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SHORGUL - Wish this was made more competently and responsibly exploiting the talented cast. (Review by Bobby Sing)

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The subject of inter-faith love affair involving a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy or vice-versa written against the backdrop of communal riots has been a subject of our cinema since last many decades reminding us of films such as BOMBAY, DAHEK, GADAR and many more. However the present SHORGUL is certainly a product that got conceived sighting a good opportunity to encash the public sentiments over the recent Muzaffarnagar riots in 2013, the name of which had to be changed to Malihabad in the film to avoid any direct provocation.
Thankfully, there can be no such issue created by the film itself as its neither any powerful, hard hitting drama nor makes any deep, thoughtful impact that can lead to any serious consequences. In fact this seems to be the very reason, why it got easily cleared from the Censors as it isn’t any dangerously fiery or influential film that can actually cause any serious damage to the society. Yes, it has a few scenes of poisonous speeches given by the leaders to their loyal followers, but they are still far less poisonous than the ones we regularly get to read/witness in real life by many known politicians. Moreover the overall impact of the film is so lifeless that the sequences don’t even get registered or remembered after a while or so.   
Beginning with a silent scene creating the tension, the film straight away goes into an item song with the credits, clearly showing the intentions and limitations of its director’s vision. Presenting some fine build up scenes in the next 20 minutes, SHORGUL raises the level to a decent mark but then again falls back to the routine, below average execution in the next hour with nothing significant happening in the riots sequences too making it pretty ordinary.
Bringing reliable actors into a project certainly pays, but it’s always the writing that can actually make them shine along with an impressive execution. A capable actor cannot lift up the sequences alone without the backing of his talented writers and directors, which is precisely the scene in SHORGUL, wherein you repeatedly feel veterans like Ashutosh Rana and Jimmy Sherigill trying their best performing in the given scenes. In the supporting cast Sanjay Suri, Alam Khan, Hiten Tejwani, Eijaz Khan and the actor playing the Shakuni Mama kind of character are fine, whereas both Suha Gezen and Anirudh Dave struggle as the college going couple.
In the technical department, where the camerawork & art direction successfully creates the local feel, the background score and soundtrack simply fail to contribute with two unofficial version kinds of songs too including one inspired from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's 'Tumhen Dillagi Bhool Jaani Padegi' and the second taking it all from “Arey Ruk Ja O Bande” by Indian Ocean earlier included in Anurag Kashyap’s BLACK FRIDAY.
In all, despite having two terrific actors in the cast, SHORGUL isn’t able to present the situation in any great manner and director due Jitendra Tiwari and Pranav Kumar Singh lose a big opportunity to make it on an open weekend.
Rating : 1.5 / 5

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