameo.
And above all there is Kay Kay who we all know is a great actor. He just outshines everyone in the few scenes he got. In fact I rate his scenes with Rahul, as the most powerful and the only saving grace for the movie. As the subject of movie differs from the original so there should be no comparisons made between Kay Kay and Jack Nicholson (The responsible top official in “A Few Good Men”).
Shaurya starts off slowly and the main problem is that nothing happens till the interval. There is no excitement in the first half and a song just after the intermission adds to the restlessness of the viewer.
There are two things which I couldn’t understand about the film-making here :
1. Why we always have to add songs and unrelated emotional angles in the movie. Samar should have avoided the songs completely in order to make the movie more tighter and to the point. And again the friendship angle of Rahul – Javed was also of no use and doesn’t have anything to contribute in the narration.
2. Why we cannot make a film on a theme, like Internal Military Affairs or Secrets. Why we have to induce regional and religious hatred into our scripts. Cannot we make a film on certain “Subjects” instead of just talking negatively about any particular religion.
In the last 20 minutes the movie just turns into a normal revenge drama with the backdrop of communal riots. Only this time there is a high official person using his powers to take revenge from a particular community.
As I see it the movie could be a far better experience if this angle would have been avoided. It could have been a thrilling court room drama based on exciting investigating sequences. But sadly it can only be called as a well made thoughtful movie, entertaining only to a certain section of viewers.
Rating : 2.5 / 5
Recommendations : If you like this flick, I would recommend to see the following two movies too.
1. A Few Good Men (1992)     2. High Crimes (2002)
You will really have a good time watching these.

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