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SIMRAN (2017) inspired from SANDEEP KAUR, the NRI bank robber in America arrested in 2015. (Articles on Inspired Cinema by Bobby Sing)

14 Sep, 2017 | ALL ABOUT INSPIRED MOVIES / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / S

It all started again with Rajat Sharma’s AAP KI ADALAT airing open disclosures made by Kangna Ranaut, the girl known for her bold statements and ‘no hold back’ attitude earlier making to the headlines confronting The Karan Johar. And now she is out with the new 'Bollywood Diva' song along with AIB having their own scandalous history teasing the authorities and star personalities around.
The song (with a bold hook line) focuses on all the questionable wrongs in the industry, presenting it from an actress’s point of view and takes clear digs on big names, set to the tune of the catchy Chiittiyan Kalaayian Ve.
But as seen after the controversial episode of AAP KI ADALAT, the response is yet again divided with a section supporting Kangna for her courageous stand taken against the ‘Big and the Powerful’, and another simply discarding it as yet another (obvious) PR activity coming right before the release of her next film SIMRAN (already caught in a dispute regarding its writing credits).
Anyway, the purpose gets perfectly served and whether you like the song or not, stand in support of the girl or not, you do know about it all and now well aware of her film too releasing this Friday, which exactly remains the motive of such timely activities planned benefiting the crucial release.
However what got lost in this well promoted ‘allegations show’ was the interesting fact that SIMRAN’s storyline is reportedly inspired from a real life bank robber Sandeep Kaur named as “Bombshell Bandit” because of her strategy of robbing a series of banks in America wearing fashionable disguises with wigs and large sunglasses hiding her real identity. The girl (with an Indian origin) decided to rob the banks to repay her big loans and then got caught in 2014-15, sentenced for 66 months in jail along with an order to repay the banks all the money stolen.
The film’s basic premise surely sounds pretty interesting. But it also happens to be a do or die film for Kangna Ranaut, since the outcome is sure to make a decisive impact on her career after the recent debacles of REVOLVER RANI, I LOVE NEW YEAR, KATTI BATTI and RANGOON disappointing her fans too. In fact the sequel TANU WEDS MANU RETURNS remains her only big success since QUEEN in 2013 and she very well knows the truth, quite evident from her ‘Bollywood Diva’ song coming as a desperate publicity stunt made in a poor taste.
But that said, this is an industry that readily changes colours, attitudes and perspectives every new Friday responding to a success or failure. Known to be a place with no permanent friends or enemies, its possible that you might see everyone associated with the controversy in a group photograph soon, hugging each other if SIMRAN becomes a hit…… and perhaps a new journey will begin for Kangna if the film fails to win over the viewers resulting in another dud.
So a Friday is yet again here to make or break an icon…… and hope it brings in some positivity back in the lives of everyone involved, irrespective of the film's result at the box office.

(The article was also featured in UC-News Mobile App in September 2017)

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