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SINGH IS KING : An unsatisfying experience; much below expectations. (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

08 Aug, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

Before the movie started one could feel the excitement in the hall with all the whistles, shouting and claps. But all went calm slowly and no one was excited enough as the last credits were rolling. There were mammoth expectations from Akshay Kumar in the role of a Sikh and coming up with a solid title “Singh is King” raised those expectations to the highest level. But sadly the film fails to satisfy even half of what was expected.

The film starts promisingly with some village sequences and then the story takes a similar turn like in “Jo Bole So Nihaal”. Here also a villager is sent to a foreign country to bring back his fellow villager, who is now the DON of that country. Last time we saw Sunny Deol going abroad to bring back a criminal, but this time Akshay has an associate Om Puri who goes along with him.
The story proceeds introducing some funny associates of the don who fail to raise enough laughter, a  lady selling flowers, her daughter and her fiancé. Since the original don gets paralyzed, Akshay has to take over as the don and then he goes on to transform hearts. That’s the storyline of the movie.  
It commences with Akshay & Ompuri, boarding on to a wrong flight and they land in Egypt instead of Australia (Quite a new thought). The writer takes them there only to meet Katrina and sing songs and then they get back to Australia where the Don plot comes in. The question arises what this storyline has to do with the title “Singh is King” and a Sikh hero. It simply shows that the Sikh element was roped in to cash on to the Punjabi people (not only Sikhs) living all over the globe. The first half of the movie does has its moments but not in the required quantity. The second half dips down with unwanted love triangle plot and the viewer is left asking for more.
It can be noticed that there are two get ups of Akshay as a Sikh in the movie. One is in the Green turban in the opening where he is looking like a proper Sikh and the second is after this sequence (for rest of the movie), where he is not wearing a proper turban, has a french cut beard and is looking more like a magician. It looks like there was no knowledgeable Sikh person to guide them when they were shooting abroad. And when they understood the mistake they did some reshooting again for the opening sequence of the movie. Intelligently the promos also feature Akshay in the proper get up only which was rightly done by the team.
Performance wise Akshay is fine as a villager and the don. He starts the movie with his perfect comedy but loses the track in the later reels. He has very few funny lines to say & for that the script writer and the director has to be blamed severely. You will miss the famous Akshay Kumar laughter in the movie which can be found nowhere. Katrina looks ravishing but hasn’t got much to do. Ranvir Shorey is completely miscast and wasted as the loser fiancé. Ompuri and Kiron Kher are ok.
Interestingly there are a large number of talented people who are simply wasted in the movie like Neha Dhupia, Javed Jaffery, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Khayali and Sonu Sood. All these names are capable of adding more colours to the movie, specially the comedians but they were not given any chance.
Musically, it has few good numbers which are already a hit. But some unwanted songs are also there like “Bhootni Ke”. Surprisingly Daler Mehndi’s voice in this track was missing in the movie. Preetam always manages to give few hits in all his scores, which is good for him but may be not for the movie this time.
The director, Aneez Bazmee seems to be missing the train this time. It looks like he was in so much hurry to make this film that he forgot to work on the script and on the entertainment quotient. This time, his direction lacks the perfect comic timing which we have seen in his last few ventures. May be he relied too much on the crowd pulling power of Akshay Kumar and on the solid strong title.
In the end I would like to say that I was feeling completely unsatisfied after watching the movie as it had a misleading title which had nothing to do with the film. Moreover it failed to entertain as per the huge expectations. But the film will definitely get a huge opening that’s for sure. And I will also not be surprised if the film is declared a hit because we have seen some mediocre film working in the past too.
Rating : 2 / 5

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